History at the Library

Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Always a Happy Ending (12)

Vivian flinched at the cold, clingy touch. The place, which had been suffering all night, was swollen, but the swelling went down and the pain began to disappear before the gel under treatment melted.

Aiden opened the folds and penetrated a gel-coated finger into it. She thought he was applying it all over, but at some point, Vivian tightened the inner wall tightly and groaned, and constantly touched it. She shivered as she grabbed the sheets.

“Hm, ahh……! Don’t press it hard!”

“You need water to make it easier to treat.”

“I’ve never heard of such a treatment before… eh!”

As expected, the rebuttal did not work. As he bowed his head, he saw quite a few years of hair trickling down. The neat entrance that appeared through the cracks in the hair were all over the place with blatant excitement.

He came all the way here, but it’s funny to take it out. Vivienne murmured to herself as if she had already been completely taken over and reluctantly let it go.

Of course, Vivian revealed as much as Aiden did. Well, in many ways, it meant match made in heaven.

With his head up, Aiden read a tacit permission from her blurred purple eyes.

“Well, I think this will heal you deep down.”

He pulled down his pants and already stretched to the limit, grabbing the twitching stuff and pouring gel over it. It seemed dangerous in many ways when the scarring was added to the clingy gel.

He quickly finished preparing and climbed on top of her and kissed her white shoulder. Vivian grabbed his shoulder and his member tried to dig between the petals of the flower.

There was no pain at all, perhaps because of the gel that had the magic of treatment, even though it hadn’t been released enough. Rather, it seemed to stretch with elasticity.

Vivian’s eyes widened at the first sense she felt despite the numerous relationships she had with him. The object that touched the entrance of her vag*na came in as if it were being sucked in as he pushed forward. Originally, the chemistry was perfect, but today it was too much.

“Haaah! Now, wait. Aiden, Hak…!”

He just pushed it in, but her whole body was twisted.

Whenever he intentionally pressed down on the cl*tors, Vivian shook her eyes tightly. She felt as if all the senses were concentrated there. She groaned and cried until she came. She already felt like she was going to break into a cold sweat.

And the same was true of Aiden, who was about to break out in a cold sweat.

“Do you think you’ve been cured?”

“Ugh… ”

“From the reaction, I think it’s okay.”


He spoke with a relaxed look and raised his back. As he began to move roughly, there was a tremendous sound coming from the inside, mixed with ghastly juice and gel.

Because of the gel filled with quality, it opened smoothly when pushing it to the root, and when pulling it out, it seemed to tighten tightly to the inner wall. Vivian covered her face even when she groaned, as her face seemed to turn red just by the squeaking sound.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Huh! Ah!”

Aiden sternly removed the hand and threw a smothered kiss on her restless, groaning, plump lips. She would suck and bite her tongue until it chomped. In the meantime, he couldn’t stop digging, spitting out a pent-up groan on his lips and shedding tears. The bed fluctuated in the hectic movement, and the sheets that had already been there were wet again.

As if she had met a storm, she was filled with joy that was overflowing with joy.

Vivian tightened the inner wall, hugging him tightly, feeling her head empty. Her vagina, irrespective of her will, swallowed his stuff and Aiden paused with a low groan.

At this rate, she thought he might push her harder.

It was necessary to calm down a little.

“Ha… Vivian.”

He lifted her trembling, hugged her, and said, she caught her breath for a moment.


Vivian, who had already felt her peak once, asked in a languid voice. The eyes were full of water that couldn’t run down. Aiden somehow felt sorry for her struggling, so he thought he should pay more attention to foods that could strengthen her stamina. If she had heard, she would have retorted to think about the cause.

He patted his small back in one hand. She remembered to talk about everyday things.

“This new manuscript has a happy ending.”

“My novels always do.”

“Am I a happy ending to Vivian?”

“Why not the beginning, but the ending?”

“Because the first and the last would be me.”

“Oh, my God.”

Vivian grinned as if she couldn’t stop him.

“It’s just…”

She was trying to answer thoughtlessly when she recalled what Aiden had been doing so far.

A man who was branded as sinister from the moment he was born and had no choice but to chase the darkness. A child who has grown up without even knowing that it is not common in a life of misery.

And she remembered her life. The sadness of the day when one moment she was orphaned and taken to the streets.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

It was pain and unhappiness that could not even be remembered for each other, but it was definitely happier today than yesterday and tomorrow than today. When it fell to the bottom, it was dark everywhere, but it wasn’t forever, but they lived, so they could meet.

She can confidently call it the most precious meeting of her life.

“I’m happier than anyone right now.”

It was a happy ending.

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