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Chapter 270(END) - A Perfect New World (Finished)

Chapter 270 – A Perfect New World (Finished)

…… Chi Xiaochi is awake.

The bombshell news brought countless journalists and old fans in tears to the hospital, but lucas managed to keep them out.

”Don’t you worry, ah.” Lucas fed Chi Xiaochi the porridge, one bite at a time, “I’ve invested some of the money in your account, and apart from paying off the hospital bills, I’ve earned you a flat back.”

Chi Xiaochi: “Ooh. I thought I was going to be selling on the street when I got back.”

”Just kidding. Who am I?” Lucas said smugly, “You’re lucky to have met me, my family has plenty of money and doesn’t care about your little piece of shit, otherwise, someone else would have known your password, you’d be lying dead and singing a song for you, you wouldn’t have anywhere to cry.”

Chi Xiaochi said sincerely, “Miss tony, you are my sister.”

Lucas made a move to hit him, but in the end he didn’t let go.

Chi Xiaochi asked him, “The studio didn’t let you transfer anyone else?”

”No.” lucas stirred the porridge warm in a circle, “after you left, the studio signed a few more, just nothing interesting, now I’m the second boss of your studio ……”

Only then did he realise that he was pointing his spoon at Chi Xiaochi and said, “You expect me to serve someone else? I’m at least a master at home, but it’s your fucking luck. It’s enough to serve you as a living ancestor for the rest of my life, how much longer do you want me to be a messenger?”

Chi Xiaochi knew exactly how to calm lucas’ anger and opened her mouth, “Ah.”

lucas dutifully raised his spoon to feed him, “Are you still going to act when you’ve recovered?”

”Not necessarily.” Chi Xiaochi says, “Having died once, it’s time to enjoy life more in the future.”

”You poo poo poo!” lucas was in seventh heaven, picking up the grapefruit peel used to freshen the air and wiping his mouth, “You won’t die if anyone dies.”

Chi Xiaochi was weakly raising her hands in surrender when the doctor came to check on her.

After the customary questioning of Chi Xiaochi’s physical condition, the doctor closed the chart and smiled, “Mr Chi, you are recovering well enough to start drawing up a rehabilitation plan. The nurses and rehabbers have been selected.”

Lucas was the first to ask: “Is your mouth tight? Are you smart?”

The young doctor was smiling and looked like he knew lucas well enough: “Don’t worry, it was exactly what you asked for, professionalism and all the certificates.”

He handed lucas the Wen folder containing copies of the certificates and added, “The rehabber had plans today and couldn’t make it, but the caregiver did. Mr Ikari, would you like to meet?”

After confirming that Chi Xiaochi was still in good spirits, Lucas nodded for Chi Xiaochi in the manner of the head of the family.

The doctor greeted the door.

A figure pushes open the door of the ward and paces in from outside.

The doctor introduced, “Senior carer, Lou, Lou Ying, 24 years old, specially recruited.”

At the end, he added, “I hear it’s still a real fan of Mr. Chi’s.”

The face of the visitor, and the figure wrapped in a clean uniform, was so dazzling that lucas was lost in thought for a moment.

He swallowed slightly and teased, “Twenty-four …… is a little young.”

Lou Ying said gently, “Yes. But I’m a current doctor at Central Medical University.”

lucas: “……”

He almost blurted out, “Then why did you come here to work as an escort?

But, thinking of what the doctor had just said about “true fans”, he shut up.

After all, the Wen document in hand does not appear to be a forgery, and such a person, with such a temperament, should not be a swindler either.

lucas was still looking Lou Ying up and down with the venomous eye he had acquired in the entertainment industry when the doctor came to the door and said to lucas, “Sheng Tang, come out for a moment, there’s something I want to talk to you about, it’s about those reporters outside ……”

”Don’t call me that name!” lucas screamed, “I’m going to have bad luck when I say that name!”

