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Chapter 656 - 656 Chapter 656 Help From Qin Yang

656 Chapter 656 Help From Qin Yang

Chapter 656 Help From Qin Yang

Everyone in the meeting room went silent. The officers looked upset, and many looked at Wang Wei weirdly.

They couldn’t understand how Lu Yu subdued Wang Wei. He didn’t even have the strength to resist; such ridiculousness.

Could it be that Wang Wei held back?

“What happened just now was plain ludicrous. Does he even know where this is? This isn’t a place for him to mess around!”

“I believe everyone understands that we’ll have to continue observing to see if this young man is qualified to enter the military.”

“That’s right,” Wang Wei quickly chimed in. “Such a person is simply nothing but a rude hooligan. It’s a joke to let him join our prestigious army!”

After he finished speaking, he was secretly happy. He knew the officers here were now on the same side as him.

If he could use this to kick Lu Yu out of the military, then wouldn’t it be Wang Tao who would be chosen for the next mission?

He did not know how important Lu Yu was, but he knew Wang Tao could replace him!

Lu Yu had left the command center. He had vented some of his anger but was still very unhappy.

After he came out, he took out his phone and called Xu Yuan.

“Hey, where are you guys now?”

“At the military hospital. Come to the third floor, and I’ll wait for you at the stairs.”

Lu Yu hung up the phone, put it in his pocket, and quickly headed for the hospital.

Soon, he arrived at the front of the hospital. Some people were recovering and exercising in the front yard, and many were seriously injured from their battles.

Generally speaking, the herbs in this world can cure most minor injuries.

As long as one’s body wasn’t severely damaged, one could slowly recover after taking medicines made from these herbs.

For example, Wang Meng’s left leg had been blown to pieces, and there was no possibility of recovery…

When Lu Yu arrived on the third floor, he saw Xu Yuan gripping the handrail at the stairs. He had a worried expression on him.

“How’s the situation?”

Lu Yu walked up and asked.

“Wang Meng’s condition isn’t looking good. He lost his left leg, and he’s depressed.”

“I’ll go in and pay a visit.”

Lu Yu walked into the ward, with Xu Yuan following closely behind.

“Brother, you’re here…” After Wang Meng saw Lu Yu, he greeted him weakly, without his usual energy.

“Don’t worry; I’ll take revenge for you,”

Wang Meng shook his head. “Brother, forget it. That guy isn’t a weakling, and he has a strong background. We can’t afford to offend him. Besides, didn’t you already chop off his hand? ”

“His hand can still be reattached, but not your leg.” Lu Yu said with some regret.

“No matter what, we can’t do anything. His father is powerful, so let’s just forget it. It’s not good to cause more trouble.” Wang Meng advised Lu Yu.

Han Xuefei and Yun Zirou stood where they were and stayed silent. They knew that Lu Yu was determined in his decision. Once he decided on something, he would definitely do it.

“You should take a rest. Wang Tao will die, for sure.”

Wang Meng let out a long sigh and said with a slightly crying tone, “Brother, I can’t follow you anymore. I’ve lost my legs, and I’m now nothing but a cripple!

Lu Yu walked over and put his hand on his shoulder, consoling him, “Don’t mind that. You’ll be able to stand up again.”

“How can I? My legs are gone. Even if I can stand up, I’ll be doing nothing but jumping around like an idiot!” Wang Meng answered with sadness.

“You forgot something. We are allies with Qin Yang.”

At the mention of this, Wang Meng’s eyes lit up. He quickly looked at Lu Yu and exclaimed in surprise, “How could I have forgotten about him!”

“Yeah, so let him build you a mechanical leg. It will be stronger than your previous leg.”

Wang Meng laughed. “That’s great! Let’s contact Qin Yang!”

Lu Yu took out his phone and looked at it carefully.

“The signal here is limited, so I can’t make a call over such a long distance. It’s unsafe for me to contact someone from the Stellaris Autonomous Zone from here.”

At this moment, Xu Yuan came over and said, “That’s easy, so I’ll take care of it. I’ll contact Qin Yang first and find a time to go back with Wang Meng.”

Lu Yu patted Xu Yuan’s shoulder and said, “Alright, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“Lu Yu, are you really going to kill Wang Tao? He’s Wang Wei’s son!”

“I’ll take action during the enlistment exam the day after tomorrow, and you can all watch. I don’t care whose son he is; he’ll die!

Xu Yuan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and asked, “You were called away by Wang Wei just now. What did he say to you?”

“That old fox keeps goading me with his words. With just a few sentences, I was forced into a corner. He almost made me admit it was all my fault and distorted the truth!

“What did you do?” Xu Yuan quickly asked.

“I grabbed his neck, telling him I would kill his son.”

As soon as he said that, his four teammates were stunned. They all looked at Lu Yu in shock.

“Are you serious?” Xu Yuan quickly asked. “Don’t joke with me; how did you actually deal with it?”

“I’m not joking. Why don’t you go ask him?”

Xu Yuan doubted this.

“But Wang Wei’s strength is similar to Jiang Lengyue’s. He far surpassed you!”

“If he wants to fight, even the five of us together won’t be enough to take a punch from him!”

Lu Yu merely chuckled. “The last time I saw Jiang Lengyue in action, it was against the Death Spirit Dragon, and she didn’t seem to have the upper hand.”

Xu Yuan was stunned momentarily and quickly asked, “You mean the power of the Death Spirit Dragon…”

Han Xuefei, Yun Zirou, and Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu curiously.

Wang Meng even stuck his head out, waiting for Lu Yu’s reply.

“That’s right, the Death Spirit Dragon. It’s sealed in my body and can’t come out, but it can provide me strength and boost me for a short time.”

Xu Yuan scratched his head. “I see. That means you really grabbed Wang Wei’s neck and threatened him?”

“Yes? I’ve already said it once. Did you think he didn’t resist? It’s just that resistance is futile.”

Xu Yuan exhaled a sigh of relief. “Damn, you must have scared Wang Wei and the others to death!”

“He must be in a daze right now, but I don’t give a shit. He’s going to experience the pain of losing his son soon.”

Lu Yu looked at Wang Meng and said, “Rest well. When the day comes, you can come and watch the enlistment exam as I avenge you.”

Wang Meng gulped and replied, “Thank you, brother. I will definitely witness it with my own eyes!”

With a brother like Lu Yu, Wang Meng felt everything was worth it!

“Brother, in the future, I’ll go through thick and thin with you without complaining!” Wang Meng stated this firmly.

Lu Yu walked over and patted him on the shoulder, smiling. “Alright, I’ll remember your words!”

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