Naked Sword Art

Chapter 283 - Make Her Pay

"Where do you think you're going," Gao Liwen said.




Gao Liwen brought her whip down on Ye Ming, creating 50 Illusions of the whip at the same time. Although the illusions were harmless, Ye Ming would never know which was the real whip from the fakes.

"Ahh!!" Ye Ming cried out in pain when the real whip suddenly hit her by surprise.

Although Ye Ming was incredibly quick and nimble, she couldn't dodge them all. So as soon as she got back up, she quickly took out her spirit cultivator sword then started to dodge as many of the whips as she could, and deflected all the ones she couldn't avoid.

Ye Ming had no confidence in her chances of winning, but she thought if she could just run around Gao Liwen and get back to the Nameless guild house then she would at least be safe. However, that was much easier said than done.

Since the fight had begun, the 4 Tiger-Class disciples quickly got out of the way but still stayed within the vicinity to spectate the fight. It was a rare opportunity to witness a fight between 2 Phoenix-Class disciples. If they paid close enough attention, they believed they could even gain some comprehension from it.

[ 50 Step Clone Maneuver ]

Ye Ming created 4 [ Illusory Clones ] to help her evade Gao Liwen's Golden Whips. Although the clones helped take some of the focus off of her, it didn't take long for Gao Liwen's 50 Illusionary whips to destroy her clones.

'Dammit,' Ye Ming cursed inwardly when she realized how quickly her 4 clones were destroyed. However, before she could even make another clone, her sharp senses alerted her of an incoming threat.


'Shit!' She thought.

Ye Ming just barely blocked the incoming [ Golden Whip ], but it was too unexpected so it knocked her sword out of her hand.

In the next moment, she felt Gao Liwen's [ Golden Whip ] quickly wrapping itself around her arms and waist. Suddenly, Gao Liwen yanked Ye Ming back, making her crash next to Yan Mei.


The ground shook as Ye Ming's body hit the ground, but she still quickly got back up.

Just like Yan Mei, Ye Ming also trained her body to the Body Core realm. However, no matter how tough her body was, she couldn't take too many hits like that.

Ye Ming cursed inwardly because even though she was able to quickly get back up, Gao Liwen's [ Golden Whip ] was still tightly wrapped around her arms and waist.

"Did you really think I'd let you escape?" Gao Liwen said with a mocking smile.

Ye Ming tried to break free from the golden whip, but it was too strong. The more she struggled to break free, the tighter it got.

Suddenly, Gao Liwen created another [ Golden Whip ] with her other hand. Seeing that, Ye Ming quickly created several [ Illusory Clones ] then sent them straight to attack Gao Liwen with powerful spirit orbs in their hands. However, before they could even get close, they were immediately destroyed by the 50 illusionary whips while the real one headed straight for her tied up body.

"Ahh!" Ye Ming's scream echoed throughout the forest. A scream loud enough to be heard by Xiao Fang.

Despite her attempt to dodge the incoming whip while being tied up, the 1st [ Golden Whip ] would just pull her in towards the other whip every time.

In only a few breaths of time, Ye Ming had already been whipped several times with no way to defend herself, and Gao Liwen continued to laugh like a maniac as it was happening.

"Stop! Why are you doing this!?" Yan Mei exclaimed.

"This is your own fault, Yan Mei. Did you really think that you could leave the White Jade guild without any consequences?" Gao Liwen replied.

Despite Gao Liwen's attempt to make it seem like she was only doing it out of duty, the excited look on her face made it seem like she was really enjoying it.

Attack after attack, the barrage of whips strikes quickly covered Ye Ming in cuts and bruises, but no matter how many times she was hit, she wouldn't let herself fall to her knees.

Since Ye Ming was out here training before they came, she was only wearing thin training attire, so the whips easily ripped through her clothes. Gao Liwen licked her lips when she saw the way Ye Ming's clothes were being torn apart. She was only a few lashes away from her clothes being completely torn away.

"Gao Liwen, let Ye Ming go! I'm the one you want, so stop hurting my guildmate!" Yan Mei screamed.

"Why should I? Since you left the White Jade guild to join the Nameless guild, isn't that the same as saying that their guild is better than ours? What do you think everyone in the Inner Court will say once they find out about this? No one in the Nameless guild is safe anymore because of you," Gao Liwen said as she continued to whip Ye Ming.

Eventually, the last bit of clothes on Ye Ming's body finally fell, leaving her completely nude. Gao Liwen then stopped whipping her as if to admire her sexy body.

"What do you say, Midnight Assassin. Are you ready to tell me your secret? How were you able to kill those girls without getting caught by the Disciplinary Department?" Gao Liwen asked.

Despite being from a family of assassins, Ye Ming had never killed anyone before. She had always been told that her first kill would always be the hardest, but looking at Gao Liwen now, there was nothing she would rather do than torture Gao Liwen to death.

Struggling to catch her breath, Ye Ming finally spoke.

"If I really knew, wouldn't I be a fool to tell you?"

Gao Liwen was a bit surprised that she still didn't say what she wanted to hear, but she wasn't disappointed by it since it meant she could continue whipping her till she did.

"Mn, you would be a fool, but you don't really have a choice now do you," Gao Liwen replied with a menacing grin before pulling her in with the 1st [ Golden Whip ] while winding back the 2nd.

Although Ye Ming didn't know the secret Gao Liwen was looking for, she did have a few other secrets of her own. However, once she revealed it, everyone that had seen it would have to die. In this case, she wouldn't even spare Yan Mei.

Ye Ming let Gao Liwen pull her in one last time, but this time a dangerous look appeared in her eyes as she got closer. However, before she could use her trump card, someone suddenly rushed past her wielding her spirit cultivation sword, then deflected the incoming [ Golden Whip ] with it before cutting the [ Golden whip ] that was pulling Ye Ming in by the waist.

The person caught Ye Ming, then she immediately recognized who it was. The person carrying Ye Ming and her sword was none other than Xiao Fang.

Ye Ming didn't know why, but seeing Xiao Fang made her feel so much relief she almost wanted to cry, but at the same time didn't want to appear weak in front of him so she held it in. Xiao Fang could see the way she was trying to contain all her grievances, but didn't say anything to cheer her up. He simply put her down then let her cover herself with his robes.

"You came..." Ye Ming said, not knowing what else to say.

"Mn. Rest now, you can leave the rest to me," Xiao Fang replied calmly.

Ye Ming didn't question his confidence. She already knew he was strong, so she felt like she could finally relax.

"Make her pay."

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