Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 686 - 686 Exchange

686 Exchange

“Thank you. I won’t give up easily.”

Hu Changshou choked.

Old Wu stroked his beard and replied calmly, “Yes, take good care of yourself. I’ll go back first.”

The girl was still young, so it was inevitable that she had overlooked some things. As her Master, he naturally had to help her. The thoughts of the disabled were the hardest to describe. If there was even the slightest movement, their hearts might collapse. It was convenient to comfort them.

“Okay, take care.”

Hu Changshou was very grateful. He felt much better after Old Wu comforted him.

Old Wu got up and left. When he returned, he took a wine pot and drank without a word. After drinking a few mouthfuls, he sighed happily and muttered to himself, “Good wine. They won’t be back so soon. Time for me to get drunk.”


Su Xiaolu and Gui You arrived at the vast grassland. The master and disciple faced each other with their swords. Su Xiaolu saluted first.

This time, Su Xiaolu felt a little different from before. Gui You also felt that she was different.

Su Xiaolu’s sword intent carried a natural pressure. When this pressure was applied to his body, Gui You clearly felt a little strained. After a few moves, the master and disciple put away their swords. Su Xiaolu was not tired at all, and her face was rosy.

Gui You took a few breaths and said, “I finally understand the difference between levels.”

“Looks like I have to cultivate well too.”

He had to walk on the path of cultivation. He had to work harder. Cultivation still depended on talent, but at least 80% of it depended on hard work.

Su Xiaolu smiled. “Master is right. I’ll work hard too.”

The competition between the master and disciple ended, and the audience dispersed reluctantly.

Pursuing a higher realm had become a common path for martial artists.

No one wanted to be left far behind in this new world.

Su Xiaolu and Gui You slowly walked back.

Su Xiaolu told Gui You some of her insights from the Tribulation Transcendence.

After returning to the camp, Su Xiaolu returned to her room to rest.

She sank her consciousness into the Space. Mantis Shrimp was lying on the pile of Interface Stones and sleeping soundly.

Su Xiaolu walked over and looked at it curiously.

“Mantis Shrimp.”

Su Xiaolu leaned her head closer and called Mantis Shrimp by its ear.

The little guy’s soft ears moved without even opening its eyelids. Su Xiaolu heard that childish voice. “Xiaolu, don’t be naughty.”

Su Xiaolu could not suppress her excitement. “You can speak. You can speak.”

“I can’t speak. I haven’t learned it yet. We’re communicating through divine sense.”

Mantis Shrimp opened its eyes and rolled in front of Su Xiaolu as if it was acting cute, revealing its round belly.

“What the hell are you?”

Su Xiaolu asked the question in her heart.

“I’m the World Guardian Beast, but I’m still a cub. When I grow up, I can bring you through any world. At that time, we’ll repair the damaged worlds together.”

Mantis Shrimp told Su Xiaolu seriously about their future work.

Su Xiaolu pondered for a moment before asking, “What if I don’t live until you grow up? Also, are you the cub of that big bear?”

“As long as you cultivate well, you can live forever. That big bear is my mother. When the old guardian is about to die, a new little beast will be born. Originally, I had a brother. When it grows up, we were supposed to fight until one of us is killed to obtain the identity of the Guardian Beast. However, this world is too weak. It is already dead.”

Mantis Shrimp sighed.

“Xiaolu, actually, if you didn’t kill my mother, it won’t be able to live for long anyway. It’s too old. Only when it’s about to die will it be so weak and easily killed by humans. It’s our fate to meet, Xiaolu. We’ll take care of each other in the future. Every time you transcend the lightning tribulation, I can help you block the lightning. In the future, we’ll be partners. Good luck.”

Mantis Shrimp said in a childish voice. Its explanation made Su Xiaolu understand what was going on.

Moreover, its voice sounded very soft, but the words it said were very mature.

Su Xiaolu pinched the Mantis Shrimp’s ears. “Then are you growing up very slowly? Do you like to eat interface stones the most? The interface stone is used to repair the damaged interface wall. You’ve already eaten it. How can you repair it?”

“I’m growing very slowly during this period. When I can eat the interface stones, I’ll be able to grow faster. When I need to repair it, I’ll transform the interface stone liquid from my body and use the liquid to repair it. Xiaolu, you’re so amazing. You found me so much food. I can’t finish it at all. I’m so happy. Thank you.”

Mantis Shrimp answered every question. It was overjoyed that Su Xiaolu could find so many Interface Stones. Since it was born, it didn’t know what it felt like to starve.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

Su Xiaolu looked under Mantis Shrimp’s legs and observed for a long time, but she could not tell its gender.

Perhaps because it was shy, Mantis Shrimp closed its legs and said to Su Xiaolu in a shy voice, “I don’t have a gender. Us World Guardian Beasts only have a natural duty. When we’re old enough and about to die, we’ll automatically give birth to new descendants to continue our mission.”

“Xiaolu, you have to be polite. You can’t keep staring at my stomach.”

Mantis Shrimp turned around with its back facing Su Xiaolu and its ears moved.

Su Xiaolu smiled happily. “Alright, my bad. I apologize.”

With that, Su Xiaolu apologized seriously. “I’m sorry. Do you like the name I gave you?”

“I like it. The name is just a code name. You can call me anything. Mantis Shrimp is quite unique. It feels very different. I like it.”

It had no objections to the name at all. On the contrary, it quite liked it.

“What’s in that other world, do you know?”

Mantis Shrimp was like an old friend of hers. They chatted comfortably.

“This world has actually only evolved not long ago. It’s what you ancients call the beginning of heaven and earth, the beginning of all things. All the laws and nomological aspects are evolving. Currently, there are only many, many beasts, which are spirit beasts in your ancient people’s words. Their intelligence isn’t very high, so my mother gnawed on the interface to let the two worlds fuse. There won’t be much change. Ordinary and weak humans will quickly adapt to the new world. Our race has to pass on the legacy and nurture future generations by eating many Interface Stones. There will be a huge problem with the fusion of the two worlds if they were both already completely evolved worlds. Therefore, when the old are replaced by the new, our race will automatically find an incomplete world to devour and complete the inheritance of the generations.”

Mantis Shrimp told Su Xiaolu in detail, letting her understand why the two worlds had fused.

Su Xiaolu sighed. “I see.”

Fortunately, that was the case. If the world they had fused with had not just evolved not long ago and had high-tech robots, the people living in this world would have been quickly destroyed.

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