Dating the Strongest Boss

Chapter 98 - Bixian (End)

Chapter 98 – Bixian (End)

The lazy sunlight shone through the glass and into the room, scattering into small rays of light, and mottled stars were reflected on the glossy floor.

The young man shrank under the quilt. It covered his head, and only a few locks of hairs could be seen.

Like a silkworm, he wriggled around.

After an unknown period of time, perhaps because it was hard to breathe, Xiao Chen finally peeked out his head.

His bleary eyes slowly opened, looked around, then stretched out.

His collarbone and chest was littered with red marks, all different sizes and depths of kiss marks could be plainly seen.

The sun shining on him, Xiao Chen reluctantly turned over in the quilt; his belly stuck to the bed, only his hands were propping him up. With a tired face, he then buried his head in his pillow.

This posture made the line of his butterfly bone stick out. Although he was skinny, he was pale and mouthwateringly beautiful. It made people want to place a few red marks on that place. In reality, someone already had.

Xiao Chen was dizzy and lightheaded, and it felt like he was about to collapse. He didn’t know whether it was because he slept too long or because he was tossed around too hard by that man last night.

Just as he was sneakily rebuking him in his head, the door of the room opened with a click.

As soon as the man came in, he directly threw himself on the young man, and even through the quilt, Xiao Chen could feel the other person was in heat.

Not only that, but he also felt a firm pressure on his back..

The man propped himself up to leave a gap for Xiao Chen, so that the youth had enough space to turn over easily.

Xiao Chen was too lazy to move, giving him a sideways glance, and kept his eyes half closed.

Gu Luming looked thoughtfully at Xiao Chen’s half-exposed skin, which was covered in his “hard work”.

And he also clearly knew that at this moment, Xiao Chen was naked under the quilt, without any clothes on.

The man pressed his head against Xiao Chen’s butterfly bone, daring not to force it, but it was enough to touch the other person’s skin.

His lips caressed Xiao Chen’s back, and then moved down. Using his chin to pull the quilt straight downwards, until it reached his waistline.

The tattoo on his back was completely exposed to the sun.

Gu Luming’s lips ticked upwards, and he pressed his lips against it.

This was his favourite place.

There is something greatly alluring about it for him.

He had tossed him around too cruelly yesterday, and the youth’s body could not bear being done like that for now, so he just wanted to kiss to satisfy himself.

But the man’s presence was too strong, and Xiao Chen was also very sleepy. He repeatedly wandered back and forth between sleep and wakefulness.

The young man couldn’t help himself and turned over, facing the man squarely and meeting the other’s grey eyes.

What great luck. Xiao Chen was almost taken aback by the undisguised possessiveness and satisfaction in the man’s eyes.

This was the moment when his brain immediately snapped awake. Realising that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, and that his body was full of the marks left by the other party’s “hard work” last night.

With a pang of irritation and a bit of shyness, Xiao Chen immediately grabbed the quilt and pulled it over his head.

The entirety of last night was simply ridiculous.

The man chuckled.

After hesitating for a long time, Xiao Chen slowly stuck out half of his head, exposing his bewitching phoenix eyes.

The man’s oppressiveness was powerful. Pressed against him, he clearly felt the other’s aggressive territoriality while being completely enveloped in his arms.

Xiao Chen’s face became apple red again.

Xiao Chen’s mouth was muffled in the quilt, and plus the excessive use of throat last night, his voice was hoarse and sulky, very soft, “Get away from me.”

It didn’t sound like an order, but as if he was acting spoiled to get the man closer to him.

The man simply stopped propping himself up and directly pressed his entire body onto Xiao Chen, his head tucked against the side of the youth’s neck. It was so heavy that no matter how Xiao Chen moved or pushed in the quilt, he couldn’t push this heavy weight off of him.

The two were in a deadlock.

Xiao Chen said innocently, “I’m hungry.”

The man climbed off him.

However, while dressing, the man still took advantage of him, restraining him in his arms the entire time, and personally dressing Xiao Chen, piece by piece.

The movements were very slow, and a little perverted/sexual. Xiao Chen didn’t know how many times he glared at him throughout the process.

Finally, after a long delay, Xiao Chen was dressed and tidied up. On the contrary, Gu Luming, who had been dressed quite neatly, had all kinds of creases on his clothes, which didn’t look sophisticated at all.

After Xiao Chen quickly washed up, he found that the man had busied himself with a table of dishes. He didn’t know whether it was made while he went to sleep after being done repeatedly.

The dishes were varied, but all were of light and soup variety.

Probably because the youth had his first time last night, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to eat anything too greasy or heavy the next day.

When Xiao Chen came out of the bathroom, the man was cutting fruit on the kitchen chopping board.

The sunlight passed through the glass window at the top of the kitchen and directly hit the man’s face, casting a soft light on it, as if in a dream.

Xiao Chen walked straight forward and put his arms around the man’s waist, leaning his head on the man’s neck, looking closely at the man’s every move.

Gu Luming hid that this posture made it awkward to move and hindered his movement, and let Xiao Chen hug him tightly.

After he had finished cutting, Xiao Chen reluctantly let him go.

The man was a ghost, he didn’t need to eat at all. The whole time, Xiao Chen ate carefully by himself, the man sitting opposite him, watching with a smile on his face as his cheeks puffed up, and swallowed.

