It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 1482 - Why Did It Appear?

Chapter 1482 Why Did It Appear?

Lord Qian snorted coldly. Suddenly, a wave of starry light started to cascade on the swamp. The moon hanging in the night sky grew significant larger as it moved to station behind Lord Qian

It was just as she expected! Ling Lan immediately understood what was currently happening. The Ying and Yang symbols in her eyes spun even faster to eventually become deep and dark whirlpools.

The title Lord Qian had was ‘The Sun, Sky and Stars’. The domain concept he had awakened was also ‘The Sun, Sky and Stars’. The Sun, Sky and Stars were considered the root of all concepts in the ancient times. Undoubtedly, the concept Lord Qian had awakened was the one of the most powerful concepts.

“Unseal!” Ling Lan said in her own mind. A snowflake symbol suddenly imprinted itself onto her smooth forehead. Her black short hair quickly grew longer and turned silver in an instant.

Lord Qian’s eyes narrowed when he saw what had happened.

Others might not know what it meant, but someone like him, who had reached the god-realm, knew exactly what the change represented.

He couldn’t control the immense amount of jealousy inside of him. The stars from the starry sky suddenly lit up and quickly mixed in with the other light sources attacking Ling Lan.

The star power forcibly pushed Ling Lan back by one step.

“Double Unseal!”

Just as Ling Lan was about to succumb under the assault of the starry light, she decisively activated the imperial realm ultimate technique she had learned.

The snowflake symbol on her forehead turned black and filled Ling Lan’s entire forehead. Soon, a layer of ice armor appeared on Ling Lan’s body, along with a large pair of crystal-clear ice wings.

The wings of ice flew her towards Lord Qian’s direction. The light sources moving towards her suddenly stopped as though they were being controlled. They stopped before Ling Lan’s body and couldn’t move forward any further.

“You actually acquired it!” Lord Qian’s eyes grimly stared at Ling Lan’s forehead. There was no longer any hesitation in his eyes.

This person must die!

Lord Qian had completely realized that if this world actually had a child chosen by god, then this young man in front of him was that person. He had received too much from god. There was so much that Lord Qian couldn’t control his jealousy and was green with envy. He hated Ling Lan so much that he wanted to kill her.

Profound Dao! The end goal of all Dao was this. The goal he had been thristing for his entire life was easily received by this young man standing before him. What was even more annoying was that it seemed as though this young man didn’t understand how lucky he was. How could he not hate him for it?

“It?” Ling Lan was perplexed for a moment. She had already felt the change in Lord Qian’s presence, symbolizing the start of a life-changing fight.

Sensing Lord Qian’s gaze on her forehead, Ling Lan touched her forehead with her left hand. He meant this symbol?

Although Ling Lan didn’t understand why Lord Qian’s killing intent suddenly rose, this symbol definitely wasn’t as simple as it seemed if Lord Qian put so much of his attention on it.

She initially thought the change in outer appearance was because of her technique so she didn’t make a big deal out of it. However, from Lord Qian’s attitude and behavior, she quickly realized it was important.

“Why does it appear?” asked Ling Lan.

Lord Qian smiled angrily, “You think I will tell you?”

“Why not?” Ling Lan said calmly. She asked as if she was right and responded as though he should tell her.“Heh heh heh… If you still have a breath left in you before you die, perhaps I will tell you!” Lord Qian laughed coldly.

The number of fingers Lord Qian was pointing at Ling Lan got increased to five, and it brought along the pressure of the entire Mount Tai against Ling Lan.

This was an attack that combined all of Lord Qian’s star and moon power.

Ling Lan’s eyes locked and similarly changed to using her full hand, ruthlessly pushing towards Lord Qian. At the same time, the large wings of ice behind her flapped towards Lord Qian’s direction with no hesitation.

Bang! The shapeless energies clashed against one another.

Ling Lan groaned in pain. At the end of the clash, she could no longer control her body as she was forced back by one large step. The ice armor and the large wings behind her began to crack. The cracks became larger and larger before shattering in the end to become tiny ice shards. A streak of blood also flowed down from the corner of her lips.

Despite Ling Lan activating her ice element domain completely with the power of the Ying and Yang symbol, she still couldn’t completely block this attack which caused her to sustain internal damage.

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