Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1932 - 1932 New Possibility of the Lifespan Mouse!

1932 New Possibility of the Lifespan Mouse!

It was made from the fur of the Diamond Crimson Back Leaping Antelope and the transparent thread of the Platinum Nether Spirit Ghost Spider.

The Crimson Back Leaping Antelope was small, and all the fur from the Diamond Crimson Back Leaping Antelope would only fill a wash basin.

The fur of at least 15 Crimson Back Leaping Antelopes had to have gone into making Lin Yuan’s spirit qi clothes.

The shade of the Crimson Back Leaping Antelope’s fur would change according to the environment it grew up in.

One would have to search through at least 1,000 Crimson Back Leaping Antelopes in order to find 15 that had the exact same shade of fur.

Wen Yu had chosen to use the Crimson Back Leaping Antelope’s fur because Lin Yuan had never worn red clothes. She felt that he would give off a different aura when he wore red than when he wore black, blue, and white.

The Crimson Back Leaping Antelope could also be found in the Startling Lines Continent. When people saw Lin Yuan’s clothes, those in the know would immediately realize what it was made of. This was the outcome that Wen Yu was after.

But nonetheless, Wen Yu always did her best when she designed spirit qi clothes, especially when they were for Lin Yuan.

It went without saying that Wen Yu could not pile precious spiritual ingredients onto this set of spirit qi clothes. No matter how magnificent Lin Yuan’s aura was, such a set of spirit qi clothes would still have overwhelmed him.

Wen Yu did not choose to use many adornments and went for the more laborious method of using the powdered scales of the Cinnabar Dragon Whale. She used the essential oil made from the Crimson Flaming Crystal that could only be found in Class 4 subterranean dimensional rifts to brand patterns onto the material.

The workmanship of the spirit qi clothes was extremely complex, and Wen Yu had only completed it after working together with two Class 5 Weavers for two weeks.

The only accessory Lin Yuan wore was the Fish World Sea Trump Card that he always hung on his waist.

No unusual thoughts crossed Lin Yuan’s mind when he put this set of spirit qi clothes on, but the Mother of Bloodbath could not tear its eyes away from Lin Yuan.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath said, “To be honest, Lin Yuan, you look the best in red spirit qi clothes!”

After hearing what the Mother of Bloodbath said, Lin Yuan remembered that the Moon Empress had said something similar in the past.

The main color of the Moonbeam Coronation Costume was white, but it was complemented by red and gold. But when the white was presented alongside the red and gold, red was more eye-catching.

When Lin Yuan first put on the Moonbeam Coronation Costume, the Moon Empress had said something similar.

But unless the situation truly called for it, Lin Yuan preferred to wear white, blue, and black spirit qi clothes.

After breakfast, Lin Yuan gave an order to the Hollowed Tamarix, and it opened its doors.

In actuality, the tree castle had been surrounded by people even before dawn.

Some of them hoped to be able to work together with Sky Creation and obtain Creation Master resources from them. After all, high-class Creation Master resources were very rare in the Divine Wood Federation. One might not be able to obtain them even after forking out a large sum of resources. In order to obtain Creation Master resources, one had to swear their loyalty to a Creation Master family. This was unacceptable to experts who valued their freedom.

There was also another group of people who were members of elite families who had already made orders from Sky Creation. These people had not left because they wanted to obtain information and were afraid that the tree castle would disappear in the night with the resources they left with Sky Creation.

When the door of the tree castle opened, the crowd surged forward. At the front of the crowd was Yi Lingxi, who had been the first through the door yesterday.

But this time, there was a middle-aged man who resembled her by her side.

Lin Yuan already knew who Yi Lingxi was. Thus, it was easy to guess who the middle-aged man next to her was. He was the head of the Yi family, Yi Huailong.

Yi Lingxi was stupefied by the version of Lin Yuan in red spirit qi clothes. She felt that such a person could only have jumped out from a painting.

But while Yi Lingxi was more blown away by Lin Yuan’s features, Yi Huailong was more focused on the material of Lin Yuan’s spirit qi clothes.

This was a coincidence as Yi Huailong happened to be wearing a set of yellow spirit qi clothes today. He had put on a crimson belt to match it.

The belt was made from the Crimson Back Leaping Antelope’s fur, but it did not include thread from the Platinum Nether Spirit Ghost Spider. Instead, it used a flexible sap that came from plants.

One look was all that was needed to tell that Yi Huailong’s belt could not match up to Lin Yuan’s.

Yi Lingxi had bought the belt for Yi Huailong at an auction, and it had cost 2,010,000 Great Lush dollars.

There were very few of the Crimson Back Leaping Antelopes, and it was considered a very rare resource amongst the Divine Wood Federation’s veteran elite families.

Moreover, the fur of almost every Crimson Back Leaping Antelope was different.

Yi Huailong had never heard of someone using the Crimson Back Leaping Antelope’s fur to make a full set of spirit qi clothes.

The cost of materials that went into this young man’s spirit qi clothes went above 600,000,000 Great Lush dollars.

Through the light, one could see delicate patterns branded on the material.

Yi Huailong was not certain what the branding medium was, but he knew that this set of spirit qi clothes had to have been made by Class 5 Weavers because only they had the skills to brand patterns onto materials using essential oil.

Yi Huailong could not tell what the blue tablet hanging off the young man’s waist was made of, but he knew it was no ordinary item since the young man was wearing it.

Before they arrived, Yi Huailong had intended to test Sky Creation’s motives. But Lin Yuan had stumped Yi Huailong using just his attire.

Yi Huailong said in a low voice, “Young Master Chu, I am Yi Huailong. My daughter left her fey with you so you could treat it, and I’m here today with her to collect it. At the same time, I would also like to discuss serious business with you. Are you willing to give me the chance to speak with you in private?”

Once Yi Huailong was done speaking, Yi Lingxi handed a book to Lin Yuan and said, “These are photos of the mouse-species feys I’ve collected. Although there are normal ones, such as the Flower Branch Mice, the two Flower Branch Mice have vibrant red tails. This is not the normal color for a Flower Branch Mouse’s tail. Their bloodlines have likely mutated!”

Yi Lingxi had specifically described the Flower Branch Mouse to Lin Yuan when she handed the book to him because she was afraid that he would think the Flower Branch Mouse was too inferior of a fey to be part of the collection.

There were indeed numerous rare feys in Yi Lingxi’s book.

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