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Chapter 1444 - 1444 Absorption

1444 Absorption

They had clearly seen Fang Heng use all sorts of undead abilities.

Could it be…

Everyone looked at each other, and an answer immediately rose in their hearts, making them feel a little terrified.

Cultivating the sacred study and the necromancy at the same time!

Dual cultivation of two elements was nothing, but cultivating two opposing elements at the same time was too crazy!


Under everyone’s astonished gazes, the Book of Oaths in Fang Heng’s hand once again emitted a gentle golden light.

In front of Fang Heng, the Holy Court’s magical weapon that had been nailed to the ground was undergoing a substantial change.

Golden light gradually rose from the magic weapon and continuously emerged from it.

The golden light floated in mid-air and was controlled by an unknown strength. It floated toward the Book of Oaths in Fang Heng’s hand and slowly merged into it.

The Book of Oaths’ additional skill was energy absorption!

[Hint: Your Book of Oaths has absorbed the energy of Holy Light, and the energy point of your Book of Oaths increased…]

In just a short while, as the game hints kept popping up, the energy point in Fang Heng’s Book of Oaths quickly recovered.

In just a short moment, it recovered to full value!


It was a bit of a loss.

The magic weapon left behind by the Holy Court was definitely valuable. In less than a minute, it had filled up the previous loss of the Book of Oaths.

The Book of Oaths could not store the excess holy power, which could only be wasted.

Helplessly, there was no time to think about other ways to store energy. Fang Heng continued to control the Book of Oaths to absorb the holy power in the magic weapon.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone in the federal team, as the specks of light were absorbed, the silver spikes that pierced the ground gradually became rusty and decayed. They constantly made weak cracking sounds until they completely lost their strength and became scrap metal.

Fang Heng put away the Book of Oaths, walked forward, and pulled out a spike.

[Item: worn-out magic weapon (expired)]

[Description: unknown item]

[Description: This item has lost its strength.]

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes again, raised his fist, and punched at the center of the circle of spikes.


A muffled sound.


The ground cracked!

A passage leading downward was revealed in the middle of the sealing circle that was originally surrounded by the spikes.

Suddenly, a visible and even colder aura emanated from below the entrance of the passage.

The magic array on the entire rock wall was triggered and was faintly discernible.

Everyone carefully gathered around and looked at Fang Heng. Then, they lowered their heads and looked at the pit in front of Fang Heng, which was constantly emitting a white and cold aura. They hurriedly poured the potion into their mouths.

Kou Ming’s heart started beating faster.

Was it really settled?

So this was the entrance to the shady line?

While they were thinking, the game hint appeared in their retinas again.

[Hint: The player has failed to acquire the magical weapon left behind by the Holy Court. There is no penalty for failure.]

Fang Heng stood up and nodded to Zheng Yuping and the rest. He explained, “The entrance should be below. Let’s go down and take a look.”

Before Zheng Yuping could answer, he suddenly frowned and took two steps back. He loudly reminded, “Be careful!”

Due to the unsealing of the magic array, the frozen vengeful spirits under the shady line directly flowed out from the ground!

A group of over 20 frozen vengeful spirits emerged from the ground beneath everyone’s feet. There were even a few elites among them.

Everyone from the federal team retreated and used their soul spears to deal with the frozen vengeful spirits.

Under Fang Heng’s control, the Ice Bones followed suit.

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes and brandished his Dagger of Sin again.

The level of the frozen vengeful spirits of the shady line was higher than outside, and one-third of them were elite-level high-strength creatures!


Elite creatures were indeed a little troublesome to deal with, but they could provide more soul power for recovery when killed!

Very soon, the wave of frozen vengeful spirits that had seeped out from the ground of the shady line was quickly eliminated with the cooperation of the Federation and Fang Heng.

The first wave of attacks had just ended, and before Zheng Yuping’s team could catch their breath, more frozen vengeful spirits began to emerge from the ground.

Fang Heng weaved through the crowd of frozen vengeful spirits, constantly brandishing the Dagger of Sin in his hand to kill.

As he continued to kill, Fang Heng observed the situation of the frozen vengeful spirits.

The strength of the frozen vengeful spirits had increased. The reason why they kept overflowing from the ground might be related to the destruction of the Holy Court’s seal.

Not good.

The entrance to the shady line was very narrow, and the entire cave wasn’t very big.

In addition, there were vengeful spirits spilling out from the walls and floor, making it easy for the enemy to surround them.

Fang Heng wasn’t afraid of going down alone. He could just enter the passage and investigate. However, it would be too dangerous for Zheng Yuping and the others to go down together.

Fang Heng was still alright, but the federal team players could no longer hold on.

An endless stream of frozen vengeful spirits flowed out, and there was no sign of them stopping. Moreover, the entire cave was not large. If they were not careful, they would be easily annihilated.

This was not the most troublesome part.

The frost-white shady aura that constantly seeped out of the hole in the ground caused them a lot of trouble. Every second, a small amount of HP would be deducted, and various attributes would also be reduced.

They could still resist for a short period, but it would definitely be bad if it lasted for a long time.

Zheng Yuping saw Fang Heng’s dilemma and suggested, “Fang Heng, why don’t you go down and take a look first? The few of us will retreat and wait outside the entrance. These vengeful spirits are endless. It will be dangerous for us to go down together.”

Fang Heng had the same thought and nodded. “Okay, let’s do that. I’ll go down and take a look at the situation first.”

Hearing this, Kou Ming threw the light green soul crystal kept in his backpack to Fang Heng.

“World Lord, take this. It might be useful.”

Fang Heng raised his hand to receive the crystal, and his heart moved.

It was the soul crystal that he had obtained from Wendy of the Rand Chamber of Commerce when he entered the Frost Hell before.

The crystal would take effect immediately when placed in the backpack. It could reduce one’s life aura and the probability of being attacked by ordinary undead creatures.

The negative effect was a penalty of 10% movement speed-down.

He didn’t expect to really have the chance to use it.

[Hint: Player has obtained an item: unknown soul stone]

After he put the soul stone into his backpack, the surrounding normal-level frozen vengeful spirits immediately ignored Fang Heng and turned their target to the other members of Fang Heng’s group.

“Good! You guys retreat first!”

After Fang Heng said that, he immediately stepped into the cave in front of him and followed the passage that gradually slanted down to explore deeper.

Soon, he entered the area below the shady line.

An icy aura attacked again!

Fang Heng’s sea of consciousness was stimulated and once again triggered a warm aura, dispelling the bone-chilling coldness that spread into his sea of consciousness through his body.

At the same time, a game hint popped up on Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: The player has entered a special environment. The player is affected by the aura of the shady line. Based on the strength of the player’s soul power, all of the player’s basic attributes have been reduced by 5%. The player loses 50 HP per second (This HP loss ignores defense).]

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