Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 366 - 366 Chapter 366. The Past

366 Chapter 366. The Past

“Hmph! This is a matter between An Chuan and Mo Qian. What does it have to do with our Ye family? Just tell the people below to act as if they don’t know!”

After Ye Zheng finished speaking, he indifferently retracted his gaze. He raised his hand and waved it gently, indicating that the secretary could leave.

The secretary bowed and turned to leave with a slight frown. However, before she could take a few steps, she was stopped by Ye Zheng!

“Wait a moment!” Ye Zheng said.

Seeing his secretary turn around to look at him, Ye Zheng ordered in a deep voice, “Find someone to follow this line first! If Mo Qian wants to get rid of the mother and son of the An family, get the people following them to leave behind some evidence. I’ll have use for it in the future!”

The secretary nodded silently, bowed, and left the office, leaving Ye Zheng alone in his chair. He slowly turned his chair around.

He seemed to be in a perfect mood!

Ye Zheng sat leisurely for a while before his phone rang. He casually picked up the phone on the table and saw that the caller was Shen Min. He sighed slightly and slid his finger across the screen to answer the call. “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Shen Min’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “What time are you coming home for dinner tonight? I’ve told you I want to go to Ye Xin’s school tomorrow. Ever since she started her military training, she hasn’t called home. I’m apprehensive about her. I’ll ask her teacher, but you’ll have to come!”

After Ye Zheng heard Shen Min’s request, he felt helpless. He turned his chair around and explained, “Didn’t the school already say it? The children’s military training would last for 20 days, during which they could not receive any outside information. Even if you went to Saint Capital University, you could not see anyone! What’s the point of looking for their teacher? The teacher can’t care about this!”

He added, “Besides, when did Ye Xin become the kind of person you need to worry about? She’s about to go to college. You have to believe that she can handle those things, okay? I’m a little busy today and have an emergency meeting later. You can eat first, don’t wait for me!”

After listening to Ye Zheng’s analysis and explanation, the thoughts in Shen Min’s heart dissipated a little. She agreed to Ye Zheng’s words softly and hung up the phone.

Ye Zheng looked at his phone and sighed slowly. He felt very helpless about his wife, who was very beautiful but not very smart.

Ye Zheng had also rejoiced countless times that his and Shen Min’s second daughter, Ye Xin, was a healthy child with full intelligence, unlike the previous one, who was in a daze.

When Ye Zheng dreamed at night and occasionally thought about the past, he did feel regret.

After all, that little girl was his first child. In certain aspects and emotions, this was very different!

Even though Ye Xin’s explanation helped alleviate his regret and remorse, he still felt extremely frustrated when he suddenly recalled the incident.

He furrowed his brows, not wanting to recall those things.

However, the more he tried to clear these memories and feelings, the more memories came flooding in.

He massaged his temples and thought he must have been too tired recently, which was why he liked to reminisce. It seemed very sudden and inexplicable. Suddenly, the image of the Zhuang family’s adopted daughter, Zhuang Xian, flashed through Ye Zheng’s mind!

He recalled Zhuang Xian’s appearance and a strange feeling emerged in his heart, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

It was strange. He had fought with Ming En Corporation a few times and knew everyone from the Zhuang family, but he had never seen this mysterious adopted daughter before!

His only impression was a few photos and videos, and most of it was information that the outside world knew.

Ye Zheng did not know that Zhuang Xian had already met him and exchanged blows with him. They even discussed a huge collaboration in passing. It was a collaboration project that would make Ye Zheng regret his decision and be filled with anger and frustration.

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