When beauty meets beasts

Chapter 880 - END - 880 Side Story Four

880 Side Story Four

Ever since Sang Ye went to the vast ice plain, winter had become Lin Huanhuan’s favorite season.

Every winter, Sang Ye would return to Rock City to reunite with his family.

Seeing that the leaves were gradually turning yellow and it was going to be winter, Lin Huanhuan returned to Rock City with Bai Di and Xue Ling.

Knowing that she would come, the beasts of Rock City left the city to welcome her in advance.

When she appeared, the beasts knelt down and shouted ‘Lady Prophet’ in unison.

Lin Huanhuan still lived in her house on the rock mountain. Usually, if she had something to do, she would go to the Rock Temple.

Almost every day, she would run to the city wall of Rock City and look into the distance to see if Sang Ye had returned.

After not seeing him for a year, she missed Sang Ye too much.

Today, she went to the city wall as usual. On the way, when she passed by the city square, she happened to encounter Quan Rong challenging Shuang Yin.

This was the 139th time Quan Rong had challenged Shuang Yin.

The previous 138 times ended in his defeat.

Presumably, he would not win this time.

It was not that Lin Huanhuan looked down on Quan Rong. To be honest, his strength had improved greatly in the past few years. However, Shuang Yin had improved even more than him. Now, Shuang Yin was already a six-star soul beast. There were few beasts who could be her opponent in the entire Rock City.

There were many beasts surrounding the square who were watching the commotion. Many of them were there to watch the commotion and deliberately used words to provoke Quan Rong.

“Don’t be a coward, Young Master. If you can’t even defeat a female, what kind of male beast are you?!”

Quan Rong was already used to this.

He didn’t take the gossip to heart. He stared at Shuang Yin and pressed his front paws on the ground. He lowered his body and prepared to attack. “I will definitely beat you!”

Shuang Yin had also transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf. Her beautiful silver fur shone under the sunlight.

The golden long-haired dog let out a long howl and pounced toward the Silvery Frost White Wolf!

The two sides began an intense battle.

At first, there were still people waiting to watch a joke. As the battle went on, it became more and more exciting. The beasts watching gradually stopped joking and observed seriously.

It was rare to see experts sparring. Of course, they had to observe and learn from it.

Lin Huanhuan looked at the scene for a while. When the battle had yet to end even after a while, she turned around and left.

She stood on the city wall all afternoon.

It wasn’t until sunset that she returned the way she came.

Unexpectedly, Quan Rong and Shuang Yin were still fighting in the square. Not only did the number of beasts watching the show not decrease, but there were even more.

Lin Huanhuan walked over.

When the surrounding people saw that the prophet had arrived, they hurriedly retreated to make way for her.

Noticing her mother’s arrival, Shuang Yin paused.

However, this pause allowed Quan Rong to seize the opportunity.

Ignoring the danger of his abdomen being scratched by the other party, he forcefully pushed Shuang Yin to the ground and opened his mouth to bite the back of her neck. His canine teeth rubbed against her carotid artery as he let out a low roar.

Everyone was in an uproar.

Quan Rong actually won!

After experiencing 138 failures, he finally won the 139th challenge!

Everyone was too surprised. The entire place fell silent, and no one reacted for a long time.

Clap, clap, clap.

Lin Huanhuan was the one clapping. “Congratulations, young master of the dog tribe. You win.”

Only then did everyone come back to their senses. They applauded and cheered, celebrating Quan Rong’s hard-won victory.

Quan Rong let go of Shuang Yin. Both of them returned to their human forms and put on their clothes.

Quan Rong had failed too many times and was suddenly hit in the head by a victory. He was at a loss. He did not even dare to look at Shuang Yin. A faint blush appeared on his handsome face, but his tone was still very stiff. “I know that I won when you were unprepared just now. You might think that I won unfairly, but I did win. Don’t even think about going back on your word!”

Shuang Yin replied indifferently, “Yes, I lost.”

There was no expression on her face. She looked very cold as if she did not care about the outcome of this battle.

However, a mother knew her daughter best. As Shuang Yin’s mother, Lin Huanhuan could tell at a glance that Shuang Yin was looking at Quan Rong with a hint of affection.

At this moment, Lin Huanhuan came to a realization.

It was not that Shuang Yin could not defeat Quan Rong.

She just didn’t want to win.

She deliberately gave the other party a chance to get close to her.

Shuang Yin walked up to her and nodded slightly. “Mom, are you going home?”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll go with you.”


The mother and daughter had just taken their first step when Quan Rong caught up with them.

He had an awkward personality, but he was still very polite to his elders.

Quan Rong bowed respectfully. “Lady Prophet, you should have seen it just now. I’ve defeated Shuang Yin. According to the rules she set before, I should be qualified to be her partner now.”

Lin Huanhuan nodded. “I know.”

“Then you won’t object to our union, will you?”

“I’ve said it before. Big Goody’s marriage is up to her. I won’t interfere. As long as she agrees, I’m fine with it.”

Quan Rong was overjoyed, and the corners of his mouth curled up involuntarily. “Thank you! You’re really the most open-minded mother I’ve ever seen!”

The news of Shuang Yin losing to Quan Rong spread throughout Rock City like wildfire.

In just one day, all the beasts in the city knew that Princess Shuang Yin was about to become mates with the young master of the dog tribe.

Princess Shuang Yin, who had been single for many years, finally had a mate. This was the biggest news of the year!

Everyone was happy except for Shuang Yun.

“The precious daughter I raised with great difficulty was actually taken advantage of by that brat, Quan Rong. I’ll definitely teach him a lesson later!”

As Lin Huanhuan combed Eggy’s feathers, she said, “If you really beat up Quan Rong, Big Goody might hold it against you.”

“How could Big Goody like Quan Rong? I’ve already asked around. It was clearly Quan Rong who successfully launched a sneak attack when Big Goody wasn’t paying attention. That match doesn’t count!”

“With Big Goody’s strength, how could she have let Quan Rong get away with his sneak attack?”

Shuang Yun was stumped.

“It’s precisely because Big Goody has feelings for Quan Rong that she deliberately lowered her guard so that his sneak attack would succeed. As a father, don’t cause trouble for your daughter.”

Shuang Yun was very indignant. “How do you know that Big Goody went easy on him on purpose?”

“I know what a girl is thinking better than you.”

Shuang Yun still wanted to say a few more words and put up a fight, but Bai Hao suddenly rushed in. “Mom, Third Father and Clement are back!”

Hearing this, Lin Huanhuan immediately stood up and ran out.

When she ran out of the city gate, she saw a familiar figure slowly walking over.

A snowflake landed on her face and melted into ice water.

Lin Huanhuan raised her head. Snowflakes filled the sky and scattered onto the ground like goose feathers.

It was snowing.

This was the first snowfall of the year.

Sang Ye had crossed thousands of mountains and finally stopped in front of her. Snowflakes fell on both of their hair.

He had been traveling from dusk to dawn.

‘I’m here only for you.’

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