Tangled By Fate

Chapter 384 - WHO IS BEHIND THIS?

Chapter 384 – WHO IS BEHIND THIS?

After Betty left, the heavy atmosphere remained in the room.

Arthur stared at Veronica who was covering her face. Her expression was completely hidden behind her hand. 

Catherine hesitantly looked at Ovior. Ovior muttered in annoyance, "Just when I wanted to take a break, things like that always happen."

He looked at Catherine and pointed his finger at the door. He silently told her to get out of the room.

Catherine understood what he meant. She followed him and left the room. She didn't forget to close the door.

"What a mess!" Darius exclaimed. "I have no idea how Arthur will get out of this mess."

"If it was me in Veronica's situation, I would have beaten my rival to death." Zinnia punched her left palm. "Whether that mistress is pregnant or not, no one can have my husband."

Darius stared at her dumbfoundedly. "You don't have a husband," he reminded her.

"I'm just saying. If I had a husband and he cheated on me, that mistress would be dead and I'd lock my husband in the bedroom," Zinnia told them.

Darius shook his head. "I'm so glad I'm not your husband."

"Huh? Who would marry you?" Zinnia retorted.

"Ver cannot hurt other women., Especially not a pregnant woman. Although she has become tougher than before, she is logical and kind. She can never change her kind-heartedness she has been down," Catherine mentioned.

"I hope she won't be hurt by today's event," Felix stated. "I want to live longer."

"I just want this tower to stay in one piece, that's all," Ovior exhaled deeply. "Let's get out of here before someone runs out of here crying her heart's out."

Everyone listened to him and went back to their own rooms. Catherine worriedly started at the tightly shut door before going to Ovior's office.


Meanwhile, in the room, Arthur stared at Veronica for a long time before standing up. He strode toward her and knelt in front of her.

"Nica, you aren't misunderstanding anything, right?" He placed his hands on her knees. His voice was full of concern.

"I didn't do anything with her," he anxiously added. Her silence was scaring him. "You know I've been with you ever since I met you. I never…"

"Arthur, I know you are innocent." Veronica finally removed her hand. Her face was filled with sorrow. 

"Just how many women are going to suffer because of us? This time, an innocent child is coming along. Just think how hard it will be for that angelic being to grow up with a single mother."

Arthur bent his neck and planted a soft kiss on her hands. "It's not our fault, Nica. It's the group of people who came after us even though we didn't harm them."

Veronica asked him, "Who are they, Arthur? I'm pretty sure Louses has no reason to go after the most powerful person in the world. And I've never come across them. They shouldn't have any reason to go after me."

After a pause, she added, "I know you know something but you are hiding it from me."

"Nothing goes past you, does it?" Arthur sat beside her and held her hand. "As we expected, the Queen is behind this. She is vengeful. She wants to take me down because I killed her son."

Veronica believed him and frowned. "Her son was a tyrant. She still has another son. Why is no one stopping her? Why does she have to target you for revenge?"

Arthur replied patiently, "It's because the second prince isn't her son. He was born from the Duke of the North. The King made sure no one found out about it because he wanted his second son who was born from his beloved woman to become the ruler of this kingdom.

"The Queen is the most powerful woman in the noble society. She suffered under the King. Who dares to go against her wrongdoings?"

Veronica didn't hide her feelings. She was astonished by the news. "…. That's news to me. It's a rumor how much she cares for her both sons. I've neve thought this would be the case. That's the reason the King didn't hold any grudge against you but the Queen did."

She anxiously clutched his hand. "She knows my identity. What if she sends a report to Tybu? Saint Ava forbade me to marry a magician. They will come for me if they find out where I am!"

Arthur clenched his fist. "Then let them come. They can't take you against your will. Magicians are more powerful than those human-made weapons. They won't be able to beat us in war."

'I will destroy this planet if someone dares to snatch my princess from me. No one can touch her. No one can have her.' His eyes were burning.

"But I don't want war!" Veronica reacted to his answer. "I want peace! I can't stand people dying because of my selfish desire."

Arthur placed a hand on her shoulder and drew her closer. He wanted to console her.

"It's not your selfish desire. You are living with your husband. This is the most natural thing to do. It's them who are selfish. They don't care about others' happiness. They want to fulfill their desires."

Veronica put her head on his shoulder and inquired softly, "…So, what do you think we should do about the unborn child?"

'Huh? Did I just hear wrong?' Arthur didn't speak his mind.

He carefully asked her, "What do you want to do? It's not like they are related to us."

"That woman doesn't. But the child? We should do something." While keeping her head on his shoulder, she turned her head to look at him.

Arthur licked his lips, tensed about what was planning about the child.

"If you want to bring the child here with Betty and raise him here, people will think we are trying to cover us that child is mine. I won't have that. If any child has the right to grow up here, that's our child."

"…Um… then we can ask her brother-in-law to take care of them," Veronica suggested.

'Even though it was a fake Arthur, it was still part of our duty since we took our time to take care of this mess. We need to make sure the child is safe,' she thought.

Arthur organized his words before saying, "We shouldn't interfere with them by any means. If we do, it'll be like that kid is my illegitimate child. The best thing we can do is to pray for their happiness."

"Huh? But…"

Arthur patted her back and tried to make her understand, "No buts. Listen Nica, I know you have goodwill. But Betty is crazy enough to tear us apart. We shouldn't give her any reason to come between us.

"Also when her child is born, she will understand that it's not mine. Even if those fakes had my face, it doesn't mean they have my characteristics in their blood. So, her child won't resemble me in any way."

Veronica pondered briefly before realizing that his words were logical.

"You are right. I'm being paranoid for nothing. Let's just take a break. I'm sure we made others worried. Let's talk to them."

"Sure, let's go."


"Oh, thank goodness, not another broken heart," Felix sighed in relief.

The couple came to notify them that they were on good terms, no misunderstanding occurred. The group was relieved.

"And here I was packing my bag. I was planning to go on a journey." Darius sat on the couch. "So, what did you guys decide about that Betty?"

"We won't do anything to her. We won't be involved with her," Veronica answered.

"Even so, we can't just stay silent. From my experience, she will come again and create another mess," Zinnia commented.

"If it becomes something big, we will take care of it," Ovior declared.

"If you are planning to kill her mother-child duo then please stop," Veronica retorted. "They don't have to die for making some drama."

Ovior expressionlessly stated, "This 'drama' can destroy your happiness forever. Just because we have you, 'a soft-hearted child', as our Mistress, it doesn't mean we will let you forgive the people who harm us. We have codes and rules to follow.

"And we do it because these extreme crimes should be managed in an extreme way. Not even Arthur can stop us from doing what's proper."

'Is he saying that even though I'm the Mistress I can't pardon a criminal who comes to harm me?' Veronica thought, feeling depressed.

Zinnia placed a hand on Veronica's shoulder. "Don't mind his words. He isn't in the right mind right now. Long ago, people of the Magic Tower pardoned criminals and because of that, they had to suffer later on."

"What happened?" Veronica inquired.

Zinnia answered, "There were blood shades everywhere. Magic Tower lost many magicians from that civil war. From then on, this new rule was added to the book of Magic Tower. 

"We can't show mercy to the criminals or their families. We can't let them have even a tiny bit of opportunity to harm us."

"Oh no!" Veronica covered her face.

"Even if the children are innocent, should we really not spare them?"

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