Only Sense Online

Volume 11 Afterword


To you whom I meet for the first time, to you whom I meet again after a while - hello. I’m Aloha Zachou.

I want to say great thanks to those who take this book in your hands, to the editor-in-charge O-san, yukisan-sama who prepares wonderful illustrations for this work, as well as you who read my work on the net ever since before it has been serialized at a publisher’s. Currently, OSO series has the side story, Silver Muse, serialized in the Dragon Magazine, and there is also a serialized comic version drawn by Hani Kuraun. You can watch Yun and others’ actions in comic version, as well as see cute and cool stories not included in the main novel. By all means, please take it in your hands.

The content of volume 11 is revised version of what was previously published on the web with newly-written content.

The newly-written content was the gathering quest at the Wyvern Mountain Range, the part inside Grand Rock’s internal dungeon which I left be and never finished - including the NPC’s appearance, as well as the first-time appearance of the new town in the North. All such things were added in consultation with the editor-in-charge O-san, that we had over phone.

I am very grateful to O-san who has joined me on consultation up until late night.

As we were discussing with such O-san, we thought that locations of where volume 11 takes place in OSO, where dungeons’ locations are, are hard to place and decided to add a simple map.

When I look at it like this, I did not realize it before, but there seems to be plenty of empty space all over. I intended to expand the world as various events progressed, but I ended up realizing there was a bias on one side.

In consultation with O-san, we shared our ideas and think that it might be a good idea to publish a map in the next volume.

Please take care of me, Aloha Zachou, from now on as well.

Lastly, I would like to once again thank all of you readers, who have taken this book in your hands.

I look forward to meeting you again.

December 2016, Aloha Zachou

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