It was peaceful the entire time, no one said anything, but no one felt awkward about it either. Even if there was only the sound of food chewing in the air, it lent to the gentle and quiet feeling.

Xiao Chen yawned, still a little sleepy.

The man stood up silently to clear away the dishes, and quietly washed them. He then wrapped the leftovers in plastic and placed them in the fridge.

Xiao Chen looked at his busy back, and his mouth could not help but smile, his eyes narrowing.

This kind of life was exactly the same as those he had once dreamed of.

Two people living in the same house, with easy and simple wealth, eating rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, and then living a lifetime together, healthy and carefree, happy on their own.

Yawning, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but walk to the sofa next to him, and collapsed limply onto it. Within a few minutes, he completely dozed off.

Gu Luming walked out, sighed, wiped his hands with a towel, then took out the blanket from the room and carefully covered Xiao Chen’s body.

He didn’t want him to catch a cold.

The man picked him up with his big hands and sat at the end of the sofa, resting the youth’s head on his lap, giving him a free human pillow.

Xiao Chen moved, uncomfortable, then shifted to a better position, and fell asleep again.

It seems that being tossed around really tired him out.

The man couldn’t help but think this.

Gu Luming lowered his head and looked at Xiao Chen’s sleepy face, lost in thought.

“This is the new transfer student, his name is Xiao Chen. I hope everyone will get along well in the future.” The class teacher looked at the students chattering incessantly under the podium, and her head ached. She turned and wrote Xiao Chen’s name in big letters on the blackboard.

The class teacher looked at the reticent Xiao Chen. After being notified by the school, she knew that the child’s life was a bit pitiful, and that he looked unapproachable.

The students in the audience discussed excitedly amongst themselves.

They were at that age, the age where you were curious about anything novel.

A gloomy and dark boy, with bangs covering his eyes, sat at the back of the classroom. He was drawing in a sketchbook, as if he were separated from the world, and no one could enter his eyes.

“Xiao Chen, find a seat for the afternoon.” The female teacher smiled gently at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen turned and walked off the stage in silence, clearly hearing the assessing remarks spoken around him.

“Oh, he is so handsome!”

“His face is so pale too!!”

Tch! He’s just a pretty boy, look at the aesthetics of these school girls.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say a word the whole time, and simply looked around the room.

There were not many vacant seats in the classroom.

After hesitating again and again, Xiao Chen’s eyes locked on the boy sitting at the back of the class, who hadn’t raised his head the entire time.

There was an empty seat next to him.

Then without hesitation, he walked over.

Although he would have a strange deskmate, it seemed that it would be quiet here.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Xiao Chen placed his schoolbag on the table. The loud sound instantly disturbed the freak drawing.

He raised his head, bangs blocking his eyes, but he could still see the person in front of him clearly.

Pale and slender, and even against the light, he could tell that the person in front of him was very good looking.

The boy felt something stabbing his heart, it gently tingled, but it didn’t hurt.

Xiao Chen sat down on the chair and took out his books, like a porcelain doll, soulless.

After everyone had withdrawn their gazes because the teacher was about to start the class, the freak remained unblinking, staring closely at the person beside him.

Love at first glance, a reluctant goodbye; the days stretch out ahead of us.

Later on afterwards.

“Don’t you have any friends?”


“That’s alright, I don’t have any either, so let’s both be good friends.”


Gu Luming pulled himself out from his memories and continued to stare at Xiao Chen’s face in a daze. He smiled gently and, just like Xiao Chen had done countless times before, opened his mouth and began to recite love poems.

“I am a venomous snake in the deep ditch. Forsaken by light, deserving of scorn and loathing.”

“But although I am like this, I fell in love with you, who was more dazzling than roses.”

“But you, I had later learned, were an abandoned rose.”

“Thus I longed to pull you into the abyss, to indulge in it with me.”

“But in the end.”

“It was you who saved me from the darkness.”



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“Preferred by the escape game BOSS”

Author: Luo Wisdom

Introduction: Xia Qi was pitted by a scumbag and a white lotus into a multiplayer game against BOSS, and began to pass the live action. I thought I had the same amount of time as my teammates.

Copy 1: Bloody Slaughterhouse of Count Vampire

Count Vampire: Please give me a kiss of true love.

Xia Qi: No.

Slap, blood spattered, Earl Vampire hated by love, stabbed your teammate A with a claw.

Teammate B looked at Xia Qi tremblingly.

The Count of Vampires continued: Please give me a kiss of true love.

Xia Qi: … I agree.

Ka, a blood ball flew into the sky. Because of your hesitation, the count of the vampire felt that you did not love him enough, so he cut off the head of teammate B with a knife.

Xia Qi 😕 ? ?

Other people’s escape games:

Accidentally triggered the death condition, die!

Passively slacking off when working under the NPCs of ghosts and animals, die!

Accidentally angered BOSS, die!

Xia Qi’s escape game:

Waking up from the velvet mattress of the love brain boss …

Wear women’s clothes under the tender attention of the idiot BOSS …

Chased to the end of the world by the dead boss …

Xia Qi: Why is my escape game style different from others?

[Su Sushuang is good at X to singulate all kinds of broken leg slice BOSS attacks]

[Large Infinite Flow Love Adventure]

Tip: You can use left, right, A and D keyboard keys to browse between chapters.