Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 996: Mumu's True Form

Chapter 996: Mumu's True Form

In the sky, countless Chain of Star Dragons simultaneously released a million streams of light, shining on Mumu's delicate body.




As if a huge shackle was being released, one after another sound came from Mumu's body.

After each sound, Mumu's body would be enveloped in a silver-white airflow. The restraints that were originally on her turned into millions of metallic particles, creating a huge silver-white tornado in the world.

Diamond Body is an evolved type of solid body. It is a higher branch of the divine gift of human dreams, and its characteristics go far beyond making oneself indestructible.

The White Holy Dragon, who was previously in a state of deep sleep due to serious injuries, only displayed the most basic talents of the Diamond Body when transforming into Mumu's form.

At this moment, she was chosen by the power of the Northern God's Domain Supreme Dragon God Asha to descend. All her injuries have been healed, and even the characteristics of the Diamond Body have further improved.

Mumu Narabel*Asha is an important tool used to search for and capture a child of the stars. Once news related to the child of the stars is discovered and transmitted back through the earring, it instantly transforms into a special incarnation for the Great Mother.

Releasing the Chain of Star Dragon to lock the space-time is just the first step in clearing the field.

Next, it is time to unleash the true power of the White Holy Dragon.

As the daughter of the Supreme Dragon God Asha, Mumu is unable to fully unleash her inherited bloodline power due to her young age. She is still unable to defeat beings like Lilibet, who wields the Azure Divine Sword. But this only applies to her state as the White Holy Dragon herself.

The power of the eighth rank is far from the limit of Mumu Narabel*Asha. Her body hides even more terrifying and destructive power.

However, she is unable to control that kind of power in her young age, so it has always been sealed within her body by the Supreme Dragon God Asha. This is manifested externally as the silver-white collar on her neck.

That is not a restrictive device, but a protective charm from Dragon God Asha for her daughter, also suppressing her own uncontrollable power. Even when struck down by the Blue God Sword wielded by Lilibet, it remained undamaged.

Now, this seal has been broken, because it is no longer Mumu Narabel*Asha herself who controls this body, but Her Majesty Supreme Dragon God Asha from the Northern God's Domain.

Even if it is just a slight will that crossed countless light-years, it still possesses the power of creation, enough to dominate the taboo sealed within the White Holy Dragon Mumu.

Astarot felt something familiar from the radiance projected from the billions of Star Dragons in the sky.

Yes, among the billions of Star Dragons, there are countless precious star gems mixed in.

Those are treasures personally collected by Her Majesty Supreme Dragon God Asha from the Northern God's Domain, only born in the cores of a few mineral-rich planets, containing the power of stellar origins.

The power projected onto Mumu comes from these star gems that have been mixed into the Chain of Star Dragons, as she possesses the constitution to absorb them.

At this moment, Astarot seemed to recall something, those words that Mumu once said to him.

The first time he encountered this mysterious silver-haired girl, she was barely concerned about her own safety, wearing nothing but silk pajamas. Although his memory was a bit fuzzy, he was certain of his goal.

"Mumu remembers, I came to find Daddy, but something happened on the way and I fell down."

"When I woke up, I was already here, fallen here."

"No, no, I came to find Daddy, not lost."

"Mommy said, when I was really little, Daddy left us and went away, needing us to grow up and find him."

"I came out to find Daddy alone, Mommy said I could go outside."

"I believe, I will definitely be able to find Daddy."

"Mommy is the person in the whole world who loves Daddy the most, and Mumu also loves Daddy the most."

"Mommy said, as long as I find Daddy, Mumu will become the happiest child in the world."


In the world, when they encountered the heavily injured White Holy Dragon, they learned its true name.

"My true name is-"

"the White Holy Dragon,Mumu Narabel##$%%&Asha."


In the Primal Dragon World, the Starwings Knights had a joyful little princess who would even laugh when facing the invasion of ancient gods.

"Mumu will be a bridesmaid!"

"Oh, do bridesmaids also get married together?"

"Big brother, this world is really interesting."

"Everyone is having so much fun!"

The white mermaid suddenly appeared on the street of the Mermaid Game, shining with a sacred silver light, which is Mumu's true essence.

He obtained the diamond body from her and the "divine light" suddenly possessed in the Primal Dragon World.

The huge silver dragon nest that suddenly appeared in the future deduced by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, called the Starwings Knights.

Everything, just like a string of pearls that were originally scattered, is now connected by an invisible thread.

Mumu's true body, her current posture.

She forcefully broke through Lilibet's barrier with the Azure God Sword and invaded the White Lotus Sword Domain.

One of the former girlfriends who poses a deadly threat to the Child of Stars - the Apostle.

She is the White Holy Dragon, Mumu Narabel*Asha, and also the youngest member of the Starwings Knights, Mumu.

Moreover, she has another troublesome identity.

She is not only the daughter of Dragon God Asha, but also has the ability to absorb the power of the stars.

In other words, her father is very likely, perhaps, maybe…

Well, at that time, everyone in the Starwings Knights sympathized with Mumu's background.

"Waaaah, such a young child coming out to find her daddy!"

"That despicable scoundrel who abandoned his wife and child is not human. How can he abandon such a cute child and run off, he's truly the scum of scums!"

"This child's mother must have been very beautiful. Who on earth could abandon such a mother and child together? It's simply incomprehensible."

"Yes, yes, yes, absolutely heartless! Beast!"

Someone who can do such a thing will definitely have a miserable life.

People, when they have bad luck, it's like even sipping cold water will hurt their teeth.

Now, how will the trial of White Lotus Secret Treasure continue? The whole White Lotus Sword Domain is going to be destroyed!

But I am innocent… Astarot looked at the giant silver-white tornado that gradually formed into a huge figure, took a deep breath with a heavy sigh.

Clearly, it is our side that is being chased, and we are even at the brink of death.

In his heart, he kept telling himself to escape quickly.

But his body was totally opposite.

The blood of the owner of this body, "Astarot", who came from the chaotic golden sea, was boiling!

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