Lucas grew up weak and sickly, and always believed that his name was too big for his little luck, but his parents were not superstitious at all, insisting that it was the name his grandfather had given him before he died and forbidding him to change it.

…… is not sure whether it has been handed good luck or ushered in bad luck.

After the doctor smilingly took the fuming lucas out of the room, Chi Xiaochi and Lou Ying were the only ones left.

Young Lou Ying took one step to the bedside, bent down and greeted politely, “Hello, Chi.”

”Twenty-four years old? A doctorate in medicine?” Chi Xiaochi, who had only just learned to sit, and whose body was weak from sitting for so long, could not help but smile from the bottom of his heart at the face in front of him, “When did you study for your doctorate?”

Lou Ying answered, “The fifth world.”

Chi Xiaochi: “Is this the new identity you’ve chosen for yourself?”

On his return, he has restored Lou Ying’s free agency and given her the freedom to set her own new identity.

As the new Lord GOD, he still has that power.

”Hmm.” Lou Ying touched his leg lightly, “You can recover with the power of Lord GOD.”

Chi Xiaochi whispered to him, “I’m a public figure, so I’m afraid to scare them if I’m walking like a man all of a sudden.”

Lou Ying took him around the waist, removed the soft pillows from behind him, and cranked the adjustment valve on the side of the bed to flatten his body a little.

Chi Xiaochi was still a little unconvinced: “Why did you choose someone younger than me? What, you think I’m old?”

”No.” Lou Ying explained good-naturedly, “It’s because I’m afraid you think I’m older than you.”

As she spoke, Lou Ying leaned in close to Chi Xiaochi’s ear and laughed softly in an airy voice, “Don’t you like it? …… brother.”

Chi Xiaochi’s ears tingled for a moment, but she had no strength to push him away, so she let him hold her for a while.

When Lucas pushed in again, Lou Ying was holding the TV remote control and asking Chi Xiaochi which channel she wanted to watch.

Chi Xiaochi’s face was not bad, it was rosy and she didn’t mind the care of the new caregiver, so it was a relief.

Rehabilitation is extremely hard work.

Lucas watched a few times, wincing at the sweat pouring off Chi Xiaochi’s face and the white paper-like cheeks.

He captured Chi Xiaochi panting in the arms of her new caregiver and considered releasing a few images of Chi Xiaochi’s day-to-day life to reassure fans.

But that’s all lucas think about.

To the outside world, Chi Xiaochi is definitely a fishy character, with a tidal wave of fans, and a lot of black fans mixed in with the hopeful and prayerful fans.

They are so vocal about their belief that Chi Xiaochi may not be able to stand up, and even if he does, it would be a pipe dream for him to return to the film industry after four years of obsolescence.

The swarm of flies is indeed infuriating, but even lucas is not sure if Chi Xiaochi will make it through the rehab, and will have to confirm his return to basic walking ability before informing the public of his condition, which will give fans a piece of mind while slapping black people in the face.

…… Moreover, in this photo, Chi Xiaochi’s escort and him are too flirtatious, hugging and whispering, they look perfect for each other, and if they send it out, the fans will have to dance wildly again.

lucas stared at the two men in the rehab room with a mixed expression.

Gradually he realises that Chi Xiaochi, who has never resisted physical contact with anyone, is not the least bit offended by Lou Ying’s touch.

If the two of them do meet fire with dry wood ……

Lucas regained the tension he felt when he was holding his mobile phone like a ticking time bomb, and for a moment he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

And in the rehab room, a glass wall away from the worried lucas, a sweat-soaked Chi Xiaochi wraps her arms around Lou Ying’s neck and sits down with a smile, “I can’t walk anymore.”

Lou Ying holds Chi Xiaochi, who has a weak back, and kneels down on one knee, easing him onto his lap and massaging his back and legs: “Take a rest. I’ll carry you to the side for a little hydration later.”

