Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook)

Chapter 485

Chapter 485: So There Actually Existed Such a Beautiful Man in the World

"He was with me just earlier…" After Tang Doudou said that, she felt that things were off and hastily shoved the child into Baili Yu's arms. "Something's definitely off with Xiao Bai. I'm going to go find him!"

"Do you know where to look?" asked Baili Yu.

However, Tang Doudou had already run outside. She shouted, "He's definitely in Bai Courtyard!"

Baili Yu smiled, then looked back down to start teasing little Jiangfeng . "Jiangfeng? It really is a good name…"

"How the hell is it good?" Su Yi jumped in through the window. "Say, Baili Yu, how did you become so generous all of a sudden? When Mu Ye said that he wanted to wait until the girl came back, you didn't even say a word and immediately threw him out. How did your personality change entirely when it came to Bai Feiyun?"

Baili Yu gently patted little Jiangfeng and examined his features that were practically identical to his. He then looked up towards the direction Tang Doudou had disappeared in. "It's not the same."

Su Yi knew what he meant and shrugged without saying anything else. After all, it wasn't his business.

Tang Doudou ran out of Plum Garden and headed straight towards Bai Courtyard.

The magnolia trees in Bai Courtyard were growing beautifully. At this time, white blossoms of pure white flowers adorned the branches.

It had probably been a long time since anyone had come to this courtyard. There were countless flower petals and leaves from last autumn on the ground, making the footing slightly soft. The moment Tang Doudou entered the courtyard, she saw the trail of strikingly clear blood.

Following the trail, she found Bai Feiyun sitting in the courtyard under a tree.

He had fallen over and a few petals had settled on him.

"Xiao Bai," called Tang Doudou as she walked over to help him up.

However, Bai Feiyun's eyes were tightly closed and his face was deathly pale. He wasn't breathing and he had no heartbeat. He had already passed away.

Tang Doudou's head was blank. She just felt very flustered. She didn't know what to do and just continued to call: Xiao Bai, Bai Feiyun…

After a long time, her voice had become hoarse from calling his name, but Bai Feiyun never woke up. Tang Doudou gradually came to terms with the fact that he had passed away. However, other than crying, other than regretting, there was nothing she could do.

In the end, Baili Yu rushed over with little Jiangfeng and sighed when he saw that Tang Doudou was about to pass out from crying. "Doudou, a person that's passed away can't be brought back. Let's hurry and bury Bai gongzi so that he can rest in peace!"

"Why? Why would it be like this? He had clearly been fine, everything had been fine. Why would this suddenly happen? Should I not have come back? If I didn't come back, would he have lived?" Tang Doudou spoke incoherently as she turned to look at Baili Yu for answers.

Baili Yu walked through the falling petals to Tang Doudou. "This isn't your fault. It's the road he chose, just as you've chosen to come back. Every person makes their own choices. No one is to blame, and no one can be blamed."

"Then what about you?" Tang Doudou suddenly recalled something and abruptly turned around to shout at Baili Yu, "You weren't willing to cure the Hoarfrost Poison! Was that also your choice?"

This question made Baili Yu freeze. He called, "Doudou…"

"Don't call my name!" Tang Doudou looked up towards the sky. It was starting to drizzle. She muttered, "What crappy choices. When you guys were making choices, did you guys think about other people? Did you guys ever think about what would happen to me once you guys were gone?

"All you guys care about is yourselves. You only think about what you want to do, you never think about what would happen to me! Why? Xiao Bai? Why did you have to be like this too!?"

"Doudou…" Baili Yu moved his lips, but he didn't know what to say. Everything Tang Doudou said was true, but they also had their own difficulties. If Bai Feiyun hadn't given up his life to cure Tang Doudou, then Tang Doudou would've died.

At that time, he hadn't known whether Tang Doudou was still alive or not, nor had he known that Bai Feiyun had cured her poison. The reason he didn't cure his own poison was also for Tang Doudou. He wanted to leave her a trace of hope.

However, plans were never able catch up to unexpected changes. Bai Feiyun had died, and he didn't have long left either.

He knew that Tang Doudou definitely also understood that they had done this for her, that she had only said these things because she was too hurt. Once she calmed down, she would come to understand everything.

However, unexpectedly, Tang Doudou didn't calm down quickly this time. On the island, after spending so much time with Bai Feiyun, although she didn't have any romantic feelings towards him, she gradually found him to be like family. After Bai Feiyun had helped her deliver little Jiangfeng , this feeling became even stronger. She couldn't accept the reality that right after she had reunited with Baili Yu, she lost Bai Feiyun.

In addition, since she was also sad about the fact that Baili Yu didn't have long either, she fell into a strange cycle of never wanting to wake up. Sometimes when she went to sleep, she wouldn't wake up for several days.

Baili Yu became anxious when he saw this and couldn't even be bothered to look after little Jiangfeng , so in the spur of the moment, he tossed him to Su Yi.

Su Yi grumbled complaints, then decided to take little Jiangfeng to Cloud City. He told them to sort out their own matters before going to look for his grandson and if they couldn't sort things out, then he'll just raise this grandson!

