President Wife is A Man

Chapter 162

When the trio reached the hotel, it was still before dinner time. Yang Shao Yu woke Little Brother Yang up. Little Brother Yang woke up all muddleheaded, wiping away his drool as soon as he sat up.

Father and Mother Yang were still on their way and Elder Brother Yang could only leave the office in a while.

They went upstairs to wait for the others. Since everyone was not present yet, they ordered some tea and snacks while waiting.

Little Brother Yang didn’t have a good meal on board, so he gobbled up all the snacks the moment it touched the table.

Lin Zi Rui poured tea for the three, then ate two pieces of peanuts.

This hotel was very special; there weren’t any compartmental rooms. Instead, there were spaces partitioned out with life-like fake bamboo and vines. 

This elegant and exquisite design made people feel comfortable. Although the outside could be seen through the seams and cracks, it wasn’t too obvious. If the people outside didn’t specially look through it, they would not be able to see the inside. Furthermore, the greenery and natural plants could easily ease the appetite. 

The whole Yang family arrived shortly after and ordered the food. Afterwards, Mother Yang took a good look at Yang Shao Wen, “Just when can you change this style of yours? It’s so ugly.”

“What do you know, Mom? This outfit attracts so much attention. The ladies walking by will always take a few more glances.” Yang Shao Wen liked this sort of clothing. He felt that it looked nice.

Mother Yang couldn’t resist rolling her eyes. Lin Zi Rui saw the gentle Mother Yang’s sudden strange action and blanked out a little. Yang Shao Yu watched him and joked with Mother Yang, “Mom, Zi Rui is frightened by you.”

“Really?” Mother Yang’s face regained its composure.

“Not at all, Mom.” Lin Zi Rui was afraid of bringing Mother Yang embarrassment.

“That’s good.” Mother Yang smiled. “Oh right, you must come home with Shao Yu for New Year’s.” Mother Yang knew about the attitude of Lin Zi Rui’s parents towards him, and couldn’t help feeling heartache for the child.

“Okay. I’ll definitely go home to spend Spring Festival with Shao Yu.” Lin Zi Rui smiled. He inevitably recalled the past New Year’s experiences: Long ago, he would spend New Year’s at home; in recent years, except for the night of the New Year’s Eve, he would always be on shift at the hospital. His brothers would at least give him a call, but…… his parents seemed to be unbothered by his presence or lack thereof. 

“Zi Rui, if you’re not going back for New Year’s, are you going to visit your parents’ side with Shao Yu?” Even though Father Yang knew that Zi Rui’s parents didn’t treat him well, it was still customary to pay respects for parents in the New Year’s.

“There should be no need, they…… might not want to see me. I don’t want to go back either.” Lin Zi Rui lowered his head to sip on his tea.

“Then we won’t go. We’ll go when you feel like meeting them.” Yang Shao Yu held Lin Zi Rui’s shoulder.

“That’s right. If they went back and had to face the same attitude on New Year’s, how sad would that be? It’s better to not go and spend it at home.” Mother Yang approved.

At this moment, the dishes were served. Eldest Brother Yang called out to everyone, “Let’s quickly start eating. I’m all hungry.”

Everyone held their chopsticks, especially Little Brother Yang as he ate with a haste.

In the adjacent room, Mother and Father Lin ordered some dishes. Yet, they didn’t even touch the food. They perked up their ears, listening in on Zi Rui and the Yang family’s conversation next door.

When they heard the suggestion for Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu to visit them, the Lin parents weren’t pleased. They hadn’t even allowed Zi Rui to be with a man. What made Yang Shao Yu think that he could visit them?

However, Zi Rui’s following words instantly caused their expressions to distort. What did he mean by “not wanting to return”?

Mother Yang felt dissatisfaction in her heart. Her face twisted into an ugly expression when she heard Mother Yang’s words. What kind of words were this? Zi Rui’s mood would turn bad when he went back and saw them? What fallacious reasoning.

Father Lin tightly held Mother Lin’s hand. “Don’t get angry first.”