Chi Xiaochi took a couple of breaths, “It’s okay, I’ll walk again.”

Lou Ying asked softly, “Are you sure you don’t need the power to speed up the recovery process? I can help you.”

Chi Xiaochi replied, “It’s a great way to experience what it’s like to be rehabilitated. In case I need to do a relevant gig in the future.”

Lou Ying smiles.

…… Well, it’s his family’s beloved Chi Xiaochi now.

As a subordinate, of course, you obey your master’s orders.

Three months later, Chi Xiaochi returned to his grand villa after a press conference and a public announcement of his safety.

After recovering her back strength, Chi Xiaochi has become so adept at wheelchair use that Lou Ying hears Chi Xiaochi drifting around the living room while she is doing the dishes.

He let out a low sigh with a smile.

…… childish.

Lou Ying wiped the clean dishes with a dry cloth and placed them one by one on the rack, raising her voice to shout outside, “Be careful, don’t bump them.”

Chi Xiaochi said arrogantly back, “Damn cops, come and get me if you can.”

Lou Ying did as she was told and promptly apprehended Chi Xiaochi for speeding in his wheelchair, pulling a sticky note and sticking it on his head: “Ticket. Driving licence revoked.”

When he returned to the kitchen, he cleaned up briefly, washed his hands, cut up a bowl of watermelon and returned to find Chi Xiaochi had really stayed put.

The light is cast from his side, casting light and dark shadows on his body.

With a slight twitch of her heart, Lou Ying walks slowly around to Chi Xiaochi and places the clear glass bowl with watermelon and a small fork in his arms.

Chi Xiaochi is still fixed by the “ticket”, rolling his eyes and looking at him with a smile, obviously unaware of the mistake.

Lou Ying leans over, opens his mouth and bites down on the bottom edge of the sticky note to remove the ticket.

Chi Xiaochi’s body stiffens slightly and she turns her face away slightly, with the illusion that her eyes are being kissed by Lou Ying.

Lou Ying said gently, “Any further offences and you’ll be locked up for six months, watch out.”

Chi Xiaochi blushed a little, but still pretending to be cheeky, she smiled and said, “Yes, sir.”

Ah Sir pushed his prisoner over to the coffee table and shortly after the pair had shared the after-dinner fruit, Chi Xiaochi said he wanted to take a shower.

Lou Ying helped Chi Xiaochi to undress and, wearing only an easily washable white t, sat by the bath with the intention of washing Chi Xiaochi’s hair.

It was then that he realised that all the bath products in the bathroom had been replaced with his usual type of lemon scent.

”You went out grocery shopping today and I explained to lucas to do it.” Chi Xiaochi sat in the hot water and looked at him with a smile. In the steaming steam, his eyes were fox-like and watery, “I asked him to buy every lemon scent you can get on the market, and this one smells most like the one on you.”

Lou Ying opened the new package, squeezed out the shampoo and rubbed the fine lather in her palm: “And the rest.”

Chi Xiaochi said without changing his face, “It’s stuffed under our bed.”

Lou Ying laughed helplessly and closed her foamy fingers around his hair, admonishing him, “Wasteful.”

Chi Xiaochi stretched her legs comfortably in the hot water, tilted her neck back, reached around Lou Ying’s neck and lowered her voice, “I’m happy.”

Lou Ying leans in and drops a kiss on the tip of his nose, a tacit acknowledgement of his caprice.

The bath took a full hour. Neither of them was in a hurry to do anything, and the time passed like water running underneath them, giving off a foggy, drowsy, warm vapour.

After scrubbing, Lou Ying wipes the water off his body.

Chi Xiaochi : “Bathrobe.”

Lou Ying got up to get it, but as he was helping Chi Xiaochi to half-drape the robe over his body, Chi Xiaochi took his hand and guided him to the right pocket of the robe.

Lou Ying didn’t think much of it and took the inside out for a few seconds before she realised what it was and blushed most of the way before she could say anything.