Baili Yu naturally wouldn't agree to this, but Su Yi just took advantage of a time when Baili Yu went to check on Tang Doudou to kidnap little Jiangfeng and leave.

"Doudou, hurry and wake up! Su Yi has taken our child! Could it be you can bear to have our child be bullied by Su Yi?"

Baili Yu seriously didn't know what to do and could only keep talking to her in hopes that she'd hear him.

However, Tang Doudou didn't wake up. Even when her eyes were open, she didn't react to any external stimulus.

Baili Yu was out of ideas. He then recalled that he had promised to travel the world with her and take her to see all the beautiful sceneries there were, so he decided to start traveling with her until his very last moment.

In reality, he didn't know how much longer he'd be able to live either. He didn't know when would be the next time the poison would flare up, but he couldn't be bothered to worry about it anymore.

He had already dissolved the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce and Plum Garden was the last courtyard he had left. There weren't many people that were still following him. Jun Xin was still lying in that place of extreme cold, but they had gotten news of a blood core stone and Yiling had gone to look for it. She would definitely be able to get it soon. With Master there, Jun Xin will definitely wake up.

As for Yun Hai, he had disappeared after Lan Jia was defeated.

The four large clans had dissolved. After Xiao Siyuan found out the truth of the matter and that it had been Xiao Qian who sold out his parents back then and caused their deaths, he cut off all ties with the Xiao family and joined the martial arts alliance with Xiao Yi. Following that, he was elected as the martial arts alliance head.

Under his lead, the martial arts alliance gradually got back on the right track and broke off relations with Cloud City. Su Yi, due to Mu Ye's persuasive words and worry that the person he revived wouldn't be the real Jun Yuner, gave up on reviving Jun Yuner and allowed Mu Ye to bury her corpse in Dream Mountain. He said that this time, he'll go back to Cloud City and stay there until he died even though he didn't know how long he'd still live.

After Lan Jia died, the Seven Great Saint Tribes slowly dispersed and each group went to find their own place in the world to live in seclusion.

As for their Ninth Uncle, he had actually been Lan Jia. After he died, Baili Yu had people send enough necessities to the sinkhole, then completely cut off relationships with that clan.

After Lan Jia died, all his burdens had also been set down.

Everything had finally settled.

Spring went, autumn came. In the blink of an eye, five years had passed.

Once again, winter was approaching. This year there was a lot more snow than before. They woke up to a thick blanket of snow this particular morning and it mixed with the fragrant plum blossoms to make a beautifully white world. Meng Yu, who was watching over the stove, couldn't help but sigh in admiration at this scene, then she heaved a long sigh.

Ye Chuan, who was standing next to her, blew on his hands and rubbed them together. When he heard her sigh, he asked, "Meng Yu, why are you sighing all of a sudden when things are perfectly fine?"

Meng Yu rolled her eyes at him and said quietly, "Fine? How is it fine? It's already been five years, but Doudou still hasn't woken up yet!"

Ye Chuan turned around to glance towards the two figures leaning against each other in the pavilion as he quietly corrected Meng Yu, "It's Madame."

"Shoo! I like calling her Doudou and she likes for me to call her that too! Speaking of which, didn't you refuse to acknowledge Doudou's status before? Why did you change your mind now?" Meng Yu glanced at Ye Chuan. Her gaze no longer contained the infatuation that was once there because they had already gotten married. Once something has already been obtained, one naturally didn't feel as strong of a desire as back when it was still out of reach.

Ye Chuan laughed. "That was before, before. Now is now. They can't be discussed on the same level."

Meng Yu tsked, then turned back to the pot. She sighed again as she looked at the fish hotpot. "Every year, Master would return here on Winter Solace to have me make this fish hotpot so that when Doudou wakes up, she could eat something hot and tasty. However, it's already been five years. Five entire years! That little master of ours can probably already run around and call out for his mother, but she still hasn't woken up. Hey, Ye Chuan, say, what illness do you think she has?"

Ye Chuan scratched his head. How would he know?

All he knew was that back then, Tang Doudou had happily ran back, then hastily ran out again. When she returned, she had already become like this.

Meng Yu hadn't really expected for him to answer her. She stirred the soup, thinking that this hotpot was probably going to turn into chunks of ice again this year. She couldn't help but find it a pity. She was just about to say that since no one will be eating it, Ye Chuan should bring it back for his brothers when she heard a voice that seemed to descend from the sky.

"Wah! It's snowing? It's so beautiful!"

This remark stunned everyone, near and far, guarding from the shadows and in the open.

Meng Yu's spatula dropped into the hotpot. She looked towards Ye Chuan incredulously and asked, "D-d-did you hear that?"

Ye Chuan was also dumbstruck. "I-I…"

"That smells so good! Is that fish hotpot?" The clear voice spoke again. Meng Yu instantly got up in delight and looked over towards the pavilion.

On that side, the two that were originally leaning against each other had moved apart. The thick fox fur coat had fallen to the ground. The person dressed in red was still sitting, but the person in white was standing and leaning over to look at him. The wind swept their hair up and entangled it slightly.

The eyes of the person sitting were filled with surprise and joy.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the person standing were pure like that of glass. She grinned. "So there actually existed such a beautiful man in the world!"

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