Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts

Chapter 199 [END]

Chapter 199 [END]

Extra Chapter (8)

Raven was holding onto Irit’s hand at the timely announcement, remarking the end of the treatment.

The child’s hands were particularly damp, but he still went into the bedroom while taking it rather lightly.

“What about Molitia?”

“Please lean against the bed. Rather, the doctor would actually like to inform the Duke…”


Everyone’s eyes fell upon the sudden exclamation. Before he knew it, the child was holding onto Raven’s hand tightly while crying silently.

“Oh, no. Mother, I’m sorry. Please don’t die!”


The child’s remarks had brought embarrassment to the faces of everyone, including Raven and Molitia themselves. Except for the bewildered adults, the child was the only one who cried with a serious expression.


“Our Irit, you must have been very surprised to hear that your mom was sick.”

When Molitia reached out, the child instantly left his father’s hand and ran towards her. The sorrowful cries grew even louder when the child flew away into his mother‘s arms.

“It’s okay, Irit. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

Her hands that were soothing the child had been quite occupied. She was busy wiping away his tears, patting on his back, all the while appeasing him. Nevertheless, Irit’s tears still grew stronger.

Maybe due to her small and soft, yet warm arms that Irit could hardly stop crying.

“Father, waah, mother could die, wuuh.”


At the moment of Irit’s surprising remark, everyone’s eyes straight away turned towards Raven.

The sudden words of Irit had embarrassed Raven as well. Raven shook his head as soon as Molitia’s eyes met his.

Molitia, who was now looking suspiciously at Raven, turned her eyes and looked at Irit. There were a lot of things to ask, but for now, the child was top priority.

“No, I’m not dying.”

“But to have a brother or a sister; my mother, she’s having a hard time, so…!”

Alas, Molitia finally seemed to have been able to guess what had truly transpired when she wasn’t around. She brushed away Irit’s soft hair with a gentle touch.

“No, that’s just a big misunderstanding.”

He hid his face in her arms, but instead, she pulled up the face of the child who wasn’t calming down at all.

“It’s just that I was feeling uncomfortable then.”



“My brother—you are really not sick, for sure?”

“Yes, I’m not.”

Even though he believed in Molitia, it wasn’t after many times did his anxiety about all of that was finally relieved. But still, the child could hardly release his mother’s arms at all.

Raven tried to take care of Irit on behalf of her, who was still in a rather poor condition, but Molitia had stopped him. Molitia laid the child next to her and stayed with him until he gradually felt relaxed.

The tearful child had fallen asleep as soon as his mind calmed down. It had been just in time to sleep anyway, so Irit’s eyelids grew much heavier. The nanny then eventually walked out of the bedroom with Irit in her arms.

Silence slowly enveloped the two of them as the door was closed quietly.


Raven’s shoulders trembled subtly at the sound of Molitia’s tune. He turned his back to read a book, but Molitia had already realized. The book that he had been holding was still on its first page.

Amidst this unfamiliar situation, Molitia’s mouth tickled, but she tried to endure it.


“Don’t you have something to tell me?”

With a tiny groan, Raven turned to Molitia.

“I’m glad that the diagnosis turned out well.”

“I don’t think that’s what you’re trying to say.”

Raven’s mouth closed for a moment when she had precisely hit the nail on the head.

“…I was actually worried that you might unexpectedly get pregnant again this time. I might have given anxiety to the child without even realizing it.”

“I knew it.”

Molitia sighed.

“We’re going to let him know slowly and of course, step by step.”

“It was then—”


“…back then, I thought you were already with a baby.”

Eventually, Raven confessed in a small voice. Molitia’s eyes grew round and soon, she started to smile.

“You already said no to a second child.”

“But we never know where or even how exceptions could happen.”

He grumbled and gazed at Molitia—his lovely wife.

The relief when he was told by the doctor that it hadn’t been anything big still made his fingertips tremble unconsciously.

He reached out and embraced her small and precious body. At the same time, both her fragrant scent and her warm body temperature were completely wrapped in his arms.

“I’m just glad that you’re not sick.”

“I’m sorry. I made you quite worried.”

“You don’t have to be sorry for that.”

Raven kissed her right by the bedside. As expected, it was really better to not have come to that kind of situation.

“As expected, it’s just better with only three people.”

“But isn’t it fine to add just one more?”

Raven frowned at Molitia’s words.


It must have been her who really suffered the most. Whenever his wife asked for something too much with that happy smile of hers, Raven just didn’t know what to do.

“No way. Never.”

Molitia smiled softly as her hugging hand exerted some more strength.

“I got it.”

While leaning in his arms, Molitia closed her eyes. She already had a waiting future ahead. Therefore, Molitia had decided to lose just once this time since there was still a lot of future to be unraveled with her whole family.

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