Your Majesty is Annoying!

Chapter 107

Chapter 107

Even though there was quite a distance, she could hear the gasps and swooning of maids who were stealing glances at Seira. Was this why Lyle was jealous?

‘You’re the father of my child. So what’s there to worry about?’

Medea was convinced that even if Seira had been a man, nothing would have happened between them. Although she liked handsome men and was pleased that her man was attractive, she was not interested in having an affair. Also, Lyle was an excellent husband.

“…… I heard that brother Luke had proposed to Lady Hestia.”

“D-did the young master even tell the Empress about that?”

As her voice seemed to rise, Medea put her finger into her fan. She recognized it immediately and lowered her voice.

“It was a temporary offer, a spell cast by the atmosphere. I…… I just happened to be the type he hadn’t seen before, so it was a momentary fascination. “


Medea smiled and looked at Seira, who turned her gaze away with her cheeks dyed pink like a peach and pouted, looking annoyed. But Medea knew she wasn’t actually feeling that way.

‘It looks like there’s a possibility?’

Was it selfish to deprive her heroine, the Emperor, and wish her to be with her younger brother? Medea pondered.

But Luke wouldn’t connect with anyone else in the world if it wasn’t Seira.

Because the writer defined Luke’s character, the second male lead, pitifully like that.

It was a different case from Lyle, who had already held Medea before having Seira in his heart.

Luke’s heart flowed just like the original.

It was sooner than expected, though.

“Luke isn’t such a frivolous fellow.”

As Medea spoke, Seira looked at her. She panicked, wondering if her words had offended his sister, but Medea was smiling.

“As long as the young lady desires it, I wish the best for the two of them. Luke is an unwavering, persistent child with a one-track mind…….”

If you dump him, he’ll be alone for the rest of his life. I don’t intend to force you, but I hope you will take pity on him and give him a chance.

Medea grinned as she discreetly revealed her innermost thoughts. Being Empress meant each word could become pressure and intimidation.

She wanted Seira to like Luke on her own, voluntarily and without coercion. So she strived to speak as carefully as possible.

“Of course, if the miss doesn’t like Luke, it can’t be helped, but…… The heart cannot be altered, moved, and attached according to one’s will.”


Hesitant, Seira’s face had now turned red. However, the expression on her face didn’t simply look embarrassed, so Medea recognized her joy. She didn’t know how Luke was doing, but it looked like he had tallied up quite a score.

“Well, I have no intention of getting married right now…….”

“Ah……. I’m not here to tell you to decide anything. I’m

just asking you to keep an eye on Luke because he’s sincere.”

“Yes……. I understand.”

It was so cute to see her get so quietly shy. Medea almost inadvertently stroked her hair, but she managed to put her hand down.

Her maids were watching. Seira’s face turned red.

‘I’m sure I’ll be misunderstood,’

Medea thought as she looked at her ladies-in-waiting, who gave her sparkling eyes.


Going to the Empress’s Palace after work was now routine for Lyle. He wanted to check how much her stomach swelled today while holding Medea’s tiny body in his arms. Her abdomen was still flat, but he was anticipating it to swell up.


The thought of seeing his wife made Lyle accelerate his steps. Because it was earlier than usual, he thought he would surprise her and not announce his arrival.

“The Empress is in the rose garden.”

“For a walk? I already told you that you don’t have to do anything like exercise.”

The people of the imperial palace were anxious when they saw Medea standing, scared she might fall. But on the other hand, she was wary of having trouble giving birth due to sitting too much and gaining weight.

‘If you needed to work out, I would have let you do it…’ [t1v: after translating this chapter for HOURS i finally realized during the final editing process he means something dirty–*facepalm* duhhh]

Deliberating over what he could say in front of the maids that would mortify Medea, Lyle walked to the rose garden.

There were six gardens in the palace, but the Rose Garden was the closest to the Empress’s sleeping quarters. A glass dome covered the rose garden grounds, and its temperature was maintained by magic, so it produced gorgeous flowers even during early winter.

Around the time of Lyle’s return, when Medea expected the Emperor would arrive, she usually went out to the nearby garden to welcome him upon arrival.

When he saw the Empress’ guards standing at the entrance to the garden, Lyle passed them and approached the gate. Her maids were gathered on one side of the park.

‘What are you doing?’

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