He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured

Chapter 283

Chapter 283


The dwarf listened silently, knowing that they were going to start assigning personnel again. He raised his hands high and said loudly, “I will also go to find His Royal Highness.”

“You?” The head of the mercenary group looked at the dwarf up and down. His impression of the dwarf was that last time he drank alcohol, which delayed their trip for half a day, “What class of warrior are you?”

The dwarf straightened his back and took out a magic short staff, “What you didn’t know is that, I’m a fourth-class gold magician.”

The head of the group was not familiar with the race of dwarves. He really didn’t expect him to be a magician. He nodded after a little surprise, “Well, if you can protect yourself, I agree to take you with me.”

Hearing the words, the dwarf put away his magic wand. He thought about finding some treasures on the way searching for Xi Ning. Last time he came with a few companions, however they only had a few people and had no choice to leave early, but it was different with the mercenary group.

At the lakeside, when everyone discussed who should escort Ferro and the Red Frost Flower back. The giant crocodile in the lake slowly approached the shore at this time, eyeing the crowd.

The dwarf was almost eaten by it the last time he came, and he had lingering fears about it. From time to time, he looked into the lake and when he noticed the crocodile’s action, he shouted in horror, “It’s here! It’s here! It came back again!””

The head of the mercenary group had already expected this would happen, this giant crocodile did not dare to approach them when Lin An was around. He clenched the hilt of the sword, not letting go of the turbulence on the lake, and said in a relaxed tone, “Aren’t you a fourth-class magician? What are you afraid of?”

The dwarf hid behind and said stubbornly, “Who said I was afraid, I’m just reminding you!”

The head of the mercenary group no longer wanted to argues back, and ordered his subordinates to throw a few water bombs to force the giant crocodile to the shore. This beast moves at an average speed, but his skin is very thick. It took a while to kill it completely. Fortunately, only a few people were slightly injured.

After instructing his subordinates to take the crystal core of the giant crocodile and some tender meat, the head of the mercenary group reluctantly gave up the remaining corpses. The giant crocodile skin is also a good thing, but time is pressing, “Let’s leave first, the smell of blood will attract other beasts.”

Sure enough, there was the roar of the wild beast in the distance, and everyone didn’t dare to delay any longer, they quickly packed up their things and left.

When Xi Ning woke up, he felt in a daze that he was being held by someone while walking. He moved slightly, and the person holding him stopped.

Lin An was very anxious, thinking about whether to make Xi Ning fall asleep first, and then explain it to him after he returned to the tower.

When he was still hesitating, Xi Ning opened his eyes and clearly saw that it was him, he asked confused, “Lin An?”

Lin An inexplicably heard a hint of dependence in his tone. Seeing that he was completely awake and no longer needed spells, he put him down.

“Your Highness,” Lin An said softly, sorting out Xi Ning’s cloak and hood hanging behind his back, “Can you go back with me?”

The system was also able to see what happened when Xi Ning was finally awake and said, “Hmph, I knew this person is not that simple.”

Xi Ning was a little stunned, and told the system to stop talking, and asked Lin An while staring at him with his eyes wide open, “Where are we going back to?”

He asked “where we are going”, not “why” or “who are you?” Lin An’s nervousness eased a little, and he tried to hold Xi Ning’s hand, “We are going back to my magic tower.”

“Yours? Magic Tower?” Xi Ning repeated, letting Lin An lead him, “Where is it?”

Xi Ning knew that he knew magic, so he wasn’t surprised when he heard about the magic tower. Although he didn’t know Lin An’s purpose, Xi Ning was not worried as he knew that he would not hurt himself.

Seeing that he was so quiet and well-behaved, Lin An rubbed the back of his soft and delicate hand with his fingertips, bent down and said in Xi Ning’s ear, “Let me show it to you, Your Highness.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xi Ning’s waist tightened, and Lin An took him up to a nearby tree, relying on his spiritual energy to stand firmly on the top of the tree.

Xi Ning was currently awake, he already got very close to him. Lin An breathed lightly, and observed every change of expression on Xi Ning’s face to confirm that he did not feel repulsion or fear.

At this time, the sky was a little dark. Lin An stretched out his hand and pointed to the center of the forest, where there was a half-exposed tower, printed in the gray sky. Xi Ning was surprised, “This is……”

The dwarf told him about the evil magician in the ghost forest, and he still had the impression that this magic tower was built in the center of the forest, isn’t it……

Xi Ning tried to recall the name the dwarf had said, “You are that magician named Luo…… Luo……”

“It’s me, and my real name is Lin An.”

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