You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 544 (Killed Twice)

Chapter 544 (Killed Twice)

This made everyone exclaim, "It really is the dark horse of the north! He is so powerful!"

"If he was not tough, how could Duan Hou invite Chen Xuanzong in person?"

But Chen Xuanzong really underestimated this Xin Ba, or the crazy old man in his body!

Crazy Old's body flicked, and he dodged the blow impartially. The long sword in his hand had already been stabbed out, and hit Chen Xuanzong's neck!

This picture froze in an instant!


It's really a spike!

The little patriarch in the south once again defeated the strong man of the north!

Xin Ba stared blankly at Chen Xuanzong in front of him. He dodged and stabbed out with the long sword in his hand. These two movements seemed to be just subconscious reactions, without any sloppiness, and even gave people a very elegant feeling.

'Is my master so powerful? Can he be so powerful without using spiritual energy…'

In fact, the crazy old man can't use aura. He is just a soul. Where will the spiritual energy come from? This kind of battle is most suitable for the crazy old man.

Ye Hua looked at Xin Ba in the field and found him interesting.

"There is Qi Xuewen and this boy in the south. They will be suitable toys for the future."

Qi Xuewen was dumbfounded.

Chen Xuanzong's sword was extremely tricky, but Xin Ba dodged it with the smallest distance difference, and the blade even rubbed against the corner of Xin Ba's clothes.

Either it's luck, or it's because his own strength is so terrifying, and he is very confident in himself.

Chen Xuanzong held the sword, his eyes showing horror. The majestic demon emperor was can't defeat the young boy in front of him!

The coldness on his neck can be clearly felt, and he almost died on the spot!

'I'm making a fool of myself, especially since Qing Ya is still watching me, and that damned Long Aotian must be laughing at me!'

You think too much. Ye Hua is not in the mood to laugh at an ant.

"Surrender. I'm not interested in killing you," Xin Ba said calmly.

As soon as these words were said, there was a sensation in the audience!

The title of King of Kings had been confirmed. This pretense is too awesome!

Everyone in the south suddenly cheered.

"This Xin Ba is too powerful. He instantly defeated Chen Xuanzong, the dark horse!"

"Hahaha, the northerners are nothing more than that. A patriarch of an aristocratic family and a dark horse were all defeated by our young general."

"That's right. This Xin Ba is very good at pretending, but he said such a thing. Chen Xuanzong will probably be pissed to death in the toilet."

It was true. Chen Xuanzong was very angry, but what could he do?

Using his spiritual energy will result in a loss.

Thinking of this, Chen Xuanzong raised the sword in his hand, regardless of the sword on his neck.


Chen Xuanzong raised the sword again, as if to split the opponent in two.

But there was another chill coming from his neck.

The raised sword stopped!

He clearly provoked with his sword just now, so why did it happen again?

"I don't want to kill you, please don't go too far." Xin Ba said in a low voice, a pair of calm eyes exuded a ghostly aura, which made Chen Xuanzong feel cold. 'Who the hell is this?'

There was another exclamation throughout the whole process, two attacks! He almost got killed twice!

This is not luck; this is simply him being overpowered!

Looking at Xin Ba in the field for a while, the corners of his mouth curled up: "This young man is not bad."

"Yeah, luckily we weren't drawn." Jiang Yuanzhou whispered, acknowledging Xin Ba's strength.

Chu He didn't say anything and didn't want to say anything. This martial arts competition was filled with a sense of conspiracy.

The three families in the south were also discussing.

"These two boys are very strong, we have to be careful as we can't use our spiritual energy." Murong Zhi smiled, and didn't care too much since there will be no rules when they leave.

The same is true for Wu Sheng: "They are indeed amazing. When they grow up in the future, they should be the main force in the south."

Qi Xuewen was also surprised again. His view of Xin Ba changed, and the trace of pure friendship in his eyes also quietly slackened.

Everyone in the north was speechless. They were beaten by the southerners in the first two rounds. It was embarrassing...

Chen Xuanzong in the arena breathed heavily. In fact, it doesn't matter if he lost face in front of these people. The point is that he lost face in front of Qing Ya. It is really a shame. She probably looks down on him now.

"Drop your weapon and surrender, don't waste time." Xin Ba said lightly.

Chen Xuanzong can be regarded as a rational man; otherwise, he would not be able to reach the level of the Demon Emperor. If he knew that he was not an opponent and continued to fight, he would be humiliating himself.

He put away his knife, cupped his hands, and returned to the seat.

All in one go, like a winner.

Yu Quan appeared in the void again.

"Chen Xuanzong admits defeat; Xin Ba wins!"

As Yu Quan called out the results of the game, the northerners sighed, while the southerners were elated.

The crazy old man quietly left Xin Ba's body, and Xin Ba also returned to the stage, standing beside Qi Xuewen: "Brother Qi, how was it just now?"

"Xin Ba, you're very powerful, and you've hidden it very deeply." Although Qi Xuewen was smiling, there was vigilance in the depths of his eyes.

Xin Ba didn't seem to feel it. He grabbed Qi Xuewen's shoulder and said with a smile, "Let's go drink tonight."

"Haha, okay."

The game was still going on. Ye Hua lost interest after watching two games. The first two games were still worth watching, but the latter ones were like children fighting. It was no fun at all.

He simply dragged Qing Ya out of the arena. Chen Xuanzong saw this, and his hands were tightly clenched. It seemed worse than losing!

"Are you angry?" Ye Hua asked calmly as he pulled Qing Ya into the nearby woods.

"Hmph!" Qing Ya snorted coquettishly. The meaning was obvious: shouldn't she be angry

Ye Hua said in a deep voice, "If I don't kill Chen Xuanzong, I am already giving you a lot of face!"

"Are you still angry with me because of him?"

Qing Ya bit her lip. Ye Hua was too domineering.

"I am not angry with you because of him, I am angry because you don't believe me," Qing Ya cried instantly.

Ye Hua realized that he had learned the wrong lesson and misunderstood the situation.

The deity suddenly panicked. How could he coax her?

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"Well... the weather is nice today, Qing Ya. Don't you think so?" Ye Hua hesitated, as he was not good at coaxing his wife.

Qing Ya cried pitifully, feeling hurt that he suspected her of being unfaithful.

Ye Hua sighed softly, wiped the tears from the corners of Qing Ya's eyes, and gently hugged her. "I'm sorry, I blamed you."

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