The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 837: Animal

Chapter 837: Animal

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“Zhuo Fan!”

The shout of grief was filled with hatred and sadness. The disciples shook under it and fell back in fear.

They had never seen their revered Sect Leader so bent on killing.

Zhuo Fan didn’t care, even giving a taunting smile.


The anger was too much for Ren Xiaoyun to take, ignoring Zhuo Fan’s power and how he survived, he charged right at him. 

His rage-fueled punch was actually stronger than before, smashing at Zhuo Fan’s head, wanting to pulverize him.

Zhuo Fan just stood there, watching the punch come, yet still deciding to block with his Qilin arm.



He was once again sent backward, a hundred meters, but then Zhuo Fan exploded in golden flames as golden scales appeared on his skin.


Zhuo Fan halted there and Ren Xiaoyun’s raging fist could push him no further.

Even through the anger, Ren Xiaoyun was shocked, “How… a mere fresh Ethereal Stage…”

“Yeah, just how…” The elders and disciples around stood dumbstruck. 

Zhuo Fan grinned, “Soul Harmony Stage is merely borrowing the soul’s strength to improve the body. A sword soul would make a body tougher than ever, while a beast soul would turn one into an animal of extraordinary strength. Though it’s not much of a difference in reaching the Soul Harmony Stage if a body already possesses such power.”

“There’s no way! No one can train their body that hard! A human isn’t a tool, nor an animal. Going so far will break it. That’s the whole point of the Soul Harmony Stage. A strong soul in a strong body.” Ren Xiaoyun gnashed his teeth.

Zhuo Fan nodded in praise, “Very good, Sect Leader Ren, for understanding the core of Soul Harmony Stage. The true character of Soul Harmony Stage is to bring a human’s body to the strength of a spiritual beast, a notion passed on from antiquity. I wouldn’t have known either if not for hearing some old myths. It seems that the arts, skills and cultivation stages all came to be as a way to fight back the spiritual beasts. Sect Leader Ren is sharp to figure on his own.”

“Why can’t I understand a word you’re saying?” Ren Xiaoyun shouted.

Zhuo Fan shook his head, “You don’t need to understand, just know. You’re a Soul Harmony expert, but I am a true animal! Man and beast had fought since the dawn of time, with the result going either way depending on the case. But don’t think for a second you’re stronger than me as a Soul Harmony expert!”

Zhuo Fan’s Qilin arm shook and sent Ren Xiaoyun flying.

Ren Xiaoyun cried out. 

[What’s going on here?] 

He was a Soul Harmony expert but a mere shake of a fresh Ethereal Stage cultivator sent him flying.

Ren Xiaoyun refused to believe it, while his sect was watching dumbfounded.

Zhuo Fan snapped in front of him, punching his chest with the Qilin arm.

“Sect Leader!”

The audience cried out. Ren Xiaoyun rushed to block with his hands.


Feeling as if a mountain struck him, Ren Xiaoyun shot like a meteor from Zhuo Fan’s red punch, leveling everything within five miles of where he landed.

Cries echoed as Radiant Stage disciples rushed out of the way. Even Ethereal Stage and Soul Harmony experts looked with lost gazes.

[How’s this guy so strong? How is he forcing Sect Leader back?]

[And he’s just an Ethereal Stage cultivator? Not even a Soul Harmony expert can do that…]


As the dust fell, Ren Xiaoyun shot from the rubble with blood dripping from his mouth. His eyes were hard as he looked around in search of Zhuo Fan.

The famed Zhuo Fan was actually so strong as to even pummel the Sect Leader of a middle-three sect. He was a Soul Harmony expert, a rarity in the western lands too, wielding power way above the rest of the masses.

Yet a kid was toying with him still.

Ren Xiaoyun gnashed his teeth.


Following the whistling wind, Zhuo Fan appeared in a golden flash behind Ren Xiaoyun, punching with his Qilin arm.

“Sect Leader Ren, where are you looking?”

Ren Xiaoyun swished around, only to meet the punch. Forced into a corner, he used his hands again to block.


Ren Xiaoyun went flying again.

In mid flight, Zhuo Fan appeared ahead of him and punched his back hard as he arrived. 


The immense power connected this time and Ren Xiaoyun spat blood, looking pale and slamming into the ground again.

Golden flashed once more and Zhuo Fan appeared where Ren Xiaoyun was about to land to punch again.

In a twisted game of catch, Ren Xiaoyun acted as the ball while Zhuo Fan just punched him around, making sure not to drop him. He appeared all over the place, to make sure to give Ren Xiaoyun some serious damage.

The audience was looking dumb at this point.

[That speed is insane, like a ghost’s!]

They all knew this was no skill’s doing, but brought about by pure speed, something not even a Soul Harmony expert could achieve.

Who’d ever believe an Ethereal Stage child could be so abominable?

If the late Ren Cong would be here right now to witness such a familiar scene, he’d be shocked to the core. It was the same thing he saw in Zhuo Fan’s battle with Ye Lin. The only difference was, Zhuo Fan was more gruesome.

While both had the dragon ancestor’s golden flame inheritance, Zhuo Fan had a true sacred beast’s body, the Qilin’s arm.

The new and improved Zhuo Fan, coupled with the mighty arm and golden flame, was no longer your run of the mill monster. Saying he was a half sacred beast wasn’t a stretch either.


Booming came constantly from up above as Ren Xiaoyun was punched around while spilling blood every time. Despite being in the Soul Harmony Stage, he was powerless to stop him.

He was looking worse and worse, he won’t last long in this world.

Ren Xiaoyun felt downcast at this truth. A great sect leader like him was going to die in his sect as his son did from an Ethereal Stage cultivator. This was disgraceful.

“Sect Leader!”

Shouts came from below and he woke up to the fact he was not alone. Seeing their leader about to breathe his last, the elders sprung into action.

A dozen Soul Harmony venerables finally came to their senses and charged towards Zhuo Fan.

Ren Xiaoyun was moved to tears. 

[God damn it, those geezers finally come to help. I’ve been waiting for ages!]

No matter how much of a freak the brat was, with these dozen Soul Harmony experts, even he would suffer since he was still in the Ethereal Stage.

Zhuo Fan glanced over at the incoming enemy and ignored Ren Xiaoyun to deal with them.

“Brat, are you looking to die coming at us?”

“You killed our young master, harmed the Sect Leader, now you shall pay for your crimes with your life, ha-ha-ha…”

The men of Heaven Trailing Sect looked smug, talking about winning before they even clashed, like Zhuo Fan was finished. 

A shame reality never conformed to their delusions…


Golden flashes shot around as Zhuo Fan clashed with the dozen Soul Harmony experts. Wails resounded the next moment as the men were split apart, crumbling to the ground.

Their scarlet blood gave the sky a red tint.

Zhuo Fan was the only one standing with a pitch-black longsword in his hand…


The hopeful Ren Xiaoyun felt his face twitch.

[Just how strong is this brat to kill a dozen Soul Harmony experts in a blink?]

[But why use the sword on them but only punch me around?]

Hope turned into despair in a matter of seconds. Ren Xiaoyun was so ‘touched’ by Zhuo Fan’s attentive care that he almost cried…

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