The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Beiming Youyu’s Question

Moonlight dimly fell on the three people and faintly outlined their figures. Xue Qilin, Bei Xiaolu, and Beiming Youyu are walking along the brook to the camp.

Probably because they are a little tired, they didn’t talk much along the way. However, after crossing half of the distance, Beiming Youyu suddenly opened her mouth, “Xue Qilin, have you pried into Heaven’s will?”

The question was so abrupt that Xue Qilin made a sound of surprise and stopped, stunned.

“Ha? Idiot, you have pried into Heaven’s will? Bei Xiaolu was shocked, “Hogwash!”

“Wait, you’re really calling me idiot?!”

Judging by the words Xue Qilin blurted out, it seems that she is more concerned about the fact that the other party called her “idiot” than Beiming Youyu’s ambiguous question.

“This old one keeps her promises. What, are you dissatisfied?”

Bei Xiaolu raised her chin and looked scornfully at Xue Qilin.

“Of course I’m dissatisfied! Who likes to be called idiot?” Xue Qilin threatened in anger, “If you call me idiot, then I’ll call you fool!”

“Just you try, see if this old one will beat you up or not! This old one won’t even be able to recognize you after the beating!”

“Let’s do it now, come at me!”

As they quarreled, the two pulled up their sleeves, ready to rumble, all due to the trivial topic of address.

While watching their childish behavior, Beiming Youyu creased her eyebrows, and then relaxed her expression at once and sighed helplessly. She hit them both on the head.

“Can you stop with the nonsense?”

The two clasped the place they were hit and looked at her indignantly. When it seemed like they were going to protest in unison, Beiming Youyu raised he eyebrows, “Are you dissatisfied?” Only after being asked thusly in a playful tone did they shut their mouths.

“Xue Qilin, what’s your answer?”

Beiming Youyu asked for an answer. Xue Qilin blankly tilted her head like a goose and blinked her eyes for a while.

“What answer?”

Seeing that Xue Qilin forgot it this quickly, Beiming Youyu narrowed her eyes and sneered, saying, “I think the way Bei Xiaolu calls you suits you really well.”

“Hey, are you saying I’m stupid?”

“This old one is calling you idiot, you still haven’t accepted it?”

Bei Xiaolu closed his left eye, glanced at Xue Qilin with her right eye, and snorted, saying, “Senior Beiming just now asked you if you have pried into Heaven’s will. For you to forget it so soon, if you’re not an idiot, then what are you?”

Xue Qilin slapped her forehead and spoke abruptly, “Oh, I forgot!” She cast a Beiming Youyu and puzzled look, “Little Fish — cough, Senior Beiming, why do you ask this out of the blue?”

“Call me Little Fish. It’s just an appellation, anyway.”

Beiming Youyu’s tone is flat. However, there is a cryptic shade in her eyes. Whether it is a misconception or not, but Xue Qilin suddenly felt that Beiming Youyu really likes to be called “Little Fish”.

— well, I must be mistaken, right?

Xue Qilin shook her head and tossed the inexplicable feeling away. She doesn’t really believe that Beiming Youyu has such a girly side.

“Xue Qilin, you were practicing swordsmanship by the stream just now, weren’t you?”

Beiming Youyu turned around and pointed to the rear. Xue Qilin looked in the direction the other party is pointing and discovered that the place where she just practiced swordsmanship lies in that direction.

“I did. But how do you know?”


For some reason, Beiming Youyu abruptly stammered, and a faint blush appeared on the spotless face.

What’s the matter? Astonished, Xue Qilin raised an eyebrow, forming the shape of a wave with her eyebrows. At the same time, she heard swishing sounds. She looked curiously at the source of the sounds — behind Beiming Youyu’s buttocks — and found that the other party’s bushy tail is vigorously swinging back and forth.

Rather than saying that she’s excited, it looks more like she’s bashful and has a guilty conscience.

However, Xue Qilin didn’t investigate the other party’s uncharacteristic behavior. She is more concerned about the tail rocking back and forth, feeling as if it is tempting her.

For a moment, Beiming Youyu seems to have become a cat teaser. And Xue Qilin is the house cat being teased. Without warning, she crouched and crept to the back of the martial demon lass.

“Xue Qilin, what are you do –”

As Beiming Youyu asked suspiciously, Xue Qilin couldn’t contain herself anymore and pounced forward. Probably having detected Xue Qilin’s intention, the target disappeared from in front of her eyes with a swish.


In full view of the public, Xue Qilin, who had exerted too much strength, fell flat on her face and cried out involuntarily.

“Beiming Youyu, you set me up!”

Xue Qilin jumped up like a frog, clasped her nose, and protested. When she took a closer look, she found that Beiming Youyu and Bei Xiaolu have revealed dumbfounded expressions.

The two exchanged a blank look, and then Bei Xiaolu burst out laughing.

“Ha-ha-ha, so stupid! Are you really a late-stage Heaven Realm?”

Bei Xiaolu rocked back and forth with laughter and held her stomach.

In contrast, Beiming Youyu is much more reserved. She didn’t laugh. However, her lips noticeably distorted and her eyes filled with a faint smile.

