Please Be Quiet And Take Off Your “Something”

Chapter 82

Chapter 82

Na-Yool replied with a snort.

“Precisely, this is the follow-up story of the original threat. ‘The boss used his power to force a weak and poor employee to sleep with him, sexually abusing her‒”

‒’Abuse’, as if!

Her snort got covered by a bigger snort, shooting down her lame excuse. Na-Yool threw the cleansing tissues in the dustbin and answered calmly.

“I am just saying; it would be in my favor to narrate it like this. In that regard, at least, I have the advantage. So be on guard.”

‒So ultimately, who’s doing the threatening?

“Of course you are, Mr. President.”

‒…Yet aren’t you the one currently threatening me?

A timely sneaky attack. However, Na-Yool still maintained her calm composure.

“Whatever, outsiders will see it as I said it anyway.”

‒Actually, thinking back, you threatened me first at the beginning.

Si-Jin’s apparent lack of concern over who was threatening who unnerved Na-Yool even more. What made him so confident?! It could not be that he trusted her?!

More precisely, he had countered her threat with one of his own, and in the process of blocking one threat with another, a weird additional one had been made out of the blue. [T/N: This takes us back way to the beggining of the story, when Na-Yool threatened to report him for masturbating in front of her, then he turned it against her to coerce her instead. She is now doing the same thing, and so is he. But let’s be honest, they’re just flirting in a weird way here 🙂 ]


…Wait, could he be threatening her with other things? She racked her brain to draw the strands together, almost within her grasp but to no vain. Now she could not even recall anything anymore. Why was it that all she could find in her memory was them having abnormal discussions…? Indeed, nonsensical ramblings are meant to be easily forgotten.

After rummaging through her hazy and somewhat smutty memories, Na-Yool gave up.

…I guess we both just are out of our minds.

And not moderately, but thoroughly so.

“… The first threat is of a different category and circumstance than the current one.”

Her phrasing sounded so grand; no wonder it was received with a mocking yet endearing chuckle. Na-Yool could not even get mad at him.

‒Ah, so it’s a separate case?

“Yes, of course… That thing, in your office…”

‒My dick?

“Not that.”

‒Me masturbating?

His casualness made it sound like ‘dick’ and ‘masturbation’ were synonyms of ‘ice-cream’ and ‘cake’. The audacity of voicing such obscene words as if they instead were sweet ones!

Na-Yool’s face immediately flushed as she answered back.

“Yes, that.”

‒It can’t be that you’re still ashamed of saying the word even now?

Traces of teasing colored Si-Jin’s inquiring tone.

As if. Unyielding, Na-Yool replied by clearly enunciating each sentence.

“My point is, if back then, Mr. President, the issue was that you were masturbating in your office…”

‒The main point is that now we have already banged together a dozen times. I know.

She had finally succeeded in using one obscene word, only to be slapped back with an even dirtier one.

“It is not that I am ashamed, only that I am aware how lewd it is! How many times have I told you not to speak so crudely!”

‒To get you wet, dig in and ejaculate. Whatever you call it, it’s the same thing.

“It is not, to someone with a minimum of common sense.”

‒Ah, so that’s why people always classily call it ‘sex’.

Si-Jin answered in a soft and sweet, understanding tone, without the slightest sarcasm, as if acknowledging that people deal with things in different ways. Like saying, “Oh, so you are like that”.

Really, he only was sweet when saying such vulgar words.

“…How did we end up having such a dirty conversation again?” Na-Yool muttered with remorse.

‒Isn’t it because you are also responsible for our ‘classy sex’?

Classy, my arse. How many more days did it take for them to have a normal intercourse in bed after first having sex in his office?

Although it was odd for anyone to seek class in a sexual intercourse, their relationship was wide of the mark to find even a speck of it.

‒Half stakes put in this relationship are yours, so what’s the use of washing your hands off after so long? Just accept it.

“…If you know that I resolutely cannot accept such vulgarity, then it is time for you to give up your innate lecherous mindset.”

‒Thanks to you, I already gave up everything I could. Is there anything left for me to surrender?

“Where is this coming from?” Na-Yool’s voice was filled with genuine incredulity. Si-Jin answered as if struck with even greater astonishment.

‒How kind and well-behaved I’ve been these days…

“—Excuse me?”

‒I can’t understand how you would not know.

“What are you saying…”

Compared to the beginning, he had indeed significantly settled down. Still, not to the extent that he could boast about it with his own mouth!

‒Ah, I do have a decisive example to prove myself.


‒Even now, you don’t know that my boy is up, do you?

The confession was so unexpected, Na-Yool almost nodded in acknowledgment. Right, I didn’t know… Because usually, who would get an erection in the middle of an unrelated and casual discussion… Lost in thought, she belatedly snapped awake at the ‘hard’ and hurriedly refuted him.

“…What the heck, now I know!”

‒But you didn’t. See, how I’ve been filtering my words nowadays…

“Now that I know, what’s the point! And why, so suddenly, getting up…”

‒I easily get hard. Didn’t you know?

Si-Jin was weirdly treating it like Na-Yool was the only person oblivious to this fact. What was even weirder was that she almost complied with it.

“I know. I know, but—” What the hell do I know! I know nothing of this filthy act, nothing… As she swallowed the following words along with an absurd scoff, Na-Yool turned solemn.

“—I don’t need to know it has reached that point.”

‒I think you want to know, though. And see it, too.

“Not at all.”

‒Now that you know, you want to see it, don’t you? How tall you made it stand.

He talked of his unrestrained naughty thing as if talking about an absolutely harmless and cute little animal. Like when people would ask, “Don’t you want to see the little rabbit you left behind last time” or “The puppy wants to see you”.

Though Na-Yool had no rabbit or puppy and hence had never heard such words.

“…Please don’t conveniently lump me together as the same kind of beast you are.”

‒Besides, it’s been a while since you last saw it.

“Three days is usually not considered a long time.”

‒Four days.

Si-Jin even had the leisure to be accurate.

“What does it matter… Really, I can’t believe you are doing such a filthy thing as masturbating.”

‒I didn’t.

“That thing right now, it is filthy. That…”


“If you understand, just keep it in your heart. No need to say it out loud.”

‒I didn’t make it stand; you did.

“I did not!”

‒It’s even more vicious if you don’t know.

Or maybe she was a natural at it.

This muttering, although usual coming from Si-Jin, was instead vicious. Na-Yool furrowed her brows.

“I don’t need to see to know that you are, once again, by yourself in an ill-suited place, your disgusting thing pulled out—”

‒ —It’s zipped up, no worries.

For now, Si-Jin added, his voice infused with wild naughtiness. In contrast to his crazed desire, there was in Na-Yool’s voice not a hint of excitement about hearing about his boner.

“No, you probably did something lewd. I am sure of it. Right? And then, you called me on purpose, to listen to my voice to do something more perverted—”

‒Don’t twist the truth. If I had got it up myself like you say, I would have already cleanly jerked it all off before calling you.

“That’s what is filthy. That. It cannot be ‘clean’.”

‒Don’t be disappointed, we’ll try that next time when I have more free time.

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