Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 687 - 687 Guardian Beast

687 Guardian Beast

If there were two worlds with perfect rules, one world might appear in the interstellar and the other in the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. If they fused, the advancement of the interstellar world would easily wipe out the humans in the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. This was not fair to the other world at all. The fusion of a world that had not completely evolved could avoid this problem. After the two worlds fused, they would develop into a brand new world.

“Then we’ll be friends from now on.”

Su Xiaolu asked Mantis Shrimp seriously.

She could feel that she would walk a long way with the Mantis Shrimp.


Mantis Shrimp was stunned for a moment. Then, it said seriously, “We are not just friends. We’re closer than friends. If we’re called master and servant, I’ll feel unhappy. If only you were older, then I could call you mother. But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, we’re very, very close. As long as you don’t do anything to destroy the world wall, we can always be very, very close. But if one day you become stronger and want to destroy the world, we’ll be enemies. Although it’s boring to keep doing the same thing, if one day you don’t want to go with me, tell me. Then you can choose a world you like and retire in peace.”

“Some people will find it interesting to do things in different worlds, and some will find it very boring. If I were alone, I would also feel a little lonely. If you don’t like it, Xiaolu, when I grow up, I’ll go alone. You’ll be rewarded with a lot of good fortune after raising me. These merits will make you lucky every time you reincarnate in the future.”

Mantis Shrimp rubbed against Su Xiaolu’s palm. He had really told her everything.

“Then how long will it take you to grow up in this world?”

Su Xiaolu knew that Mantis Shrimp had given her a choice. She remembered it in her heart. Perhaps many years later, she would tell Mantis Shrimp an answer.

But what she was more curious about was when Mantis Shrimp would grow up.

“After eating all the Interface Stones connecting the two worlds, I’ll probably be able to grow up. I won’t grow up so quickly either. It’ll take two to three hundred years, so Xiaolu still has a lot of time to consider.”

Mantis Shrimp liked Su Xiaolu very much. It could feel that Su Xiaolu was very special.

He felt that it was not so difficult to repair the worlds with her. Generations of Guardian Beasts had worked themselves to death. When there was no competition between brothers and after obtaining the inheritance, he really wanted to lie flat and slack off.

Perhaps humans would feel that the hatred of killing their mother was irreconcilable, but to a Guardian Beast like him, meeting Su Xiaolu was simply much better. It was inevitable that his mother would die when he was born. If he wanted to obtain the inheritance, he had to compete with his brothers. This was also inevitable. However, his brother, who was competitive at the beginning, lost this grand prize by dying. He directly succeeded the throne. He could eat the Interface Stones, and he did not have to worry about his stomach being hungry at all. He was probably the happiest generation of Guardian Beasts in history.

“Those who haven’t reached the Foundation Establishment realm won’t live for more than 200 years. Most mortals who can’t cultivate only have a few decades to live. Now that the two worlds have fused, as long as Xiaolu cultivates hard, it won’t be a problem for you to live for thousands of years. Xiaolu, you must work hard.”

Mantis Shrimp encouraged Su Xiaolu to work hard and cultivate. He really wanted to be partners with Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu smiled and did not agree or refuse.

Now, she had her good friends, family, and masters by her side. How could she bear to leave? If she could live a long life in the future and no longer had any family by her side, she might follow Mantis Shrimp out of loneliness.

She was already at the Foundation Establishment realm. This meant that she could live for at least 200 years, so she would think about it after these 200 years.

Raising Mantis Shrimp was harmless to her, so she would raise it.

Perhaps in the world she lived in in the future, if there was a problem with the interface wall, she would need a Guardian Beast like Mantis Shrimp to repair it.

Mantis Shrimp was sleepy. At this moment, he looked like an ordinary human child. Before he grew up, he only knew how to eat, drink, and sleep.

Su Xiaolu left the Space so that Mantis Shrimp could rest in peace.

Su Xiaolu cultivated. After reaching the Foundation Establishment realm, her internal breath circulated was very different from before. She could absorb more spiritual energy.

The body became light, and the change was internal.

Su Xiaolu could not help but wonder what it would be like if she cultivated to the Mahayana realm.

She couldn’t imagine what kind of changes would happen each time. Perhaps she would only know when it happens.

After circulating her internal breath for a few Heavenly Cycles, Su Xiaolu retracted her aura. She took a deep breath and smelled a familiar scent.

“Xiaolu, can I come in?”

Zhou Zhi’s voice sounded outside.

Su Xiaolu replied, “Fourth Brother, come in.”

Zhou Zhi lifted the tent and walked in. His gaze landed on Su Xiaolu. “How do you feel?”

Su Xiaolu smiled. “I feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve become stronger.”

“The path of cultivation is different from the path of martial arts. After every Tribulation Transcendence, you will reach a new height, you will be stronger than before. Congratulations on stepping onto this path of cultivation.”

Zhou Zhi’s voice was gentle. In the entire Great Zhou Dynasty, he was the first to reach the Foundation Establishment realm. Su Xiaolu was the second. How great was that.

There was more to talk about between them, and there were more opportunities to communicate. In the future, they would have a long, long time to accompany each other.

“Thank you, Fourth Brother.”

Su Xiaolu also smiled at Zhou Zhi. Anyway, now that she was stronger, she had the ability to protect her family. She was happy.

“Fourth Brother, you can’t do this next time. It’s too dangerous during the lightning tribulation. I’ll also transcend the lightning tribulation in the future. I can’t ask you to help me withstand it every time, right? Moreover, every cultivator should survive the Tribulation Transcendence themselves.”

Su Xiaolu recalled what had happened before and became serious. She really did not want Zhou Zhi to block the lightning for her.

“Okay, it won’t happen again.”

Zhou Zhi smiled gently and dotingly. It was one thing for him to agree, but it was another thing to do it. That was Su Xiaolu. She had risked her life to save him. How could he be indifferent?

“That’s more like it.”

Su Xiaolu thought that he had listened.

After Zhou Zhi left, Su Xiaolu rested in peace.

The next month was calm and peaceful. Everyone had obtained a lot.

When Su Xiaolu was free, she went to talk to Hu Changshou.

Hu Changshou still hadn’t recovered.

At the beginning of September, the weather changed and it began to get much colder in the foreign world.

They had already gone very far into the foreign land, but they only met beasts along the way. There were all kinds of beasts, but they knew too little.

As the weather turned cold, Zhou Zhi gave the order to start returning.

On the way out, they picked up whatever they encountered.

The winter in the foreign land was extremely cold. From the looks of it, it was not suitable for them to advance towards the depths of the foreign land. Not only the Great Zhou Dynasty, but the other countries were the same.

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