“Don’t be angry? I think that she went overboard with her words. She meant for Zi Rui to not return home.” When Mother Lin said these words, she forgot her own words that she said to Lin Zi Rui when he came out of the closet: The Lin family had no such shameful child like Lin Zi Rui.

Because Mother Lin was too agitated, her voice was a little loud. Lin Zi Rui, at the next door, paused in his action of scooping food. How come he seemed to have heard Mother Lin’s voice?

“What’s wrong? Not to your taste?” Yang Shao Yu noticed that Zi Rui hadn’t eaten much, before he stopped moving his chopsticks.

“Nothing. Let’s eat.” Lin Zi Rui thought that he might have misheard it.

After filling his belly, Lin Zi Rui got up to visit the bathroom.

After relieving himself, he walked back to the room. The door of the room beside him opened. The people walked out. Lin Zi Rui didn’t take notice of them and wanted to walk around them.

But he was blocked. Lin Zi Rui looked at the person blocking him and realised that it was Mother and Father Lin. “Dad? Mom?”

Lin Zi Rui was shocked. He would never expect to meet his parents here.

“Aye, Zi Rui come in quickly.” The wall partitions didn’t close off the sounds. Lin Zi Rui’s voice wasn’t quiet either. With this call of “Dad” and “Mom”, Mother and Father Yang heard it and thought that he was calling them. So they replied, asking Lin Zi Rui to come in.

Mother Lin’s expression twisted further. She eyed Lin Zi Rui, “Come back with me. I have something to say to you.”

“Sorry, I’m unable to go back with you. Someone is waiting for me.” Lin Zi Rui’s attitude was a little distant.

“Don’t tell me that their words are more important than your parents? I forbid you to have any more interactions with that person called Yang Shao Yu.”

“That I can’t do. I’m going in now. You two can do as you please.” Lin Zi Rui’s attitude was just as before.

“Zi Rui?” Yang Shao Yu saw that Zi Rui still hadn’t come in and decided to take a look. He then froze a little when he saw Father and Mother Lin, but quickly recovered. “Take a seat inside.” Saying so, he pulled Lin Zi Rui in.

Father and Mother Lin shared a look and still went in, in the end.

“Have a seat.” Mother Yang noticed the Lin parents and recollected her easy-going appearance she had in front of her family, becoming elegant and imposing.

Father and Mother Lin sat down. Mother Lin looked at Mother Yang, directly opening up the main topic, “I’m here to bring Zi Rui home.”

“I apologise if I sound rude, but I have to remind you. Zi Rui doesn’t wish to go home with you. And you don’t need to be quick to get angry at Zi Rui. After all, the ones who drove Zi Rui out were you guys. That’s where your fault lies. Now you want Zi Rui to go home with you? Why don’t you consider Zi Rui’s feelings?”

Mother Lin was at a loss of words with just these few sentences from Mother Yang.

“The reason we even chased Zi Rui out was because of your son. If Zi Rui hadn’t insisted on being with him, we wouldn’t have kicked Zi Rui out.” Father Lin said, retorting Mother Yang’s words.

Father Yang frowned, “That is even worse. We are Shao Yu’s parents. Even though we hadn’t approved of them in the beginning, we still love our child in the end, so we agreed. How can you two not feel heartache for your own child, and instead insist on making things difficult for him?”

“No outsiders are needed to interfere with our own family’s matters.” Father Lin looked at Lin Zi Rui, hinting for him to follow them out.

Yang Shao Yu embraced Lin Zi Rui’s shoulder tightly.

Lin Zi Rui looked at his father, “I won’t go back with you two.”

Father Lin’s face darkened.

“I just said not to force your child. Why don’t you two reflect on yourselves? Don’t you think that I don’t know about your family’s matters. You two didn’t even show care to Zi Rui since young, only knowing of Lin Le’s presence. Let’s not go into further details. Now you want to force Zi Rui to do something he doesn’t want? How are you even qualified as parents? I can’t watch this any longer. This is too outrageous. You are selfish, heartless, proud and opinionated.” Mother Yang was visibly fuming. This menacing appearance completely overtook her previous elegance.

Father and Mother Lin received Mother Yang’s scolding in a daze, unable to even utter a word, because they were scolded silly by Mother Yang.

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