Finally, unable to bear with it any longer, she covered her mouth and issued intermittent laughter.

Her faint smile left Xue Qilin, who was scratching her head in embarrassment, dazed for a moment. Xue Qilin had never seen Beiming Youyu make such a pure smile.

Upon seeing the lass stare at her, Beiming Youyu awkwardly coughed twice and went back to the topic, saying, “Xue Qilin, when you practiced swordsmanship just now…” The look in her eyes became that of scrutiny, “Didn’t you notice anything unusual?”

“Ah, anything unusual?”

Xue Qilin asked in reply, and then stared blankly for a few seconds.

Beiming Youyu nodded, “Yes, was there anything different from normal? Or, have you discovered something that you have overlooked until now?”

Xue Qilin crossed her arms, lowered her head, and frowned, “Hmm…”

In order to have a closer contact with nature, she took off her clothes, and then went into the brook. Through meditation and resonance with the outside world, she felt the aura of life around her. She channeled the spiritual qi that filled the heaven and earth into her body, tempered her spiritual center, and then practiced swordsmanship for a while — everything was carried out according to her usual routine, not much different from the usual. Only the location changed.

So in the whole process, has there been any unusual reaction with the body?

Xue Qilin tried to recall. In the end, she could only come up with “there wasn’t” as the answer. So she raised her head and told Beiming Youyu her answer.

“There really wasn’t?”

Xue Qilin thought for a moment and shook her head.

“It was no different from the usual!”

“Oh… that’s strange.”

Beiming Youyu murmured in confusion.

She creased her delicate eyebrows, looked down, and sank into her thoughts. Xue Qilin tried to call her a few times, but the other party seems to be completely immersed in her thoughts.

“Hey, idiot! This old one is a little sleepy and so will take her leave first!”

Perhaps realizing that what they are discussing is rather sensitive, Bei Xiaolu suddenly said goodbye.

“Eh…” Xue Qilin shifted her gaze from Beiming Youyu to Bei Xiaolu, “Little Lu, you don’t want to go together?”

“Hey, who gave you permission to call this old one ‘Little Lu’?”

Bei Xiaolu glanced at Xue Qilin discontentedly.

“You have something to talk about with Senior Beiming. Besides, this old one isn’t familiar with Senior Beiming. Furthermore, the topic of your conversation is really sensitive. How could this old one to stay here?”

Bei Xiaolu frankly expressed her misgivings.

Thinking that the other party is overthinking things, Xue Qilin uttered, “It doesn’t matter! Let me tell you, Little Fish is really friendly. Unlike the two from just now, she isn’t unreasonable.”

“Although I call you idiot, but who knew that you’re really an idiot? You might think that is doesn’t matter, but it does to me! Besides, I’m hungry!” Bei Xiaolu doesn’t want to argue about this issue anymore. “Anyway, this old one will take her leave! Otherwise, the disciples of this old one’s sect will go around looking for this old one with runny noses!”

Xue Qilin wanted to say something to persuade Bei Xiaolu to stay, but the other party has already turn around.

“Xue Qilin, thank you for the help. This old one will remember your kindness!”

With that, Bei Xiaolu strode in the direction of the camp.


After she mused thusly, Xue Qilin promptly shouted at the back that is getting further away, “Hey, Little Lu, let’s have a meal or something when we have time! We must drink until we’re thoroughly drunk!”

In any case, we have been through adversity together. We should deepen our relationship when a chance present itself. Xue Qilin thought so.

Bei Xiaolu raised her right hand and made a thumbs up.

Is that a positive response? Xue Qilin was a little suspicious, but then decided that the other party gave a positive response.

Before long, Bei Xiaolu’s petite figure disappeared from sight.

Xue Qilin turned to Beiming Youyu again and found that the other party has come back to her senses and is looking in the direction that Bei Xiaolu disappeared, overcome with emotion.

“Xue Qilin, you have a kind of charm about you.

She said this with slight envy.

Upon hearing the other party praise her, Xue Qilin asked a little proudly, “What charm?”

“It seems that you can make friends with anyone… How do I put it. It’s easy to get along with you. There are no barriers.”

Beiming Youyu answered hesitantly.

Xue Qilin roughly understands what she means.

She straightened her back, lifted up her nose, exhaled heavily, and assumed a smug expression.

“That’s probably because I treat everyone equally favorably.”

“Treat everyone equally favorably…”

Beiming Youyu muttered these four words and became absentminded for a short period. After a while, she sighed, “I suppose.”

“Yeah! In other words, I’m the best. Humph humph!”

“Aren’t you being too childish?”

When spoken thusly by a lass who looks only eleven or twelve years old and is even a little shorter than her, anyone else would find a hole and hid inside. However, Xue Qilin puckered her lips disapprovingly.

“What’s wrong with being childish? At least I’m happy with myself!”

“Oh — so you’re a child at heart?”

Beiming Youyu sneered and sat down by the brook.

Seeing the other party take off her shoes and socks and deep her delicate feet in the water, Xue Qilin followed suit. The water is much cooler than expected, yet it is quite comfortable. She let out a breath with enjoyment.

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