The Royal Deal

Chapter 268

Chapter 268

After the transformation back to his previous appearance, gone was the gray hair and eyes, business in the palace quickly returned to normal.

“The next issue to deal with is regarding the High Priest. The position is still empty, so we need to decide who would be a good replacement,” Karune informed the leaders.

Belice turned to her brother. “I believe the deputy priest Cameron would be adequate, but what is your opinion?”’

“Do we have to appoint a high priest, Your Majesty?” Alexcent asked. He didn’t like the position of High Priest. The individual had too much power, with the entire nation’s belief behind him. He thought it would be better left empty. “The mourning of Celios hasn’t ended yet. It is my opinion that we should wait for the right moment, rather than hastily appointing someone. The decision is yours of course.”

Belice knew what Alexcent was getting at. “I see. The love for Celios is deep. Karune, inform the people that we, the royal family, are grieving along with the entire nation. Because of that, we deem that it’s a little too early to appoint a new High Priest. We can discuss the matter at a later date.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I’ll relay it to the Grand Temple,” Karune said.

“The next issue is regarding the nobles that are illegally exploiting mines owned by the empire,” Belice continued.

“I have already taken care of that myself. I’ll report to you later,” Alexcent said. “It also seems like the Empire’s agricultural technology is being leaked to outside nations. I’ll have to investigate a little closer.”

“That’s not good,” Belice said, frowning. “Karune, I’ll give all of the authority to Sir Skad regarding this issue, so please assist him in any way you can.”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Karune replied.

Alexcent felt good that all the problems that had come up were being solved, and the empress’ position was becoming stronger.

* * *

It’s been two months since he came back, and Alexcent was getting restless.

“Sire, you’re not leaving the palace tonight as well?” Gen asked as he Alexcent handed over some signed documents. “There’s no reason to observe the city constantly. The kingdom has settled, and the parliament is running efficiently. How about taking some rest?”

“I’m fine, but if you wish to take a break, go right ahead,”

Gen let out a low sigh, gave him a short salute and left his office. Alexcent put down his pen the moment he became alone. He simply needed the fresh air to quell the disappointment. He had hoped that she may come back and the fact that she hadn’t made his mind go crazy.

It was better to focus on work. Alexcent stood up and went to the window. He watched the sun glistening over the rooftops of the city and thought of her.

“You’re being pitiful again.” Turning, he saw Belice standing in the doorway.

“What do you mean? I was just resting for a moment.”

“Why don’t you rest at the Skad mansion. You have a place that’s as big and fancy this one, so why are you hanging around here?”

“I’m too busy because it seems someone screwed up quite a bit.” Alexcent said, smiling mischievously.

Belice shook her head and laughed. “Go home and rest today.”

“I’m good.”


“I really am. Why doesn’t Your Majesty go and rest?” They were bickering like little kids again.

“Sir Skad, this is an order. Leave the palace now and rest.”

Alexcent raised his eyebrows in disbelief. He could tell that Belice was going to stand firm.

“You’re not thinking of disobeying me, right?” she said.

“No, Your Majesty.” He rubbed at his eyes, realizing that he truly did need a break and began preparing to return home.


Pon was waiting patiently for his master to come back to the Skad mansion. It seemed like his master was spending much more time in the palace to work. Maybe he didn’t like staying in the mansion because it reminded him of the Lady Amethyst. Pon kept glancing at the drawing room, hoping that Lord Skad would return soon.

As if the Goddess heard his prayer, Alexcent returned, after being away for two months. Pon quickly ran to the door as he heard the carriage arrive.

“Sir, there’s a guest waiting in the drawing room,” he said excitedly without even greeting his master.

“Nice to see you too, Pon.” Alexcent said mockingly. “Someone is here at this hour? I’m not taking any appointments. Send them away.”

Pon just stood there, with a strange joyful smile on his face. “What is it?” Alexcent asked. Then he realized what it could be that made Pon so happy. Alexcent’s heart began to pound as he ran to the drawing room.

He threw the door open with a loud bang. The woman who stood inside, her back to him, jumped in surprise. Then she turned to speak.

“My lord, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for such a long time.”

Every night, a mirage of Amethyst kept visiting him. It disappeared whenever he blinked, but she always came back. Was what he was seeing now a mirage as well? If it was, he just wanted it to disappear for good. He couldn’t stand the torment any longer.

Alexcent blinked his eyes, unable to move. The mirage didn’t disappear. It was really her. He continued to stand in shock, his heart trying to erupt from his chest.

Amethyst tilted her head, wondering why he didn’t say anything, then gave a shy smile and spoke. “I came to make a deal with you. It’s a very good deal. Would you be interested in hearing it?”

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