Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3680 - 3680 Not Recognizing Spirit Deer

3680 Not Recognizing Spirit Deer

The Spirit Deer Carriage stopped in front of the inn, while Wei Feng, Du Fan and the others stood on the left and right side. From the moment Feng Jiu came out of the carriage to the moment she entered the inn, the curious onlookers crowding around could only see a red figure flash by.

After seeing them enter the inn, with the Spirit Deer Carriage just parked outside, many people started whispering: “Hey, look at those two deers, what kind of deers are they? Why are they purple and have a sheen of gold on them?”

“Didn’t we all say we’ve never seen this kind of deer before?” The old man sucked on his cigarette pipe and looked askance at the person who spoke, saying, “Anyway, it’s a spirit deer.”

“This town usually just sees some passing cultivators or clan disciples or something, and rarely see such a big faction of people, I really don’t know what they are in the end?”

“Who knows! Anyway, they are different from us.”

“Why are they different? Do they have three heads and six arms? Aren’t they the same? They have a pair of eyes, one nose and a mouth?” Another person snorted, thinking that there was nothing different, they were all human anyway.

The old man sucking on the pipe narrowed his eyes, smiled and looked at that person, “People don’t have three heads and six arms, but we can see from a glance that they come from an extraordinary background. Even if they have the same number of eyes, mouth and nose, what’s wrong with it? This is called “same people but different lives.”

Being choked back by his words, the man did not speak, he retracted his gaze before his attention was set on another group of people who had just entered the town. Looking at the group who just entered who donned on similar coloured robes, he tugged the old man’s clothes: “Hey, old man, look, another group of people, this group of people do not look like they are from a family clan, right?”

The old man who was smoking the pipe looked back, his half-smiling gaze swept over the robes of those people, then he withdrew his gaze and messed with his pipe, saying, “I said you haven’t seen the world and you still don’t believe me? These people aren’t worldly people, but the robes they’re wearing are those of a sect, so it looks like they should be disciples of some sect.”

“Disciples of a sect?” The man’s eyes lit up and he asked busily, “Which sect’s disciples are they?”

“If you ask me, who am I going to ask?” The old man slapped his hand away, “Go go go, don’t keep pestering this old man to talk, I don’t have the time to care about you.”

Han looked at their group of people into the city, then walked towards the inn, only, this town was not big. There were only two inns and now that one was full of people, the other has also been contracted, these people were not fated to live not in any inns.

“Hey, old man, do you think these people will stay in a house instead? One of the two inns is full, while the other has been contracted, so I guess they’ll only have the chance to borrow a house, hehehe, I’ll go and ask, and I might be able to earn a couple of small bucks.” The man exclaimed in excitement and did not wait for the old man to speak. He immediately ran to those people.

“Martial Uncle, this inn is already full.” A man wearing the white clothes of the sect walked back to the group and spoke to the older, middle-aged man.

“Martial Uncle, Martial Uncle, look at that!”

A woman pointed at the spirit beast carriage not far away from the entrance of the inn, earlier they only saw the carriage and didn’t see the spirit beasts in front of it, it was only then when they walked over to this side that they saw that the spirit beasts in front of that carriage in were actually two extremely beautiful spirit deers.

“Martial Uncle, there is also an inn there.” When another disciple saw the words inn, he revealed a smile, “This inn looks quite big, and there’s no sign outside the door saying that it’s full, so there should still be rooms.”

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