The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 745 - 745 The Truth About the Birthmark (2)

745 The Truth About the Birthmark (2)

That’s because I’m not old to begin with, dork!

The black-robed man continued, “I heard you gave birth to a daughter.”

I’m that daughter, thank you.

The black-robed man originally suspected that he had made a mistake. After all, the person in front of him was too young and had not changed much from more than ten years ago. However, the other party had always tacitly agreed, so he must have blindly caught the correct person.

The black-robed man’s smile faded as he said, “After escaping for so long, it’s time to go back with me.”

Yu Wan said indifferently, “Back where? Do I know you?”

The black-robed man snorted. “Stop pretending. Don’t think you can escape by killing a Black Envoy.”

What was going on? Yu Wan understood every word, but why was it so incomprehensible when put together?

The black-robed man threatened, “Do you want to come with me yourself, or should I take you by force?”

Yu Wan said coldly, “Try it if you have the ability!”

Asura suddenly released his powerful internal energy, but the black-robed man smiled disdainfully. With a flick of his sleeve, a series of pleasant copper bells sounded.


Asura’s hair stood on end and he ran away!

This was the copper bell that Grandma had used to expel Asura that night. This person actually knew how to—

Something flashed across Yu Wan’s mind.

The black-robed man smiled. “Please, Madam.”

Yu Wan took a step back.

The black-robed man reached out to Yu Wan. Just as he was about to grab Yu Wan’s wrist, Asura, who was chased away by the copper bell, returned. A trace of shock flashed across the black-robed man’s eyes.

Asura hated the copper bell so much. Why was he still willing to come back? Just for this woman?

The black-robed man took out the copper bell again. Asura rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue in disdain, but he did not dodge anymore. Instead, he attacked him.

The black-robed man sneered. He actually could laugh in the face of Asura’s attack. A bad feeling surged in Yu Wan’s heart. As expected, the moment Asura’s hand grabbed the other party’s neck, the other party suddenly took out a whip and whipped Asura.


Asura was in pain.

Yu Wan hurriedly walked forward and held Asura’s arm. She looked at the place where he had been whipped just now as if it had been burned by charcoal.

“What’s going on?” Yu Wan asked.

Asura shrank his head in fear.

The black-robed man stroked the cold whip in his hand. “This is an Asura Whip. It specializes in hitting Asuras, and there’s also the Asura Net.”

As soon as he finished speaking, four black envoys descended from the sky with a huge net. Asura and Yu Wan were caught in the net. Yu Wan’s vision darkened and she fainted.

This kind of net was nothing to ordinary experts, but it was like a needle to Asura. His internal energy was also suppressed. The mania in his meridians surged, and his eyes were red. He was about to lose his mind.

The four black envoys came behind the black-robed man.

The black-robed man stared at Asura, who was protecting Yu Wan tightly in his arms, and said in surprise, “You actually lasted so long.”

The Asura in the Asura Net would often completely lose its rationality in a short while and turn into a trapped beast. However, for some reason, this Asura kept a trace of consciousness.

It had to be known that staying awake in the Asura Net was a very painful and almost impossible thing.

“Hand over Madam,” the black-robed man said.

Asura did not move.

The black-robed man said coldly, “I’ll say it again. Hand over that woman.”

The Ghost Clan also had Asura. The black-robed man was not sure if this was the one who had escaped not long ago. Only Asura could kill Asura, but this did not mean that they could not deal with Asura.

The black-robed man patiently tempted, “I’m not interested in Asura, nor do I want to capture you. Hand over that woman and I’ll let you go.”

Asura refused to hand it over.

“It seems like you want to do this the hard way!” The black-robed man took out the Asura Whip and whipped it fiercely at Asura like a beast tamer.

Every time he whipped him, it was as if a branding iron had run over Asura’s body. However, Asura refused to let go.

Everyone was surprised. They had never seen such a tenacious Asura. He was caught in the Asura Net and had suffered so many whips. He should have been unable to withstand it long ago, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

When the black-robed man was tired of whipping, he threw the whip into his subordinate’s hand and said coldly, “Forget it, take them away too!”


The four black envoys dragged the big net and stuffed the two of them into the carriage.

… .

In Xixia Garden, the old man was sitting in his room writing rapidly. Suddenly, the divination turtle shell beside the inkstone broke with a crack. The old man’s hand that was holding the pen paused and he looked at the door with a complicated expression.

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