How to Survive as the Wife of The Monster Duke

Chapter 100

Chapter 100

It wasn’t without evidence. The Delrose knights in Elo’s territory never caused trouble and instead worked tirelessly to guard the people and made sure to avoid places that made the maids uncomfortable.

Additionally, for Delrose, they would be able to obtain information on the other family’s unknown territory and maybe even find out important things like where Elo’s second stronghold was and how big it was. Even so, they were okay with not getting any information as even Delrose receiving the precedent of entering another family’s territory was a huge benefit.

That wasn’t the only thing Ilyin ordered, she had given an even more secretive order, ‘Make sure to keep a good eye on those who had followed us from the warm region.’

Those who attacked them on their way back and were thought to have frozen to death due to Aden’s Divine Power were surprisingly still alive. They were awaiting Aden’s questioning at the Delrose-owned basement cell. They didn’t carry anything that could identify them, but Aden could tell from their skin tone and their mannerisms that they were from winter.

Ilyin thought the same. From the pale skin that grew up without seeing any sun to being able to handle the April cold that no one from the warm region could without the help of the Blue North’s cloth, they were definitely from the winter.

The question was from which family they came. Aden was soon going to find out once he got back.

“Ma’am, here’s the report of all the information Sir Emil has been able to collect so far.”

It was that night that Ilyin got a secret message from the seventh floor. Ilyin, who was wearing a light blue robe, smiled awkwardly at the tap at her door. She was holding the map of the winter region she sometimes went through before going to sleep.

“It’s quite late… Would it be okay?” the knight asked Etra, who stood guard outside Ilyin’s doors.

Etra was now well versed in Ilyin’s schedule. As she came from where the sun always rose and the resources were plenty, she had no problem being active late at night.

“This needs to be reported. I will prepare.”

Etra, who entered after knocking, was surprised at Ilyin’s clothes.

“Oh my, ma’am. You’re sleeping early tonight.”

It seemed like Ilyin wasn’t aware that she changed into her robe. She smiled softly, “I’m a little tired.”

“Ah, then I’ll tell them to come tomorrow,” Etra bowed and quickly left. Ilyin wanted to stop Etra as they had come all the way to her so late at night but found she was unable to as fatigue had sunk deep in her bones.

The Delrose maids came in soon after and tidied up Ilyin’s bed as if Etra had sent them. She was certain that Etra ordered them as she could probably tell that Ilyin was too tired. By the time Etra returned, Ilyin was already asleep. She had the mobile from the warm region on top of her head. Etra tidied up her blanket and quietly left the room.


Ilyin was standing in the middle of winter. It was a dream. Ilyin looked down at her hands. This time the mobile in them. She looked down at it for a while and when she looked up she could see the Elo territory again. The Wall of Light still looked strong.

“Your Majesty, it’s hard to catch up to the Yesters with the northern wind.”

It was Idith’s voice. Ilyin turned around happily. She was happy to see Idith, but it was the person who he was reporting that she really wanted to see. Through the strong snowstorm that painted everything white, she could see his thick black hair. His dark blue eyes were clearer and cleaner than before.

“We’re not chasing them.” He examined Elo’s wall after receiving Idith’s short report. It looked like he was looking at the surrounding trail left thanks to the snow.

“I see why they called in such hurry,” his voice was calm and clear despite the scene in front of him.

Even from Ilyin’s perspective, she could see quite a bit of trace left by the Yesters. Scratches that looked like from sharp claws. They seemed to have scratched the wall so much that there were traces of blood in some places. Aden, who looked at the snow traces, turned his gaze to the back of Elo’s territory. Over the clear Wall of Light was a vast field of snow.

He quickly made his way there. Ilyin knew that he was headed to the place where she told him she saw the person with deep violet eyes.

“Your Majesty?” Idith was flustered at his sudden movement as he quickly tried to catch up.

“Be prepared to use your sword,” Aden spoke quietly as his eyes scanned the landscape. Idith gulped as he nodded. He was not sure what he was looking out for.

“I’ll call the other knights,” Idith said in a low voice.

“No, just the two of us should be fine.”

He easily deflected Idith’s worry. Idith was about to say something when Aden put his finger on his lips.


Was it possible for a human to move without trace on snow? Ilyin felt like she finally found the answer for that question. Aden moved with great stealth and speed as he headed to the back of the Wall of Light. Idith also followed suit without making a sound.

Ilyin, who was dreaming, was able to move a little faster than them. She couldn’t help but look at them in concern.

She moved one step forward and immediately arrived at the place she wanted to. She was on top of the hill from where the entire Elo territory could be seen.

And there on top, she met the being with violet eyes. The person with long white hair looked like he was staring down at the hill.

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