The Incubus System

Chapter 526: Two Queens II

Chapter 526: Two Queens II

The Incubus System Chapter 523. Two Queens II

Due to my hungry stomach, I decided to end this useless cold war.

“Can you stop bringing up that kind of topic? It’s a bit awkward for me. I’m from the human world, remember?” I reminded them.

Both of them turned to me.

“But it’s common here,” answered Lilieth.

“And it’s a fact,” Nefaris added.

“I know. But that sounds weird for me and it will destroy my appetite,” I made my point.

“Which appetite do you mean?” asked Lilieth since for a lust demon, appetite could mean two things. Sex or food.

I answered by pointing at the food with my gaze.

“I will not eat my other ‘food’ here.” It was a family dinner after all.

Lord Damon frowned.

“Why not? Look at them.” His hand swept over the women. “It’s perfect for an orgy.”

I gave him a flat stare. My jaw dropped.

‘Seriously?’I yelled via my Telepathy.

‘I’m just telling the truth,’he replied.

“I just want to eat normally.” I let out my voice.

He rolled his eyes to the side.

“Right. Orgy can wait after we win this battle anyway.” After that, we started eating. Except for Nefaris of course. So she decided to accompany us with some wine.

The dinner had barely lasted for half an hour, yet Lord Damon had started our important conversation.

“You haven’t told us anything about what happened at Licheri and Letos,” asked Lord Damon to Lilieth.

I was also curious about it since I hadn’t telepated with her lately. But I thought we’d ask that later.

“Would you like to hear it now? Not with the other generals?” Lilieth made sure.

“They are still investigating the other cities’ incidents. They won’t be back here in a week,” he replied. It was just a useless mission. However, for his reputation, Lord Damon sent three generals to three different cities to check what happened. While the last general, Andrew, was busy keeping an eye on the human world.

“Oh right. I forgot all of them are busy right now,” said Lilieth.

I hoped that after Lord Damon exposed my existence, I could help them more fully and deal with missions more freely.

‘Wait… I still have to finish my studies. I wonder if I can juggle between my responsibilities and my college.’I was sure my degree wouldn’t be useful later, but I still wanted to finish college. My human dad paid for my registration with his money and I didn’t want to waste it. Well, for now, it was the last thing I was worried about. I could discuss this with Diamond later anyway.

“Right. Where should I start?” asked Lilieth.

“How about from Licheri?” I gave an idea before I put another spoonful of food into my mouth.

“There was no anarchist or anything after that incident. Neither Letos nor I have any other attackers or rebellion. Also, there’s no other clue other than what you left behind. No third party. And Licheri went through its days normally. There was only a little protest and pressure that asked me to investigate everything. So the battle will only be down between us,” she told everything.

“Ah, I watched the protest on the news. What did you say to calm them down? You couldn’t say that you left the investigation just like that right?” I guessed.

“I said I found a dead end in my investigation and decided to postpone it since I have other emergency matters to deal with. Besides that, I have to take some evidence I found to the capital for inspection,” answered Lilieth.

“And the evidence is?” asked Lord Damon.

Lilieth opened her arms and shrugged. A dry smile on her lips.

“None. I only got the CCTV footage that we checked earlier.”

“You can’t expect less from the king of drama,” said Lord Damon with a huff.

“What about Letos?” I asked curiously.

A wicked smile appeared on Lilieth’s lips.

“I put him under house arrest and just released him today. He stayed in his mansion like a good boy. ”

A smile bloomed on my lips.

“It should help the plan,” I said happily.

“Yes. I did it so he doesn’t have an alibi,” she said proudly. “And with that, I can limit the information he gets. He doesn’t even know about your CCTV footage in Licheri.” Her smirk grew wider. “While Zatan already knows it. His assistant even asked for the recording a few days ago.”

“So we just need to wait for their fight,” Lord Damon added. A devilish smirk on his lips.

“Yeah. It will be a nice big fight. Still…” Lilieth turned to me, “You have to be careful.”

My gaze turned serious.

“Be careful what?”

“The Spider Queen. She is a bit skeptical about everything. I think you will need more than this to convince her,” Nefaris suddenly joined the conversation.

“But if she is skeptical, why did she accept Letos’ offer? Of all demons, why Letos?” I asked curiously. That sounded like a stupid decision to me.

All of them were silent.

“I’m investigating this and haven’t found the answer yet. To be honest, she was the last person I expected to work with Letos,” Lord Damon finally broke the silence between us.

He turned to Nefaris.

“I even thought she was the one working with Letos.”

“Why me?” said Nefaris in a displeased tone.

“You are crazy about blood and so mad when you find out I have killed Erebus. Who knows you might team up with him so you can search for rare blood in the human world,” he blurted out the reason without hesitation.

Nefaris clicked her tongue in annoyance.

“Tsk! Seriously? Oh please, I’m still sane to do it,” she replied in a cynical tone.

“That’s just a guess,” Lord Damon said nonchalantly.

“The spider queen is intrigued by Letos’ offer to enslave the human men. Is it really that important to her?” I guessed.

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