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Chapter 655 - 655 Chapter 655 An Astonishing Burst Of Strength

655 Chapter 655 An Astonishing Burst Of Strength

Chapter 655 An Astonishing Burst Of Strength

Lu Yu slowly approached Wang Wei in the meeting room. At that moment, he could no longer control his anger; he had never been this angry.

Wang Wei, on the other hand, was still wearing a smug smile on his face. He was unafraid of Lu Yu’s threat and assumed Lu Yu was throwing a tantrum.

The difference in strength between them was enormous. Lu Yu couldn’t take even a punch from Wang Wei.

This confidence allowed him to sit firmly in his office chair.

He was just waiting for Lu Yu to make the first move. Wang Wei could claim self-defense if Lu Yu made the first move.

If he “overdefended” himself and accidentally killed Lu Yu, his punishment would not be too severe.

“Come on, do you have the guts to make a move?”

Wang Wei continued to goad Lu Yu.

Lu Yu knew this guy was goading him, but he would no longer hold back.

He quickly walked over, stretched out his right hand, and grabbed Wang Wei by the neck!

At once, all the officers around them looked over and got nervous.

They did not expect a newbie to be this daring, attacking a general. Lu Yu was simply courting death!

Wang Wei laughed as Lu Yu grabbed him by the neck. Just as he was about to stand up and fight back, he suddenly realized that he could not stand up!

He sat firmly on the chair, and his expression changed.

He looked up at Lu Yu in shock.

Lu Yu’s right hand exerted tremendous force. The colossal power struck Wang Wei, making it difficult for him to breathe.

He hurriedly reached out to grab Lu Yu’s arm, only to realize that he could not budge Lu Yu’s arm!

What was this power?

Wang Wei was dumbfounded. This was impossible! This must be a dream!

He stared at Lu Yu in shock and was surprised to find some tiny gray-green scales under Lu Yu’s eyes!

Lu Yu’s canine teeth had also changed slightly, looking like those of a vampire.

It wasn’t just his face. Some fine scales had also appeared on his neck.

“Let… let go of me! What’s this!” Wang Wei demanded in fear.

The other officers in the meeting room were all stunned by this.

Lu Yu managed to subdue Wang Wei with one hand. Some of the others rubbed their eyes, as the unreal scene in front of them was like a dream!

Wang Wei looked at Lu Yu in fear and could feel a terrifying aura from Lu Yu at that moment.

“Let go of me! What have you done?!”

Lu Yu stared at him and said, “If I want you to die now, you will die!”

Hearing this, Wang Wei was so scared that he trembled and gulped.

He would have laughed out loud if Lu Yu had said that earlier. But now, he actually believed that Lu Yu had this ability!

“You… you better think twice! You are gambling your future away!”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to judge me for my mistakes? Why don’t we continue that?”

“Uh… maybe not. You’re not in the wrong. No one is in the wrong; rather, I made a mistake.” Wang Wei said in a panic.

“Yes, you made a mistake, as did Wang Tao. He will die, and I’ll hand you to Wan Guliu.”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the room could no longer sit still. Lu Yu was the first person who dared to directly call Wan Guliu by his name in an official setting!

“You want to deal with me? You must be dreaming!”

Wang Wei looked at Lu Yu in disbelief and assumed Lu Yu had gone crazy. He had been in the military for many years and had achieved countless outstanding military achievements. Did Lu Yu think this was something that could go away?

“Earlier, you wanted to force me to attack you so that you could claim self-defense and take the opportunity to finish me off, right?” Lu Yu asked.

Wang Wei paused, as he didn’t expect his thoughts to be seen through. The young man in front of him was not simple!

“Young man, stop the lies. You are claiming something without evidence, so let go of your hand. I won’t do anything to you because of my status, but don’t think you can really defeat me!”

Lu Yu didn’t let go, still strangling his neck.

“Haha, you are holding back from attacking me because of your status? Fine, try attacking me now!” Lu Yu refused to step back!

The officers around them looked at Wang Wei, waiting for him to make an attack.

Lu Yu had already forced him to this extent, so it would be laughable if Wang Wei continued to stay still.

Wang Wei swallowed his saliva, and he was in an uncomfortable spot. He had no idea where the person before him got his strength—such terrifying power!

He couldn’t break free from Lu Yu’s restraints, but he couldn’t just admit it!

At that moment, Lu Yu’s claws pierced Wang Wei’s skin slightly, and blood flowed out.

“Lu Yu, you’re going too far! You’re courting death!” Wang Wei roared.

“No. You don’t have the strength to defeat me. If I were to kill you, you’d be dead!”

Lu Yu declared with confidence.

Wang Wei’s entire body trembled. He had only met a few people who dared to threaten him like this throughout his whole life!

However, he knew he could not refute this. He was experiencing the huge power from Lu Yu’s hands, which could definitely crush him.

The only thing he could do now was glaze over this problem and not intensify the conflict.

“Let’s put this aside for now. You go back first, and we’ll pretend this didn’t happen. How about it?”

Lu Yu released his right claw and wiped the blood off his hand.

“Wang Tao is dead, for sure. The enlistment exam will be held in three days, and I’ll make you watch him die with your own eyes!”

Lu Yu turned around and left the meeting room.

The meeting room was dead silent, and no one dared to say anything.

Wang Wei’s expression turned extremely ugly. He had been taught a lesson by a young man today, losing all his dignity.

He mumbled silently. “Where did Lu Yu’s strength come from? How could Lu Yu not be intimidated by him?”

“Who the hell is he?!”

Wang Wei sighed.

“General Wang, this young man has gone crazy. Everything he did just now was recorded, and even if we don’t punish him now, he’ll be punished sooner or later!”

“Lu Yu’s stepping on the table has trampled the dignity of our military headquarters to the ground,” Wang Wei announced confidently. “If we don’t make him pay the price in blood, I’m afraid he won’t know his mistakes.”

“I’ll speak of this to the commander. Lu Yu won’t be able to escape!”

Wang Wei pretended to be calm as he spoke, trying to intensify Lu Yu’s crime with his words. Anyone in the military department who heard this would be hostile to Lu Yu.

“Let’s end this failure of a meeting. I originally wanted nothing but for him to admit his mistake and write a self-reflection, but now it seems that this guy is a threat to us. He cannot stay in the military!”

“General Wang is right. He can’t stay in the military!”

“This person is too arrogant! He doesn’t put us in his eyes!”

“We should teach him a good lesson. What a pretentious brat!”

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