The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1449: Ten Thousand Years Old Cold Jade

Chapter 1449: Ten Thousand Years Old Cold Jade

Li Yu was still terrified, but she turned into a human form without hesitation and rushed to Xi Yue’s side.

“Sister Xi Yue, hurry up and leave this place with me. It’s so dangerous here!”

“I… I will turn into a bird, and I will take you out immediately!”

As Li Yu spoke, she transformed into the Yue Min Bird that was 10 times bigger than before.

The wings could almost fill the entire cave, and the wind and sand mixed with blood filled the sky.

The claws quickly grabbed Hexi’s shoulders and flew out of the cave.

Hexi woke up from the meditation, cursed in her mind, and raised her voice as much as possible, “Li Yu, put me down!!”

All these happened in the blink of an eye.

The cave entrance sealed by Nangong Yuyue’s ice was broken, and Feng Tianba led his people in.

Seeing Feng Yunjing’s body, Feng Tianba nearly went mad. He attacked Nangong Yu and Hexi in a desperate manner.

At that time, Hexi was absorbed by Nangong Yu most of the spiritual power, the whole is already at the end of its strength.

As they were about to be slaughtered by Feng Tianba, Nangong Yu suddenly woke up.

This woke up was completely different from when he slaughtered Elder Liu and the disciples of the Feng Family just now.

Hexi’s current strength was close to the late stage of Nascent Soul, so she could clearly feel that Nangong Yu’s strength at this time had far exceeded the Soul Splitting Stage.

The 3 Nascent Soul Stage elders and a dozen Gold Core Stage brought by Feng Tianba were killed in a few simple moves.

Many people were torn to pieces by Nangong Yu across the distance. Their internal organs, limps and blood sprayed all over the ground.

At the last moment of death, Feng Tianba couldn’t believe that he, the master of the Feng Family, would die like this.

And the one who killed him was Nangong Yu, whom he looked down upon and thought he had cheated for 20 years.

As soon as Hexi uttered the words, Nangong Yu made a move.

Yue Min Bird was the fastest among birds, especially the instantaneous burst speed.

However, just as Li Yu grabbed Hexi and was about to leave the cave, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in his two wings.

Then she involuntarily changed into a human form and fell heavily to the ground.

Nangong Yu’s eyes were gloomy and black. He looked at her coldly as if looking at a lifeless object, “Whoever wants to take her away, die!”

“Nangong Yu, wait—!” Hexi rushed over and held Nangong Yu’s raised hand.

She turned around sharply and sternly said to Li Yu, “Get out of here immediately. Seal the entrance and don’t let anyone come in again!”

“But… but… Xi Yue, he is so scary…”

Hexi frowned, “Little Golden Dragon!”

The Little Golden Dragon in the void rushed out quickly, grabbed Li Yu and moved out of the cave. At the same time, he cast a spell to lift the ground to seal the entrance, leaving only a narrow gap.

The cave was instantly darkened.

Hexi felt the frosty chill on Nangong Yu’s body. It had reached at least -40 degrees.

She shivered and grabbed his hand, “Nangong Yu, you must immediately…”

Before she could finish speaking, she was pushed to the ground by a huge force.

Her lips were blocked in an instant, and the soft and slippery tongue with a cold breath forcefully pried open her lips and teeth, occupying all her breathing.

Hexi took a breath. She felt as if she was holding a popsicle in her mouth and her body was pressed by a ten thousand years old cold jade.

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