I, the Creator of Demon

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Who Do You Think You Are?

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“Cyril! Why did you betray us?”

“Have you forgotten? You were once the most outstanding special agent in our Special Class!”

Looking at the man in the Black Hood, Zorns roared loudly.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk!”

“The most outstanding special agent? Is the most outstanding special agent always undercover among the Eye-Eaters and never able to return to normal people for the rest of his life?”

“The best agent who has killed his parents for the mission of the organization and successfully become a member of the Eaters?”

“The best agent who has completely destroyed his appearance for his face to not be recognized by those who are familiar with him?”

These few sentences were almost shouted out.

When he said the last sentence, Cyril suddenly pulled down his hood.

It revealed a face that was completely burnt beyond recognition. It was extremely ugly. If he had walked onto the street, he might have been chased away with a big broom.

Seeing this face, Zorns suddenly felt as if he was choking.

He could not say another word.

He and Cyril were good friends from the same period during the Special Class, but because Cyril was more outstanding, the organization chose him to lurk among the Eaters.

Zorns, on the other hand, was among the safer awakened folk.

He did not expect that he would become like this after spending only three years among the Eaters.

Not only that, he had also suffered such a huge blow in his life.

“Do you know what the organization said about me going to this extent for the sake of the organization?”

“They told me that the organization still needs you to continue to lurk!”

“All your sacrifices are needed. The human race will remember your contributions!”

“Do you think I should work for such an inhumane organization?”

“Say it, Zorns! Say it!”

Looking at the slightly deranged Cyril, Zorns went completely silent.

He had nothing to say to his own good friend.

Seeing that Zorns’s mood has dropped, Cass, who was at his side, became anxious.

Their current situation was already very bad. If Zorns was feeling depressed now…

They would be completely hopeless.

“Zorns! No matter what mistakes the organization has made, now is not the time to sink into depression. We have to survive first!”

“That’s right!”

Hearing Cass’s angry roar, Zorns finally woke up.

However, no matter what kind of grievances his good friend had suffered, he could not become a cultist who killed people and ruined lives.

Not to mention the most notorious Eye-Eater.

“Cyril, I will remember your grievance. When I get out, I will get justice for your matter!”

“But now, I have to settle the matter first!”

“Cass! Nota! Do your best! Break this barrier!”

Looking at the three people from the Special Class who were filled with fighting spirit and the leader of the eye-eaters, Kabkabar immediately sneered.

“So you all know that this is the legendary Rainbow Barrier. You should also know that it’s not possible for you to break this!”

“But since you want to try, you can try. Only when you fail will you completely despair!”

Zorns turned a deaf ear to his words.

No matter how powerful the legendary rainbow barrier was or whether it was as powerful as the rumors said, he had to give it a try first.

Admitting defeat without even trying was the way of the weak.

It was not what he, Zorns, did.

As he spoke, his hands instantly turned into a scorching heat.

Then, he abruptly placed his hands on the seven-colored barrier.

However, the thin seven-colored barrier did not have the slightest ripple.

Zorns looked at the barrier in front of him in disbelief. This was his strongest attack.

In the end, it had no effect at all.

This made him unable to accept it.


Zorns once again exerted strength with both hands and sent it towards the rainbow barrier.

Beside him, Cass and Nota also used their own methods to bombard the rainbow barrier.

However, even though the rainbow barrier was only a thin layer, no matter how fierce their attacks were or how sharp they were, it did not matter.

There were no ripples on the seven-colored barrier.

Once he stopped panting, Zorns’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at the seven-colored barrier in front of him.

The three of them had already used up all of their strength.

However, they had been attacking wildly for more than half an hour.

They had almost completely exhausted their physical strength, but the seven-colored barrier still did not have a single ripple.

It was still there.

Seeing this scene, the three of them instantly fell into despair.

“Could it be… that even God is trying to kill us?”


Hearing the words of despair from Zorns, Kabkabar suddenly laughed out loud.

“I told you, you will never be able to break this seven-colored barrier. If you die in peace, you might even die a quicker death!”

“But if you have to die in despair, I will definitely let you die in pain later.”

“Your eyeballs can not be consecrated to the Great Evil God, but we can still enjoy them ourselves!”

“Damn Special Class personnel, we have been drooling over your eyeballs for a long time!”

As he said that, Kabkabar licked his lips with his blood-red tongue.

“Don’t be smug, Kabkabar, you won’t succeed!”

Zorns roared angrily.

“Hahaha, it’s just a struggle before death! Do you have the ability to come out?”

Kabkabar laughed proudly.

He ignored Zorns’s warning.

In the current situation, Zorns’s words were nothing more than empty threats.

Hearing this, Zorns’s face dimmed.

These words were indeed futile. After all, in the current situation, it was difficult to reverse the situation.

At this moment, Zorns heard a voice.

“Zorns, after this incident is over, the earth dragon egg will be mine!”

Hearing this, he turned his head in surprise and saw a masked man in red looking at him, waiting for his answer!

Zorns was overjoyed.

How could he forget that in order to prepare for this operation, apart from the traitor Cyril, he had also requested a strong external aid.

It was this mysterious man in front of him.

“Okay, no matter what you want, as long as you can get us out, we will agree to any conditions!”

“Okay, I will free you now!”

Hearing that, Zorns and Nota were overjoyed.

Especially Nota, even though he didn’t like Adam before.

But now, if he could get everyone out, he would definitely apologize to him!

Outside the rainbow barrier, when Kabkabarheard Adam’s words, he immediately laughed out loud.

“Nowadays, why do fools all run to the Special Class? Kid, didn’t you see that Zorns and the other two have been working hard for so long, but they still haven’t broken the Rainbow Barrier?”

“Who Do you think you are?”

Seeing the arrogant Kabkabar, a smile appeared on Adam’s face under the mask.

“Is that so? Let me show you how I will break the barrier first!”

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