National School Prince Is A Girl

Chapter 1782 - We Are The Champion!

Chapter 1782: We Are The Champion!

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Xue Yaoyao watched them from backstage. Her fingers were trembling.

The image paused on the youngster’s face.

She didn’t have silver-hair anymore. However, when she placed her hands in her pocket and smiled handsomely, she looked the same as the first time they met.

Xue Yaoyao felt that she would never forget the moment when the youngster turned her head and said, “Yaoyao, let’s play competitions together, shall we?”

Before she met this youngster she was weak, timid, and fat. She was like a good-for-nothing.

Sometimes, she found it unfair. Why were dark moments so hard to endure?

After she met this youngster, she understood that every human would have to go through the night.

Walking in the night sky with a dragon blade in her hand. That was what she should do.

Even if she was a lady, she could have a hero dream.

Like now, she was wearing a word on her back. China!

Her aura when she lifted her head and looked at the camera didn’t change at all.

Up to this day she wondered if those people that said they liked the youngster would understand.

It didn’t matter what her hair color was, what her earring color was, or whether she was sucking a lollipop in her mouth.

The most important thing was, the glint in her extremely black eyes was still there.

At this moment, the other battle teams in the area didn’t care about the China team. After all, in the National League, China’s result wasn’t conspicuous.

As a player that got chosen for the first match, Bo Jiu didn’t feel uneasy at all. She sat in front of the computer and wore her earpiece with her slender fingers. Her fair skin and her angular face complemented her black hair and made her look devilish and handsome.

She leaned back slightly and placed her hand on one side. Her jawline was beautiful.

Then, the other people took their seats too. They adjusted their computers and the screens lit up.

Everyone was holding their breaths. Even Zhao Sanpang clenched his fists nervously.

At this moment.

Qin Mo’s voice sounded in everyone’s earpiece. “Don’t forget that we’re representing China this time.”

He looked sideways. His angular face always gave people a noble and elegant feeling, but there seemed to be something burning in his eyes.

It was the ambition of a man. He wanted the China flag to fly in this arena.

Instantly, Zhao Sanpang felt calmer and more composed.

Even though the environment was very noisy.

It felt as though everything turned silent when it reached Qin Mo. What was left was the crux of the competition.

They wanted to win!

“Are you ready?” Qin Mo asked through the earpiece.

No one replied to him. Their connection had already been established.

Qin Mo placed his left hand on the keyboard. His gaze turned dark and he said, “Let’s go.”

It was just two words, but it ignited something in everyone’s hearts.

The hot-bloodedness buried in the depth of their hearts exploded in an instant!

The shadows of the bunch of youngsters appeared in the audience’s eyes.

They were wearing their team jackets and earpieces. Every time they moved their mouse, it knocked into their hearts.

The competition started.

Ban chose his hero.

Besides those people that traveled all the way here from China, no one felt that this young battle team could win. They were just waiting for a show.

However, when the silver light flashed through the big screen.

People started to realize why they came.

How could there be a team like this?

They rode against the wind, but they were never disheartened.

Everyone could carry the team. When one person was targeted, another person would stand up.

The Mid Rao Rong’s divine predictions allowed him to take over the entire race!

Xiao Jing in the upper lane evaded multiple attacks and ensured consistent output.

Qin Mo used his Three Thousand Knife Cutting to clear out his territory and protect their base.

Spade Z went to fight the dragon and exchanged all her items to snatch the dragon at her limit.

They stood here because they wanted to tell the world.

China, this year, came to be the champion!

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