Alternate World: I Started With Two SSS Templates

Chapter 600 - 600 Heavenly Fate

600 Heavenly Fate

There were sea beasts in the deep sea, and this was something Lin Xuan had never thought of. He had been waiting for his Kun Dao cultivation by the sea, and it was not as if he had not observed the situation in the sea. However, the problem was that there was no aura of demons in the sea near the human world. They were all ordinary beasts with no combat power at all.

Even Lin Xuan could not see everything in the sea farther away because the water was too deep. He did not expect that such a powerful sea beast Demon Saint was hiding there. If it were not for Lin Xuan’s powerful strength, he would have been killed there if he was caught off guard.

Thankfully, it was quite realistic to say that Lin Xuan could take on two of them at once. To be honest, Lin Xuan had only just broken through to the National Guardian level. Although his life essence and power enhancement had all been achieved, he had not familiarized himself with them, and he had not fully grasped some of the overflowing powers. Especially after the three flowers above his head and the coordination of the three treasures appeared, Lin Xuan was able to exert more power.

He blocked the Roc Lord’s claw that could tear through space with one punch and blocked the attack with another before returning a kick to each of them.

The Roc Lord’s current appearance wasn’t dwindling. His gorgeous feathers had already lost their former beauty and were in tatters. One of his wings was crooked, and it was obvious that it had been broken. His sharp beak was also crooked. How could he be in such a miserable state?

As for the Glutton Sea Lord, he did not seem to be injured on the surface. However, he was probably not in a good state after being hit by Lin Xuan’s fists. Due to his large size, his whole body was submerged in the water, so it was difficult to detect him.

As for Lin Xuan, he was panting heavily. They were on the sea, and there was no land for him to rest and recover his strength. Even he was under a lot of pressure after fighting with two Demon Saints he still maintained constant vigilance. If he was careless, he would fall into an unstoppable situation.

Although they were not sure about the situation in the battlefield of the borderline mountain, Lin Xuan had pinned down the Roc Lord, and Zhang Jintao pinned down the Greenwood Lord. As for the demons at the level of the Demon Emperor, the human experts would naturally form an array to deal with them. With the Tinder Sutra, they had a good chance of winning.

Rather than saying that the battle had ended, it was more accurate to say that Lin Xuan and the two Demon Saints had reached some kind of tacit understanding. After all, he was fighting one against two, and Lin Xuan didn’t have the ability to kill one of them. Furthermore, it was the first time the two Demon Saints had met, and they didn’t trust each other. They had joined forces because the Lord Roc was at a disadvantage and needed to maintain balance.

The Roc Lord looked at Lin Xuan with a complicated expression. “Lin Xuan, I’ll remember your name. We’ll have a winner sooner or later!”

After saying that, it spread its wings and flapped them gently. It turned into an invisible breeze and disappeared.

In the next moment, Lin Xuan gathered all the power in his body and punched the Glutton Sea Lord furiously.

Lin Xuan’s punch landed on the Glutton Sea Lord’s body, forcing him into the deep sea. The seawater was pushed down by dozens of meters by Lin Xuan, and this attack made the Glutton Sea Lord cry out in pain.

“You son of a b*tch! If you didn’t come out and mess things up, I would’ve already killed the Roc Lord. Since he’s gone now, I’ll take it out on you.”

Lin Xuan hated the Glutton Sea Lord for being brainless. After all, this was a matter on land and had nothing to do with the ocean. Now that he stood up for the Roc Lord, he did not get any benefits and instead offended Lin Xuan. This fellow was not a big-hearted person.

Of course, Lin Xuan also knew that he couldn’t kill the Glutton Sea Lord in his current state. After all, the bigger the body, the stronger the life force, and the harder it was to kill. However, if he couldn’t kill either, it didn’t matter if he punched the Glutton Sea Lord a few times to release his anger.

Ten minutes later, Lin Xuan walked out of the ocean, feeling refreshed. Although he could not hide the fatigue on his face, after a few punches, all the negative emotions that had accumulated in his heart were cleared.

It felt comfortable.

The next second, he turned into a golden lightning bolt and returned to the borderline mountain dungeon.

The war continued, but the intensity of the battle had begun to decrease. After all, even a battle between experts would not take days and nights. Furthermore, the cultivation path of the borderline mountain dungeon world placed more emphasis on combat. When they fought together, they would use the heavenly demon disintegration technique.

The Roc Lord had already returned to the borderline mountain dungeon ten minutes ago, but he did not act rashly. If he dared to attack other human experts at this time, Lin Xuan would return and slaughter him without restraint.

Zhang Jintao and the Greenwood Lord stopped fighting. They stood in the sky and looked down at the battlefield.

Normally, ordinary people would be torn apart by low-level demons. Although they had the help of the energy of the Tinder Sutra, they still did not cultivate for a long time, and they did not have a strong energy and blood as a foundation. The amount of Tinder energy was limited. At the beginning, they still had an advantage against low-level demons, but time wasn’t on their side.

Once their energy was exhausted, it would also be the time of their death.

However, there was a troop of sprites in Lin Xuan’s heart of the earth realm. There used to only be 12 of them in the past, but in the later stages, the sprites Elven Divine Tree had given birth to many elves. These elves were not weak. Not only did they have the talent of sprites, but they also had the physique of a giant dragon. Be it magic or archery, they were all very good at it.

This was their chance to become famous. Like the autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves, countless low-level demons were killed by them. They took turns attacking and defending the people, and wave after wave of attacks could not be stopped.

‘We’re actually going to lose this time!’

The Greenwood Lord and Roc Lord looked at each other and saw the same thought in each other’s eyes. They couldn’t believe it. They didn’t expect such an outcome at the start of the battle, but it had really happened.

Should they still fight? Or, they could retreat and wait for another opportunity. After all, the demon was the one with the destiny!

“It’s the demon’s destiny. We’ve lost this time, but there’ll be another chance. Don’t lose hope!”

The Greenwood Lord was referring to experts like the Paragon and the Demon Emperor. One had to know that these experts were all human experts. Each of them was cruel and merciless. As long as they could kill the enemy, they didn’t care about the price. They even self-destructed their limbs to kill a few Paragon Demons. They were extremely cruel.

Even Demon Saint would turn silent when they saw this.

The two Demon Saints really wanted to make a move. If it wasn’t for Lin Xuan and Zhang Jintao eyeing them covetously from the side…

D*mn it, he felt aggrieved.

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