…… The tube of ointment, the opening of which had been screwed loose, had a faint sweet creamy flavour.

Chi Xiaochi tugged her robe over her legs, as if unintentionally, and tilted her chin slightly, provocatively, “This smells the way I like it. Listen to me.”

Since his return to the real world, Chi Xiaochi has been slowly adding surprises to the home, but little does he know that Lou Ying is an endless source of surprises in his own right.

Lou Ying, wordless and silent, picks Chi Xiaochi up straight across the room, his bathrobe sliding right off him.

Chi Xiaochi took a small breath, but her arms were wrapped around Lou Ying and she wouldn’t let go, burying her face in her shoulder like a quail.

After putting Chi Xiaochi firmly into bed, Lou Ying unbuttons her soaked shirt one by one, noticing that the person on the bed has unobtrusively pulled the covers over her body again.

Lou Ying asked him, “Afraid?”

Chi Xiaochi gave a little laugh and didn’t answer, but there was a slight tremor in his voice, and his hand was already unconsciously gripping the edge of the pillow.

Lou Ying asked, “Turn off the lights.”

Chi Xiaochi replied in an airy tone, “Off.”

The lights went out and Chi Xiaochi felt a cold breeze and the familiar scent of lemon burrowing into her blanket, and then the hot body against her.

In the darkness, where nothing is visible, the touch of skin is magnified a thousand times, and Chi Xiaochi can clearly feel the restrained and gentle force of the arms around her body.

He unconsciously lifted his back:” Lou Brother ……”

”Shhh.” Lou Ying said in a very serious tone a stone’s throw behind his ear, “Sorry, it’s my first time too, I’m learning.”

It was indeed their first time in this long year and a half relationship, with real bodies.

But when it came down to it, Chi Xiaochi still subconsciously tried to run away, but Lou Ying held him firmly from behind, not allowing him to recoil, and only said soothingly, “That’s good. Well done.”

Chi Xiaochi stopped resisting and shushed lowly.

Lou Ying didn’t laugh at his earlier bluster or his current nervous weakness, didn’t call a halt in mid-sentence or say anything inappropriate, just did what he had to do slowly, gently but firmly.

”…… Brother.” He called out the name that Chi Xiaochi couldn’t stand, “Tell me where you’re uncomfortable and I’ll change it.”

Chi Xiaochi gave a “mmm”, as good as a cat.

Behind his head came Lou Ying’s gentler and more restrained whisper, “Don’t look at me, think of me. Let’s …… take it slow.”


The next morning Chi Xiaochi woke up slowly from a good night’s sleep.

After the consciousness cleared, Chi Xiaochi quietly reached for his bedside phone.

It is said that a moment of spring is worth a thousand dollars. Chi Xiaochi looked up today’s gold exchange rate and found that he had made over four million dollars.

He rolled over quite happily before he realised how sore his back was and, with a low grunt, turned sideways and pulled Lou Ying’s arm, which was flat on his side, away from him and placed it around his waist.

Lou Ying was awakened by a loud noise.

He rolled over in a daze and kissed the corner of Chi Xiaochi’s lips as the system rebooted.

In a husky voice he greeted softly, “Did you sleep well last night?”

Chi Xiaochi doesn’t say yes or no, just leans quietly into his arms and enjoys the early morning sun with him.

Lou Ying also stopped talking and, while holding Chi Xiaochi, created a new database in her head, entering the brand new data she had obtained yesterday in relation to Chi Xiaochi.

Every point, every skin, everything.

Chi Xiaochi asked him, “Brother Lou, what’s on your mind?”

Lou Ying said, “I think we can sunbathe at home today.”

Chi Xiaochi smiled, “Okay, sunbathing.”

The gauzy morning light from the window falls on the two of them, warming the duvet that is soaked in their body heat. The two of them are curled up under the covers, drowsy and sleepy, like two cats snuggling together.

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