Rise Of Evil Sword God

653 Meeting Liu Mingxia again

Later, Chu Long led Feng Yun to the first store where he could meet Liu Mingxia. Naturally, Feng Yun asked about Chu Long’s wife, Qingzhao. Qingzhao should have given birth to his third child. Chu Long was unable to conceive a child, so Qingzhao requested Feng Yun to impregnate her. Because of Liu Mingxia, Feng Yun agreed and impregnate her.

According to Chu Long, Qingzhao and the child were living in the Liu Clan. After meeting Liu Mingxia, he will visit them.

When they reached the first store, Chu Long led Feng Yun inside. He called out a servant and asked about Liu Mingxia.

“Elder Chu, Miss is talking to the people of Sun clan.” The servant replied respectfully.

“Sun Clan!” Chu Long’s eyebrows frowned when he heard the name of the Sun Clan. Seeing his reaction, Feng Yun became curious.

“Sun Clan is a prominent clan of the Red Spring City. They have taken the fancy of our Phoenix Treasure Pavilion and wanted us to merge with them. Young Miss is naturally against this merger. However, the Sun Clan is one of the strongest powers of the Red Spring City, we can’t offend them openly, so young Miss is trying to find a way to turn them down without offending them while stalling the time.” Chu Long explained to Feng Yun.

Feng Yun nodded softly. Looks like Liu Mingxia was still struggling to extend her business. It can’t be helped; every start-up has to go through hardship.

“Feng Yun, you might have to wait for a while. It shouldn’t take long.” Chu Long looked at Feng Yun and spoke.

“No problem.” Feng Yun nodded, “Elder Chu, can you not tell her about me? I want to give her a surprise.”

“Okay!” Chu Long nodded slowly. He knew about the relationship between him and Liu Mingxia. Knowing both of them were lovers, he didn’t think much and agreed immediately. He thought for a moment and said, “Then you can go to her room to wait, when she will finish the meeting, i will send her to her room.”

“That’s good. I will be waiting in her room then.” Feng Yun said to Chu Long. Chu Long nodded and ordered a person to bring Feng Yun to Liu Mingxia’s room.

When the workers of the Phoenix Treasure Pavilion saw him entering Liu Mingxia’s room, this was a private room of Liu Mingxia, only her parents were allowed to enter the room. Feng Yun could enter her room, which means his relationship with Liu Mingxia must be very close. They became curious about his identity. They had never seen him in Red Spring City before, he didn’t look like a citizen of Red Spring City.

Entering the room of Liu Mingxia, Feng Yun casually looked around the room. It was a medium-sized room with some basic furniture. Moving to the top of the bed, he lay down on it casually.

At this time, Chu Long entered the guest room of the Phoenix Treasure Store, a few people were sitting together discussing something. A beautiful young girl was talking to a group of people, she seemed to be trying to convince them. The girl was wearing a long red dress, and had a plump mature figure. Dark hair, fairy like face and mature figure, she was totally a dream girl of male.

On the other side, a young man wearing luxurious clothes kept staring at her. He was the young master of the Sun Clan, Sun Fie. Sun Fie has been infatuated by Liu Mingxia’s beauty. He was trying to pursue Liu Mingxia, but later rejected him. However, he didn’t give up.

“I know that this merger could benefit both clans. But I don’t want to form a partnership with anyone right now. Furthermore, your conditions are a bit harsh, I can’t agree with them. Sorry for offending you, but we have made our decision.” Liu Mingxia looked at the people of Sun Clan and spoke. One could hear a slight annoyance in her voice as she spoke.

Hearing her words, the face of Sun Clan fell slightly. They got up abruptly and said, “If that is your final decision, then we should leave now. Don’t regret it later.” Saying that, they stood up and walked out of the guest room.

Liu Mingxia was left alone in the room, Chu Long entered the room. “Young Miss, what happened?”

Liu Mingxia shook her head helplessly and said, “Sun Clan has gotten of being high and mighty, they don’t like rejections. I am sure they will make things harder for us in the future.”

“It can’t be helped. They knew that we don’t have strong backing. And our bussiness is growing well. They saw potential in our business.” Chu Long sighed lightly.

“By the way, Young Miss. I have a surprise for you. I am sure it will cheer you.” Chu Long said suddenly with a soft smile.

“Hmm, what is it?” Liu Mingxia curiously asked.


A few moments later.

“What can it be?” Liu Mingxia opened the door of her room while muttering. As she entered the room, she saw a person lying on her bed. It was a handsome and charming young man, he looked at her and showed her a sweet smile as he got up of the bed.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

“Feng Yun!” Liu Mingxia exclaimed in surprise, almost jumping in excitement. 

She ran toward him and plunged into his arms. Feng Yun hugged her tightly in his arms as she plunged into his arms.

Liu Mingxia said as she lifted her head to look at him and said while staring at his face, “I missed you.” 

Hearing it, Feng Yun smiled as he too replied “I missed you too.”

Looking down he could see a happy smile on Liu Mingxia’s face, both of their eyes met as they gazed deeply into each other but it didn’t last for long as their lips met each other but it didn’t take long for it to be turned into a passionate kiss, sucking her soft pink lips.

Feng Yun’s hands were caressing all over her body before squeezing her breasts, while my other hand was clutching her bubbly ass while caressing my middle finger in between her buttcheeks, making Liu Mingxia let out a subtle moan.

She broke the kiss and looked at him with blush, then said with a pout, “You won’t change. Pervert!”

“No!” Feng Yun laughed as he gripped her meaty buttocks tightly with both hands.

“I missed you.”

Saying that, Feng Yun kissed her again. By holding her buttocks, he raised her in the air, making her unconsciously cross her legs around his waist. Feng Yun placed her on the bed, as he was still on top of her, and continued to kiss. While kissing and sucking her tender lips, his hand started roaming on her body, moving toward pussy and caressing her pussy lips over clothes with his fingers.


“Hey, people can enter the room anytime. At least closed the door.” 

Liu Mingxia, who seemed to be enjoying the passionate moment, jumped in surprise as she remembered something said with a pout. 

“Why panic? Who dares to enter your room?” Feng Yun chuckled as he saw her using her spirit energy to close the door.

Feng Yun smirked, seeing her charmingly cute face, though the time they spent together was small he was able to bring out a whole another woman out of Liu Mingxia and he was able to see some of her naughty desires, with a smirk he inserted his fingers into her skirt, letting my fingers plunge into her wet pussy


Liu Mingxia was surprised by him suddenly inserting his fingers into her pussy and clutched his shirt in ecstasy, he removed his fingers, and with a heated gaze, Feng Yun showed her his fingers which were dripping with her love juice before testing her love juice, making Liu Mingxia’s heart thump even more


“Hey, that’s new…”

As impatient as he was, he grabbed her dress and tore it down. Liu Mingxia exclaimed in surprised, but it was too late.

As he removed her clothes, her breasts juggle for a while, he couldn’t resist and immediately grabbed one of her large soft breasts as he sucked on the other while licking and biting her pink bud.

Her breasts were firm yet were supple and soft as well, making it quite a pleasure to taste and suck on them, Liu Mingxia lovingly smiled as she caressed his hair and saw him sucking her breasts like a hungry baby.

Leaving her breast, he kissed her cleavage before moving downward.

Feng Yun kissed her soft stomach while holding her slender hips, he licked all over her stomach and all the way over her cleavage before kissing her upper breasts as my tongue slowly traveled upwards towards her neck, biting her skin.

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